Corporate Laddery

By Almeric

Samantha leaned back in her chair and stared at the ceiling.
“eleven…fifteen. Fifteen pencils are stuck in my ceiling.” She said out loud to no one in particular. She pushed herself forward and looked down at the mound of paperwork that sat on her desk. What was she going to do? Everything was going wrong.
To someone looking through the large windows of her office seeing Samantha for the first time, they would see this: A female wolf almost thirty years old with dark grey fur. A business jacket and short yet sensible skirt and dark brown hair that sat on her head in such a way that made it look like it was attempting to escape her scalp but really hadn’t reached a consensus on how to leave. She was skinny, remarkable skinny for a wolf and shorter than average. If this person was also able to see her from the front they would see she had brown hair and was busily nibbling on a pencil as she tried to work out where she was going to get the money to pay for the next shipment of electronics she needed for her factory.
Samantha was the CEO of ULTEC Inc. although not by choice. Her father had passed away and since her other siblings had gotten jobs in various other industries and her mother had no head for business. Samantha, with her BA in business and English was chosen to lead the company. When she heard about this she was apprehensive at first. What did she really know about the business world? Why couldn’t her father have chosen someone more suiting?
”I don’t want my life’s work going to some damn fool who’ll just sell it off and let it die.” He had said when he was making his will. When one of his advisors had tried to talk him out of it he simply replied.
”She’s a good girl. A bit flaky at times but she knows what needs to be done and can do it.” He thumped his hand on the table at the end of this, making the other board members jump. He was a big wolf, not exactly fat but what someone would call “burly”. He spent most of his life working and trying to build up his business. Now Samantha was looking at his some thirty years of work on the brink of collapse with no hope in sight. Why did he have to go and leave it her? It didn’t seem fair.
A few minutes later the intercom on her desk rang. A hand shot out and pressed the button and a voice from under a pile of folders said.
“What is it Greg? I’m busy.”
”I know miss.” Said a shaky voice on the other end. Greg was Samantha’s secretary. He was originally her fathers and she didn’t see the need to replace him. He knew the filing system and knew how to work. Her father had trained him to the point that he would obey any command as long as you hit something in a convincing fashion afterwards.
“Its just that someone was come in to apply for that job opening.”
Samantha took her finger off the button and groaned. Yes she should have remembered that there was an opening for an entry level position in her building.
”Can’t someone else deal with this?” She said into the intercom.
“Well normally yes miss..” Greg started.
“Normally yes but?”
“Well you’d better meet him for yourself.”
Samantha sighed. “Alright send him in.” She took her hand off the intercom and lifted her head up. This immediately caused the neat pile of folders that she had buried her head under to dislodge and fall to the floor. She gasped and bent over to pick them up, silently cursing to herself and to the world in general, mainly about the unfairness of the universe and her unfortunate place in it.
“May I be of some assistance?” a voice said from the other side of the desk. Samantha froze. She hadn’t even heard the door open and she’d have known if the door had opened. Being the CEO meant you learned quickly or were replaced. And the first rule to learn is that you kept an eye on everything going around you. Hostile takeover meant a “hostile takeover”. The business world was a place for predators. Yet somehow this person had gotten in without her hearing him.
“No I’m alright.” Yes said, still flustered from the strangers entrance.
“No I insist.” He said and knelt down to help. There was a quick flurry of papers and Samantha looked up to see all the files on the floor and on her desk neatly stack and arranged by letter. How had he done that? Some of the papers on her desk didn’t even have folders to them.
Samantha sat back down into her chair and looked up at who had helped her.
It was a male, that much she was sure. Yet the exact type of species he was or what he looked like couldn’t be described. Her mind kept trying to grasp at what he looked like but would veer away when she thought she had it. He was tall and very thin and wore a simple brown suit and a small hat that gave him the look of a British business man from the twenties.
”Oh I’m terribly sorry Madam.” He said as he pulled a small briefcase out from under his arm.
“My resume.” He handed her a crisp piece of paper. She took it with a limp hand brought it up to her face.
“Well its nice to meet you Mr…Moon?” She said, her mind finally settling down.
“That is correct Madam.”
”You can sit down you know?”
“As you wish Madam.”
The figure sat down in front of her desk with his briefcase resting on his lap. He sat straight and seemed to be at attention, as if waiting for her to say something. Desperate to break the silence she looked down at his resume.
“Hmmm... this is odd.” She said.
