Minevera watched from the brush near the place of big smelly houses. It was the furthest she had invaded the domain of man. She shivered at the wide open places of no cover. Her golden brown fur would stand out to much. Being a coyote wasn’t easy, and being a morph didn’t help. She knelt and opened the paper bag she brought with her. Inside was a grey spandex sweat suit she had stolen of a line of cloths.
“Nice and dark,” she mumbled.
She had quite a bit of trouble getting the top over her head and for a while she was trying to put her head out the arm. The pants didn’t pose a problem till she reached her tail. After a few moments of thought she wrapped it around her waist and tucked it in all around. The suit had been for a child so it was very tight on her even though she was only four foot tall. She was a 34C-29-36 so she filled out the suit much more than its former owner.
“Hummm,” she hummed as she rubbed herself feeling the cloth squeezing her all over. It felt very naughty and surprisingly she enjoyed it.
Now only her hands, head, and paws were golden. She hoped it would be enough to keep her from being shot. She ran as fast as she could to the very big car with all the wheels. Pressed to the ground under the car she waited till her heart stopped pounding. All she could smell was stink, she slowly looked around all she could see was other very big cars. She crawled back to the house wall and slowly made her way along it. She found what she was looking for around the end of the wall. It was the biggest dumpster she had ever saw.
“WOW, lots of yum yum,” she said starting to drool.
It was hard to climb up the side it was so big. As she peered over the top she was assaulted by the stink. The bin was full of bolts, wire, and sharp bits of metal. All of it was covered in stinky oil.
“Hey you! Get out there kid,” a man’s voice suddenly yelled.
Minevera hit the ground running. She reached the brush line before she realized what the man was shouting. He was calling her “kid” and was going to call her parents. She stood there stunned.
“He think me MAN,” she said in wonder, “Clothes, only MAN wear clothes so he think me MAN.”
She began to giggle, it grew to laughter and soon she was rolling in the weeds. It was so simple an idea and it worked. This time she didn’t prowl along she walked upright sniffing carefully. She was going to make sure there was yum yums before she looked in the very big dumpsters.
She had given up and was headed home to her den. All she could smell was very bad stink coming from the very big houses. She was ready to leave the brush line when the wind changed and brought her a new scent. She had never smelled it before. It was dark, brown, and oh so sweet. Even though the sun was only hours away she followed the sweet scent. It led to a smaller very big house and a dumpster. She quickly scrambled up the side and in so as not to be disturbed. It was filled with brown boxes with small white stickers. She peered closely at the MAN scratching on the sticker.
“Cha. . .Ko. . .late. . .bon. bon,” she sounded out.
She scratched her head. She knew that poison, toxic, deadly, and the funny bone face meant they were no good to eat, but what did chocolate or bon mean. The scent was coming from the boxes so she slowly opened one. Inside were little brown round things that looked like some kind of dropping except it smelled so good. She picked up one and looked carefully at it. It had a ‘Q’ stamped into the bottom of it. She tried another and it had a ‘Q’ also.
“Pooh that not pooh with MAN scratches,” she said puzzled.
Slowly she tasted one. She was stunned. She put the whole thing in her mouth. It melted spreading the sweet, dark, creamy flavour though her mouth and body. When it was gone she took another. She had never tasted a yum yum so yummy before. To her delight she had more here than she could ever eat.
Not to say she didn’t try. Before she realized it the box was empty. She opened another box, these were different inside but just as yummy. She ate and ate and ate, and after a while her tummy was beginning to bulge. She was so caught up in the flavour she didn’t notice she was swelling. She continued to eat and bulge, eat and bulge.
All good things must end and so thus did this. With a groan she flopped back in the dumpster. For the first time in her life she couldn’t eat another bite. She was so full she feared she would burst. Her middle looked like she had a full pup due NOW. For a while she just rubbed the over stretched dome of her tummy. The taunt fur and the pressure of all that Cha-ko-late felt so good.
It was quite a struggle for her to get on her feet and even more so to get out of the dumpster. In doing so she slipped and fell right on her bum.
“Owie,” she exclaimed, “Big goody me not plop on tum, me would POP!”
Again she had to struggle to her feet. She could barely waddle she had gotten so full. The trip back to her den was very far indeed. By the time she reached the abandon van under the fallen tree her paws throbbed and her back was ready to snap.
“Tummy feels goody but tummy too heavy,” she moaned.
Inside she plopped heavily onto her nest. She wriggled out of her spandex and rubbed her fur till it was fluffy again. She tried to curl up but she was too stuffed to do so. She was used to sleeping on her belly but right now there was no way she could.
In curiosity she pulled out her tape measure. One of the many MAN things she had snitched for her den. She wrapped it around her back and to her shock she it said ’60’.
“No no no, tummy just too big.”
Despite being unable to get comfortable she quickly fell asleep. Her body was too bloated with calories to stay awake. She was out for three whole days digesting all of it. All the while her belly shrank but the rest of her swelled.
When she woke she felt very strange indeed. She just could seem to lay a paw on what was wrong with her. When she opened her eyes she couldn’t believe them. She closed them rubbed them out and looked again. The hills of her bosom were now nearing mountains.
“Me boobies are bigger,” she exclaimed.
She hefted her now grapefruit sized breasts. Then ran her paws downs the rest of her front. Before she had had a flat belly now she was round. Her thighs were thicker and rounder than before.
“Me bigger. Me nearly plumped for winter.”
She was happy for about two days when her belly began to complain for yum yums and there seemed to be none to be found. Only a couple of crusts in a pizza box. The lure of the cha-ko-late house was growing stronger and stronger. It seemed to prey on her mind so much it made her nervous. Never before had she worried a dumpster might be empty before and it scared her a little.