“Is there a problem Madam?”
“well its just that under education you have “Master chef and butler”. I’ve never seen that on a resume for a business related job before.”
“Oh well I am capable of doing business related jobs if you require.” Moon said respectfully.
“Like what?”
“Anything you wish me to do and I shall do it Madam.”
“You know you don’t have to call me Madam you know?” Samantha said. The word made her sound like she was the husband to a wealthy landowner.
“As Madam wishes.” He replied.
“I didn’t know that anyone still did apprenticeships.” Samantha went on, drawing from the word “master” on his application.
“Oh it is not uncommon Madam. I apprenticed for many years under my tutor Mr. Guile before setting out on my own.”
“Fascinating.” Samantha said. She didn’t know what it was but there was a strange quality about his voice. It wasn’t exactly British. It just seemed to be the voice you would associate with a butler, only it held no hints of sarcasm or distaste for who it was talking to.
“The thing is.” Samantha went on. “We’re looking for someone with more training in business.”
The man looked puzzled for a moment. Samantha found, to her surprise, that she could now read his face.
“I’m afraid I don’t understand. I can do anything you ask of me.” He said.
“Yes yes so you said before.” Samantha said, putting the resume down in front of her.
”But its just that I need to hire someone with actual references and an education. From what I can see you’ve got almost no education save for your apprenticeship and some strange references. I’m sorry but-“Samantha’s last words were cut off as a growl came out of her stomach. She looked down and blushed. She had again skipped lunch. Greg constantly reminded her to take a lunch break, as did her mother who constantly complained about her weight. She now sat in her chair and felt hunger pains shoot up through her stomach.
“Are you alright Madam?” Mr. Moon asked her.
“Oh I’m alright.” She said hurriedly, trying in vain to mask the sounds of her stomach.
“I just missed lunch is all.” She said. “and breakfast, and dinner the night before” She added in her mind.
“Oh well then if Madam is hungry then perhaps she would like something to eat?” Mr. Moon said. Before she could protest he went into his briefcase and pulled out a large sandwich and placed it in front of her.
Samantha looked at it and began to drool. It looked delicious. It was loaded with every single kind of meat she liked. Turkey, Roast beef, ham, and all on a Kaiser roll topped with lettuce and mozza cheese. It was her favorite kind of sandwich.
“Oh no I couldn’t possibly take your lunch.” She managed to say, her eyes were still locked on the sandwich as she said this.
“Oh no Madam I insist. I don’t usually eat lunch anyway. I just cook to keep in practice.”
Even in her state of hunger this struck her as odd.
“What do you do with the food you make?” She asked.
“Oh I normally give it to whoever wants it.” He replied. “And if no one wants it I give it one of the poor homeless furs that are littered about the city.” He looked out the window as he said this. “Its sad that in a world such as ours there are people who are going hungry.”
”Yeah and I’m one of em.” Samantha’s stomach screamed at her.
“Well if you insist.” She said reaching for the sandwich.
“Oh I never insist.” Mr. Moon said. “I merely offer what I have.”
Samantha raised the sandwich to her lips and bit down. Everything seemed to slow down as she took in the flavors that were assaulting her taste buds. This was the single greatest sandwich she had ever eaten in her entire life.
It felt like an eternity had passed before she finished. She wiped the crumbs off her hands and took the napkin that Mr.Moon had some how materialized in his hand just when she needed it.
“…Thank you.” She managed to say. She looked down at her desk which was a mess of sandwich debris. Had she really eaten all of that? She usually never finished any meals, no matter what it was.
“Oh don’t mention it Madam.” Mr.Moon said. After she had wiped herself off he cleared his throat.
“Oh yes how rude of me.” Samantha replied, picking up his resume. “Well as I said…” her voice trailed off. It was true he didn’t appear to have any business background, or decent references. But that was the best damn sandwich she’d ever eaten! You just didn’t pass up an opportunity like this.
“We do have an opening if you’re interested.” She finally said.
“Madam I would be forever in your debt.” Moon replied gratefully. “Just tell me what you require and I shall do it for you.”
“Well.” She said, leaning forward slightly.
“How are you at cooking chicken?”

The next few weeks saw an amazing turn for Samantha’s company. It seemed as though Mr.Moon was not only an amazing cook but also incredibly quick at learning about the business world. Every morning he would come into her office with a tray loaded down with breakfast in his hands and a file under and arm. Her secretary Greg was amazed at How Moon could do almost everything for her without her even asking. He’d place the tray down in front of her and place the file off to the side of it. It always amazed her how she managed to finish everything he put in front of her. Usually she skipped breakfast but now she was seeing the benefits. She felt full of energy despite being full from the large amount of food Moon always made for her. Once she was done she felt ready to tackle anything and it always seemed like the folder Moon carried held some problem she’d have to deal with. And always whenever she got it she managed to solve the problem
“hmmmm… we need to cut costs some where.” She said aloud as Moon cleared away the tray.
”Indeed Madam?” He replied.
“Well its just that we spend so much on the packaging of our goods. If only we could find cheaper materials.” She said this while she idly nibbled a piece of bacon. Her body had begun to manifest the effects of eating so much every day. Breakfast wasn’t the only meal she’d been neglecting in the past. Now lunch and dinner were huge events in her office. Moon always brought her her meals before she had a chance to ask for them and no matter what she always finished them. Even when she felt too full to go on she would look over at Moon who watched her with a sort of hopeful look in his eyes. When she asked him about this he simply replied.
“Forgive me Madam but its just I always worry that my cooking isn’t good enough.” Samantha wondered how anyone who cooked like him could have that problem. She could never get enough of it. Her body was beginning to fill out. She was so skinny to begin with her friends wouldn’t have been able to recognize her now. A wolf in her position couldn’t afford to be skinny and weak. She found she had to get a new wardrobe to fit her newly expanding body. Her stomach was no longer the tight flat surface it had once been, rather it jutted out in front of her and wobbled when she walked. Her hips were beginning to grow together and she could feel a double chin forming. However she didn’t seem to care. She was too busy focusing on her business to notice anything else. Many times she found herself working late into the night long after hours. And even then Moon was still there, with some sort of late night snack to keep her going.
One evening after she had finished all the work she could find she got up out of her chair and felt one of her jacket buttons pop off.
”I guess I’ll have to get a new jacket.” She said to herself as she walked out into the lobby.
“Yes Mr. Moon?” She said without looking around. She had gotten used to his ability to suddenly appear from out of nowhere.
“I wonder if Madam would mind if I escort her home?” Moon asked.
“what for?” Samantha asked, suspicion rising in her voice.
“Well it is just that it being so late an unescorted lady in a dimly lit parking lot may not be safe.”
“You worry too much.” Samantha said. “After all I am a wolf.” With that Samantha went to the elevators and went down. Moon watched her leave then turned and retreated into the shadows of the hallway.
The parking lot really was dimly lit. Much more than Samantha had remembered. And hadn’t she parked under a light? She just had her key to her car door when someone made a noise behind her. Her ears pricked up and she fumbled with the keys until finally she unlocked the door and scrambled inside. Once inside she locked her doors, turned the car on and sped off to her house. From out of the shadows a slender, spotted figure moved back and whispered into her radio.
“Target located. She’s bigger than you said she was…no that won’t be a problem. I’ll make it quick and be back before sunrise.”

Once at home Samantha ran up her doorstep and into inside. She lived in a modest but not too modest house only a few minutes away from her building. She tossed her keys onto her kitchen table and went to her bedroom and tried to calm down. Had she really heard something? It might have just been her over active imagination. Yes that was it. Moon had suggested the dangers and she took that thought and ran with it. There wasn’t anything there she was sure of it. She decided to get some sleep but before that she’d grab a light snakc. There was still a whole chicken in her fridge. A remnant of the recent lunch she had at her office with a number of other business competitors. Of course Moon had done the catering. With her arms full and the chicken held firmly in her jaw she walked back to her room. While she ate she thought about that lunch. The other CEO’s had been asking her what her secret to her success was. It was true she had been bringing her business back from the brink. She just told them that it was just due to hard work. They laughed politely. One of them had shot a glance at Moon. The fox had looked puzzled and then he just walked away from the group. When Samantha looked over at Moon he smiled at her and walked away.
That seemed odd to her. But then almost everything Moon did was odd. It seemed everything he did was done with perfection. His cooking certainly was. Samantha finally fell asleep in her night shirt with a hand resting on her bloated stomach. The fragments of what could have fed four people were scattered around the bed. She drifted off into a deep sleep and was blissfully unaware of the sounds of someone picking the lock on her front door.