“Why me care no cha-ko-late yum yums, if empty today maybe full tomorrow,” she told herself sternly but at night she dreamed the dumpster was always empty.
It was that worry that made her hold out against her hunger to check. After all one didn’t live very long if one kept hitting the same dumpster over and over every night. A MAN with a bang stick would be there one night.
She waited for the dark moon to sneak back to the dumpster. She was so overjoyed to see it full she shivered. Again she climbed into the dumpster so as not to be seen. She opened a box and froze.
“Me not gonna eat too many. You hear that Minevera, you only eat enough to make growlies go away,” she said aloud, “Me promise me not eat as many as last time.”
Well she didn’t eat as many as she did last time. She had stretched herself bigger last time and she could hold quite a lot more. Also the flavour was so overpowering she gorged till she was straining to hold it all. In fact she ate so much she felt one more would cause her to burst. Her poor tum ached from the tremendous pressure inside.
“Ooooohhhhhh,” she moaned, “me gonna pop!”
It was a heroic struggle to get to her paws, at least this time she didn’t fall. She was very careful this time. She feared any sudden jounce and her tightly stretched fur would split. She rested on her knees catching her breath from the struggle of getting out of the dumpster.
“Me gonna be sick,” she mumbled.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was on her knees but her tummy was resting on the ground. She couldn’t even reach around her front all the way. She had to roll forward painfully onto her belly to get her feet under her. Once she got her feet braced she gathered up as much of her belly in her arms as she could and lifted. It strained every muscle she had to stand up and waddle twenty paces before she had to set herself down.
After resting a while she did it again. She forced herself on till she only had the strength to gently lower her belly left. She feared if she just let herself plop down she’d pop open.
She hefted, waddled, and strained till the sun began to rise. Lucky for her she had reached the woods by then. She was never so tired in her entire life. She didn’t think she was going to make it to her den. Only fear of being caught like this gave her the energy to heave and waddle the rest of the way to her den.
Her nest wasn’t hardly big enough for her belly let alone her. She didn’t care how much of her was hanging over though. She was exhausted and her overworked muscles ached and trembled. She barely had time to pull a cover of as much of her as could be covered before she was asleep.
While she slept her body went to work on the chocolate. In her gorged slumber she didn’t hear the creaking of her stretching spandex. She did hear in her dreams later the a bursting ripping sound but she didn’t remember. In the real world her cloths gave up the struggle to contain her overflowing butt, boobs, and thighs.
Her body’s problem was what to do with this deluge of calories it was faced with. If it kept making fat it was soon going to out grow its fur. So it found other outlets for its boundless supply of calories.
Minevera woke to pain in her chest. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was a tremendous pressure inside her boobs and if she didn’t relive it right now she was going to pop.
It was dark and she stumbled to her feet and waddled out side. She had to find help. In her pain filled state she didn’t realize the size her breasts had grown to the size of large cantaloupes. She staggered not too far when she was over come by the pain and sank to her knees. In agony she squeezed her nipples bringing forth twin sprays of milk and sudden relief. She kept at milking herself till all the pain had gone away.
“Me milky,” she questioned herself, “No pups, but me milky.”
It was then she noticed how swollen she was and hurried back to her den. She took out the tape and measured herself. The 34 was now 46, the 29 became 48, and 36 was a 44. Her coat had also become thicker and shinier. She examined her reflection in the cracked and stained mirror she had found. She patted her belly and watched her body jiggle and roll.
“Wow, Minevera bigger than plumped for winter.”
She enjoyed her new plumpness very much. She liked to jiggle and her fur was so pretty. When she petted herself it was very yummy. She enjoyed her new body for about half a day, then the problems started.
She went to put on her sweat suit and found the exploded remains. Then when she was trying to chase a rabbit she bounced and jounced so much she couldn’t run. Then she got herself stuck in a hollow log she had been through lots of times. She went home empty bellied that night.
Worst of all every time she turned around her boobies were going to burst. She emptied herself and before she knew it she was full again. She was making enough for a whole litter maybe two.
“Minevera too fat,” she grumbled.
And so it went for the next two days. She got hungrier and hungrier. Worst of all she was resisting the pull of more Cha-ko-late. She didn’t want to get fatter, but on the third morning of no food her will power was drained away. She just was waiting for night fall.
“Minevera, not gonna be stoopid this time. Me gonna bring cha-ko-late back here for eating. Me not lug tummy all the way home,” she said.
She had found a dress off a line that would fit her if she squeezed out all her milk. Then she took the one wheeled cart she had stolen for no reason months ago to go get enough cha-ko-late. She had no problems hauling the cart there and back to her den. She counted the boxes, 3 of her four fingered hands. She guessed another 2 trips would be enough for two eatings but in the end she made a full hands worth of trips.
She might have made another but she was too hungry to resist the smell of cha-ko-late any longer. She began to eat it. The flavour and the pleasure was even more intense now that she was safe in her den. She was so dazed some might even say stoned by the chocolate.
Unknown to her sweet fuzzed mind her tummy was stretching her already tight dress. Soon between milk and chocolate the seams were beginning to pop and creak. Then her very shinny and thick fur began to show through small rips and tears. The dress soon gave up any attempt to cover her swelling body and just ripped asunder. Minevera didn’t notice a thing.
It was nearly an hour later before she was noticing anything but cha-ko-late. Then it was her bursting full boobies. The next thing was her bursting full belly. She just googgled at it in horror. She was big enough to have two full hands worth of LITTERS not just pups. She couldn’t even move herself she was so gorged. She couldn’t get outside to milk herself.
In despration she just had to let it spray any which way just to keep her boobies from exploding. Laying there dripping in milk she wondered what was going to happen to her.