The door swung open easily as the cheetah put her lock pick away and crept inside. She wore a black sneaking suit with a balaclava slipped over her face. This was going to be too easy she thought. A simple slip with a needle and this bloated problem would be over and done with. She was Cheetah hired by someone who wished to remain anonymous. The only thing he had told her was that he had an invested interest in Samantha’s company and wanted what it had. Her orders were simple. Samantha was to have died mysteriously during the night. How was up to her and she had chosen poison as the easiest way to go about it.
She pulled the needle out of its little holder and was about to get on with it when a light came on in the kitchen.
“Fine” she thought. “Food poisoning it is then.” She moved cautiously to the corner of the hall that opened into the kitchen area. She watched as a shadow of someone threw itself against the wall. She watched it until she was sure its back was turned and then moved into the kitchen.
“Well hello there.” A voice as smooth as silk said to her. “what brings you here?” She stopped dead in her tracks. The man, she was positive it was a man stood in kitchen wearing a dress shirt and pants with an apron on over them. He wore a pair of oven mitts on his hands and was currently taking a pie out of the oven.
“I was…just…” She trailed off. For some reason she couldn’t remember why she was there but it didn’t seem to matter.
“Well never mind that.” The man said in a good natured voice. “Come in an sit down. It’ll be nice to have someone to talk to while I cook.”
Dumbly, the cheetah moved over to the kitchen table and sat down. She took off her balaclava and tried to get her thoughts together. It felt as though she was trying to think with a velvet curtain draped over her mind.
”Whats your name?” the man asked as he placed a pie down in front of her.
“... A…Amelia.” She replied, her eyes locked on the pastry that sat in front of her.
“Well Amelia its nice to meet you. My name is Mr. Moon. But you can call me Moon. Everyone always does.” He handed her a fork. “Why don’t you have something to eat and tell me what your doing here?”
Between mouthfuls the cheetah explained why she was there. How she was supposed to kill Samantha and make it look like some horrible accident.
“Who asked you to do this?” Moon asked, his voice shaking slightly. She replied that he hadn’t given a name.
“And you do this kind of thing for a living?” He asked. She nodded her head as she licked the plate clean. Suddenly the strange in her head lifted when she put the pit plate down. She looked around and suddenly everything came flooding back to her. She tried to get up to leave but felt something boney wrap around her wrist. She looked over and saw the brief shape of a gleaming white skull but then shifted into Mr.Moons obscure face.
“No I don’t think you’ll be leaving yet.” Moon said. “I’ve made far too much for you to simply leave without seconds.”
This time the haze didn’t return but instead was replaced by a ravenous hunger. She needed to eat! She threw herself at the counter near the stove that was laden with all sorts of pastries and other fattening foods. She tore into them. Trying to cram as much into her mouth as possible. She could feel her body begin to expand. Slowly at first, but as she hit the rhythm of eating her clothes began to get extremely tight. She tried to resist but couldn’t. She didn’t seem to be in control of her body anymore. He stomach ballooned out in front of her and eventually her suit ripped down the side revealing fat love handles. He breasts expanded out and rested on top of her stomach that seemed to be making an attempt to reach the far wall. Her hips and thighs grew together at an amazing rate. It didn’t seem possible but she seemed to be expanding as if someone had inserted a tube into her mouth and was pumping her full of food. Her suit finally ripped off and her body was free to settle where it wanted to. Her back formed several folds that now rested on her titanic ass which jiggled and shook as she consumed the food in front of her. Her face had become unrecognizable as blubber now ringed her face and dimpled her cheeks and created third and fourth chins. Still the feeding continued until her huge stomach was touching the floor and she fell backwards onto the tiles with a soft squooshing sound. She tried to see beyond her breasts which now obscured her view. She tried to get up but it seemed that mobility was not option anymore. Every movement she made just sent ripples around her body. Her arms stuck out at her sides and the only things she could do with her hands was wiggle her pudgy fingers
She felt something boney poke into her side and squeeze one of her love handles which jiggled long after the hand let go.
“Well your off to a good start.” Moon said with a hint of pleasure in his voice.
“But you’ve a long way to go before your done. So keep eating young lady.”
The only response she could give was a belch which just caused her body to shake more. She felt a hand move to her mouth and open it. Something was inserted into it and there was the sensation of something being pumped into her. She felt a hand push her backwards, her fat spilled out around her and cushioned her quite nicely. She felt her body begin to expand even faster. Her stomach ballooned outwards again and she watched as her breasts began to overlap onto her face. Their warmth felt oddly comforting. Her tail and been lost into her ass which now expanded and pushed her off the floor towards the ceiling. She closed her eyes and moaned gratefully as the velevet curtain sheathed her mind again.

Samantha woke up the next morning feeling groggy and a familiar rumble in her stomach. She swung her legs out of bed and felt her stomach pull her forward. She managed to keep herself from falling off the bed. She stood up slowly and walked over to the full length mirror she had in her room. How much weight had she put on?!
She knew she was getting big but it looked like she had ballooned up over night. Her stomach was now hanging over her crotch. Her breasts were no longer the petite things that once fit into a B cup. They must have been well into the D range by now and had broken free of her bra and sat heavily on her new stomach like two basketballs. Her thighs were now squished together and shook whenever she moved. Her face was thicker and her muzzle was shortened, her neck was hidden under a new, and very large double chin.
Samantha stood in front of the mirror for a while just poking and prodding her new body. She grabbed her huge stomach in her hands and lifted it up. Her fat felt warm in her hands. She let go and watched her stomach bounce and wobble in front of her. This in turn caused her breasts to shake and jiggle as well. She knew she should be horrified at what she saw. She had ballooned into a fat pig! Yet somehow, she thought. It felt good to be this big. She felt stronger now, maybe it was just because there was more of her but she felt like she could do anything. Even her tail looked slightly pudgier as it stuck out from her now quite large rear end.
“What I should do now though.” Samantha said as she turned and looked at her butt which had also grown considerably. “Is get some new clothes... but first some breakfast.”
As she walked towards the kitchen she heard the sounds of something sizzling on the stove. She walked cautiously towards the kitchen and looked in. She gave a shout of surprise as she saw Mr. Moon standing with his back to her. He was standing over the oven and had apparently been cooking up a storm. Food sat all over her kitchen table. Everything from pancakes to bacon even to French toast, which was her absolute favorite. She looked hungrily at the pile of food then remembered she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Her rapid expansion had blown off her night clothes. She tried in vain to cover her knew body but Moon didn’t turn around.
“Good morning Madam.” He said.
“Don’t turn around!!” Samantha said in almost a shriek.
“I wouldn’t dream of it Madam. Is there something wrong?”
Samantha looked down and realized she couldn’t see her toes over her breasts and stomach.
“There might be a slight one-Don’t turn around!”
“I wasn’t going to.” Moon replied. “If madam wishes to return to her room she might find something that can fit her?”
“Well I think I might have some old stuff up there.” She replied.
A few minutes later she came back downstairs wearing an old grey jogging suit. It was pulled tight by her new size and because of this she could feel every quiver and shake of her fat body.
“Is madam ready for breakfast?” Moon asked, finally turning around. He turned his head sideways for a moment and said.
“Can madam find nothing that fits her?”
“No madam can’t” Samantha said trying to copy the sound of his voice.
“Sorry.” She added quickly when she saw Moon’s hurt expression.
“It’s just that I wasn’t planning on putting on 200 extra pounds so quickly. Or at all really“ She said to him.
“Well” Moon said as he scratched his chin with a spatula. “I shall see if I can get some clothes made for you. There isn’t anything for Madam to do today except for that charity banquet being held tonight.”
”good” Samantha said as she stuck a pancake into her mouth. “I don’t feel like *gulp* I don’t feel like going in anyway.”
“Very well then.” Moon said, putting down the spatula. “If madam has everything she needs here then I shall go and get a new wardrobe for her.
When moon left the room Samantha looked down at the food that was sitting in front of her. It seemed so unreal that she was this big, or this hungry. What had changed that made her suddenly so eager to eat all the time? Her thoughts drifted towards Moon.
“But that’s silly.” She thought to herself as she grabbed a stack of pancakes and shoved them into her mouth.
“Moon never forced me to eat. He just cooks really well.”
After wiping the last of syrup from her muzzle Samantha looked down at her stomach and prodded it with a chubby finger. It felt soft and gave easily to the pressure she put on it. Despite all logic it felt empty, she needed to fill it.
“Oh well. I just hope Moon knows how to let out clothes.”

“What do you mean she hasn’t turned up yet?!” an angry looking dragon shouted to one of his subordinates.
“Well sir we just lost contact with her?” a rather scared fox replied, cowering from his boss’s wrath. They were standing in the dragons office.
“How do you lose contact with that woman? We haven’t even paid her yet. She should be beating down our doors. And what’s worse.” He shouted as he pulled out a pile of photos.
“Is that this fat bitch is still alive and kicking. And getting bigger by the second.”
“Whats wrong with that sir?” the aide hazarded.
The dragon looked at him like his eyebrows had just grown ten feet long and turned pink.
“Whats wrong with that? Whats wrong with that is if she gets bigger she’ll get more confident. When she was skinny she was weak. But now I don’t know what might happen.” He tapped his desk while he thought. “right now she’s sitting on a huge amount of the market. And if she plays her cards right we’ll be pushed out of the business.”
“What should we do sir?”
“She’ll be at the banquet tonight.” The dragon said. “We’ll get her there.”

The banquet hall was lavishly decorated for the occasion event. Streamers lined the walls and each chandelier in the huge room was decorated with ribbon that linked them all in a very pleasant fashion. People were there from every facet of the business world. Numerous CEO’s and business associates mingled around the tables and vast buffet that was laid out in the centre of the room.
Samantha felt conspicuous to be standing in the middle of so many slender women. Despite her being double, and in some cases, triple the size of some of the other women there she was constantly surrounded by men who wanted to talk to her. She had to admit that Moon had done an amazing job with finding her something to wear. She wore a deep red dress cut at the shoulder which showed off her generous cleavage. Her stomach was well supported by the fabric and it seemed that no matter what she did the dress moved with her and never felt like ripping. It seemed to accentuate every curve of her new size.
“May I get you a drink Samantha?” a male dragon said to her. He was a good foot taller than her with green scales and piercing yellow eyes.
“Oh certainly…” she tried to remember his name.
“Thomas.” He replied.
“Oh sorry Thomas.”
With that the dragon walked over to the bar and got a glass of champagne from the panther bartender who leaned in close and said under his breath, “We’re all ready boss.”
“Excellent. Make sure everyone gets out. I don’t want anyone seeing this.”
“Of course sir.” The panther replied.
Thomas walked back towards Samantha who was being chatted up by another wolf.
“Your drink.” He said and handed it to her.
“Thank you Thomas.” She said gratefully and was about to add something when a few of the men around her began asking her about the secret to her success and she was pulled away from him. Thomas smiled to himself and nodded to a figure who was shrouded by on of the far entrances of the hall. He moved out into the corridor and pulled out a phone.

“These are not done!” Moon shouted at the chef who had just handed him a pan of fish.
“what are you talking about?” the kangaroo shouted back. “Of course their done!” Moon pulled a piece of fish out of the hot grease and held it up to his face. The kangaroo watched wide eyed as Moon sniffed at it.
“Does its smell bring about the exact feeling of perfection and flavour?” He asked and bit into it “Does it taste like ambrosia? No it tastes like garbage!” he threw the fish onto the floor.
“Now make it again or get out.” Moon shouted. The chef didn’t need this.
“Fine do it yourself if you want it done right! I quit!” he shouted and tossed the apron to the floor. Once he had stormed out Moon turned to see the gaggle of waiters that had just watched the exchange.
“Fank.” Moon said without missing a beat. “they are running out of chicken out there. Fill it up immediately.” A startled raccoon nodded and went about his work.
“The rest of you back to work.” Moon shouted and the kitchen was alive with activity again. That was the last cook other than Moon, which was fine with him. Cooking should not be left to such amateurs. It was an artform that should only be attempted by masters. Moon was jerked from his train of thought when the phone beside the oven rang. He picked it up and before he could say anything a distorted voice said, “There’s a bomb inside the banquet hall. If you don’t evacuate I’ll detonate it.”
“Really?” moon replied.
“I’m not joking here. Evacuate the building now. Pull the fire alarm.”
Moon peered out into the hall and looked around. He picked up the phone again, “No I think it would be better to announce it and get everyone out of here safely. No need for a panic.”
“Hey wait you can’t-“The voice was cut off as Moon put the phone back on its hook. He walked out of the kitchen and towards the MC of the evening. He whispered into his ear and the MC hurreiedly walked up to the podium at the end of the room.
“Ladies and gentlemen if I could have your attention please.” He said. Everyone stopped and looked at him.
“I’m afraid that there has been a bomb threat and we must ask that everyone leaves immdeiatly.”
Moon put his head in his hands and didn’t bother to look up at the chaos that the room had suddenly become. People were scrambling for the exits, pushing and shoving each other out of the way in order to escape. Moon saw Samantha move towards one of the crowded doorways and then get led away by a tall dragon towards a different exit.
“I don’t have much time.” Moon thought to himself. “I’ll have to prepare the main dish now.”
Samantha half stumbled after the dragon who led her towards the table in the middle of the hall and almost bumped into him when he stopped.
“What are you doing we need to get out of here!” Samantha said.
“You aren’t going anywhere.” Thomas replied. Samanthan heard a click and looked down to see a pair of handcuffs chaining her to the table.
“What are you doing?” She demanded and was silenced by a slap in the face.
“Shut up! We’re gonna wait here until everyone leaves. And then your little ride up the corporate ladder ends.”
Samantha tried to scream for help but Thomas moved in front of her. Besides everyone was too busy trying to escape to notice her. After a few frantic moments the hall was finally empty leaving Samantha alone with Thomas. Suddenly the doors of the banquet hall opened and five anthros walked in wearing coats and balaclavas. Samantha looked on in horror as they moved towards her.
“And now!” a voice shouted from the kitchen. Everyone turned and stared as the saw Mr Moon. Standing in front of the entrance of the kitchen and pushing an enormous trolly which had a covered dinner tray on it that must have been ten feet high at least.
“Who the hell are you?!” Thomas said as a few of the masked anthros moved in front of him.
“Who me?” Moon replied, still pushing the trolly towards the table. “I’m a butler, a cook, a tailor, a driver, a jack of all trades when it comes to the service industry really.”
“Well I don’t care if you’re the bloody pope!” Thomas snarled. “Leave now. This doesn’t concern you.”
Moon stopped once the trolly reached the table and thought about that statement.
“I rather think it does.”
Thomas rolled his eyes, “fine have it your way. Take him out of here.” Thomas signaled to the anthros behind him who began to form a circle around Moon. Moon undid his tie, dropped his coat and rolled up his sleeves.
”I’m afraid I cannot let madam come to any harm. I request that you leave now or I shall be forced to attack.”
“Fair enough.” One of the anthros replied and threw a punch at Moon’s back. Moon spun around and effortlessly caught the fist of his attacker.
“That was a tad slow.” Moon said and brought a foot up into the dingo’s stomach. The punch pulled him off the floor a few inches and he dropped into a heap on the floor. Moon turned and received a blow to the face by another fist. The sound of breaking fingers was audible and the cat screamed as he clutched his ruined paw. It had been like punching a concrete wall. He went over easily as Moon dropped an elbow onto the top of his head. Now the other anthros were moving away from him.
“Whats wrong with you?” Thomas shouted. “Just kill him.” He pulled a pistol from out of his dinner jacket and fired it at Moon. The bullet past through his shirt and out the other side. Yet no blood came from the wound. Moon looked down at the shirt and back up to the dragon. “I’ll deal with you in a moment.” Suddenly there was a blur where Moon had been and the last remaining attackers were tossed to the ground unconscious. Moon dusted off his hands and walked towards Thomas who now aimed the gun at Samantha. “I’ll kill her.” He shouted. Moon stopped and raised his hands.
“I will do nothing to endanger Madam.” He said.
“Good now you just stay there.” A thought crossed Thomas’s mind and he looked from Samantha to Moon. “What did you do to Amelia?” he asked.
“The cheetah?” Moon replied. “oh she’s closer than you think. Would you like to see her?”
Thomas was about to ask what the hell he was talking about when Moon touched the side of the enormous tray lid.
“What the hell are you…oh my god.” Both Samantha and Thomas stared up at what was on the tray. At first it looked like a huge spotted pudding. Only if you looked closer you could see little indents where arms and legs had been. It was Amelia. Moon had fattened her up to a state of complete immobility. Her face stuck out from atop the mound of blubber that was her body and an apple had been stuck in her mouth. Her breasts sagged down her sides and her stomach had completely over taken her body. Thomas looked from the fat blob that was his assassin and lover and back to Moon.
“What in gods name?” He tried to say but felt the words stop. This was unbelievable. What had this man done to her?
“I’ll kill you!” Thomas shouted and unloaded his entire clip into Moon. Samantha screamed and watched Moon take a few steps back then stop. He looked up at the dragon and smiled. “Now I believe you are out of ammo.” He said. Before Thomas could react Moon was on him. Despite his small frame Moon knocked the gun easily from the dragons hand and hauled him to the floor by his neck.
“You listen to me and you listen good.” Moon said, his words dripping venom. “You hired an assassin to try and take out Madam. Then you had the gall to try and kill her yourself. Well I will not stand for this.” Moon raised his hand and slapped Thomas across the face. “I think I know a fitting punishment for you. Madam?” Moon called out to Samantha who was staring at the mound that used to be a sleek efficient killer.
“Are you still hungry?”
“As a matter of fact.” Samantha replied and couldn’t believe what she was saying. What was happening. The sight of this bloated Cheetah was making her ravenous.
“Then eat up before it gets cold.”
“No no please!” Thomas shouted but it was no use. Moon snapped his fingers and the Cheetah began to float off the tray and over Samantha. Samantha opened her mouth up to a point that shouldn’t have been possible and latched onto the side of Amelia. Thomas watched in stunned horror as his lover disappeared into the stomach of his business competitor. When Samantha had finished her stomach stretched out in front of her so far her view was obscured entirely. Her dress had ripped off completely exposing her swollen body.
Moon looked down at the sobbing dragon then back up to Samantha.
“ I don’t suppose madam would have room for anything else?” He enquired.
“I…Might…” Samantha managed to blurt out. Her entire body was jiggling and shaking now. Every slight movement sent waves through her bloated frame.
“Then here you go.” Moon grabbed the dragon by the collar and tossed him into the air without any trouble. He screamed as he fell towards Samantha’s mouth.
There was a gulp and there was nothing left.
“oooooo…I’m so full.” Samantha said trying in vain to rub the sides of her stomach.
“Is Madam sure?” Moon inquired.
“Yes I couldn’t eat another bite!” She groaned.
“Then that it.” Moon said and snapped his fingers. Samantha’s eyes were dazzled by a bright like and before she knew what was happening she found herself in a new room. Lying in a bed surrounded by pillows. She looked in front of her and saw her reflection in a mirror. She now dwarfed the cheetah she had consumed. He body not only covered the bed she was lying on but also draped over the sides. She was covered in huge folds of thick fat. Mobility was a fantasy now as she struggled to even move her arms.
“Where am I?!” she shouted in alarm and felt her entire body ungulate like the waves in the ocean as her fat rocked and swayed around her. “Moon where are you?”
“I’m right here.” A voice said to her right. She tried to move but found her fat neck kept her head looking straight in front of her and at her huge blubbery frame.
“Whats happened.” She said in a panicked voice.
“I moved us forward in time.” Moon replied, he was still just out of her sight. “To a just after the event at the banquet. You’ve taken complete control of the electronics market. You made more than enough money to retire on and now live in a mansion where every possible desire you have will come true.”
Samantha was speechless for a few moments. Was this all real?
”Oh I assure you Madam this is real.” Moon said again now coming into view. “I made it so.” Samantha gasped in shock. Moon was standing in front of her. Only now the shroud hiding his true appearance was lifted. She finally saw what he really was. Just a human skeleton in a suit.
“What are you?” she asked. Now that she thought about it it didn’t seem so far fetched. There was something skeletal about him when she’d first met him.
“I was created many centuries ago.” Mr. Moon said. “To wait on gods and spirits. But those spirits and gods passed from the memories of mortals and I was left without a function. It was my duty to supply huge meals and vast quanitites of food to these gods. I was their server. But now that they are gone I am free to travel the world. Helping whoever I feel inclined to help.”
“This is help?” Samantha shouted. She couldn’t move! Sure she had money and a mansion but what good was it if all she could do was sit and look at her fat body.
“Are you not rich?” Moon asked.
“Are you not powerful? You can have whatever you want.”
”I want to be thin!” Samantha replied.
“Are you sure?” Moon asked. “Don’t you feel content like this?” Samantha was about to say no but something stopped her. She looked at herself again, she squished her hands into her sides shook the fat rolls that lined her body. It actually felt good.
Moon smiled, a difficult feat for a skeleton, and said. “My work here is done. Just think about what you want and you shall have it.”
Samantha thought for a moment.
“I want ice cream.”
“Then have all the ice cream in the world.” Moon replied. Just as he said this the ceiling opened up and a tube snaked its way down to her face. She opened her mouth and it found its way inside. She sucked greedily on the tube as she watched her body slowly begin to expand. She could get used to this.
“Goodbye Madam.” Moon said and raised his hat to her. “I have others to visit. Enjoy yourself. You deserve it.”
Once Moon left her room Samantha continued to suck on the tube.
“I guess I really do deserve it.” She thought to herself then laid back and watched her body grow.