Drawn To Scale – Vulpin

This story is based on an old fantasy of mine…

All characters Copyright by me.



The orange fox shivered as the blustery October air ruffled through his fur. It wasn’t his idea to go to the stupid garage sale, but Kit never could resist a bargin.


“Man am I getting tired of being dragged to these things…” Vulpin grumbled half searching for something to get and half searching for his ride back home.


A tall Doberman stepped out from behind a table, looking for a sale. “Excuse me sir, could I interest you in these items? They’re only 5 bucks apiece.”


Vulpin looked over the pile of knick-knacks strewn about behind him. Nothing of particular caught his interest other than the brushed metal scale. He had just broken his old one, and something about it just called to him…




“So did you find anything good?” Kit was taller than Vulpin; he was a heavily-built skunk with white on black fur. They were driving home from the garage sale, it getting fairly late in the afternoon.

“You know, for once I did. I got this awesome scale. They even threw in these batteries for free.”

“See, these garage sales are great places, to find great deals!”

“I really don’t want to break my scale on your head, so…”

“I’ll shut up and drive”




He placed the scale on the bathroom floor, the silver metal shining from the bright bathroom lights. He noted what an odd design it was. Rather than having one spot for the numbers to appear, it had two, one labeled ‘before’ and the other labeled ‘after’. Next to the after column was a number pad, and next to that there was an up arrow and a down arrow. He decided the best way to figure it out would be to just test it. He stepped up on to the scale waiting for the numbers to steady. -170- It displayed in the before column.


“Hmm…I wonder what happens if I push the up arrow…”


He pressed lightly on the up arrow, releasing his finger after a second. The after column now displays -171-, while the before column stays the same. And the weird thing was, he actually felt heavier! He pressed the down button, and the after column changed to -170- again. This time he felt the odd heaviness removed. He pushed the down arrow again, but this time nothing changed. He held it down, nothing. Apparently he was unable to decrease his weight past what was in the before slot, which had not changed since he stepped on.


“Time for a real test. Let’s see…I know, I’ll gain 50 pounds. Then I’ll be able to see if it’s a real difference or my imagination”


He pressed on the number pad +…1…5…0…


“Ooops, I accidentally pushed an extra number…”


He felt an odd feeling that began in his midsection then spread out all the way to his hands and feet. It was a weird feeling…like being warmed from the inside. His stomach began to grow outward, hanging over his waistband on the sides and especially at the front. His waistband expanded with a *ping* as the button flew off his jeans. His butt grew larger and wider, filling out his jeans to the point of pain. His arms and legs grew wider as the fat increased, his thighs rubbing together as he waddled around the bathroom, examining his reflection in the mirror. His man-breasts grew soft and pillowy, merging with his (still growing) stomach, causing his shirt to ride up on his stomach and attempt to cover the breasts. Just when his neck began growing a second chin, the feeling, and the growth, stopped.


“Damn…I’m so…big…I have to change back”


Inwardly he relished the feeling of being so soft and cuddly, like wearing down pillows all over your body. He loved the feel of his fat jiggling when he moved, and the feeling of just having so much padding. He stepped back on the scale, the before column reading -170- and the after column -320-. He pondered for a moment, then pressed…-1…5…0… His clothes began to fit better as he slowly shrank back down to his normal size, but his pants fell to the floor, stretched out for a much larger person.


“Well, that’s enough for one day. I think I’ll go to bed”


As he left the bathroom, he didn’t notice the button from his jeans that had flown off hit the –slow gain- button, or that his foot brushed several buttons while stepping off the scale (buttons +,3,3, and 0).


He had the strangest dreams that night. He dreamed that he was strapped to a table, with a hose stuck inside his mouth. The hose was pouring cream into his mouth and down into his stomach, causing it to swell and grow as layer and layer of fat was added to his body…




Vulpin’s alarm clock blared in his ear as it shouted the time (9:00 a.m.) and that he needed to get his butt out of bed.


“*YAAAWN* Man, did I have the weirdes-“


He stopped mid-sentence as he took in what he saw. His bed had collapsed under his weight during the night, but this wasn’t what he saw. All that was within his field of vision was his fat flesh! He attempted to sit up but couldn’t, there was far too much lard in the way. He managed to get out of bed by rolling over and standing up off the floor.

And then he saw the bed…




            “Uh-huh…uh-huh…ok, I’ll be over as soon as I get off work. Bye.”


            Kit thought to himself. Vulpin wasn’t one who got excited easily, but he sounded downright in hysterics over the phone. He wouldn’t say what was wrong…something about a scale…and he couldn’t reach the buttons?






            Vulpin struggled against his flab to try and reach the buttons on the scale, in hopes of reversing this transformation.




            Flab had won. The score was currently 14-0. He had been trying since he calmed down from seeing himself and his situation (11:00 a.m.). But no such luck. He decided he would just wait until Kit came over, he would push the buttons for him, and he would be back in no time.


            He saw himself in the mirror as he was leaving. He had grown quite considerably while he slept. His stomach hung down to his knees, sticking out a good two feet in front of him, with rolls of fat around his waist leading up to his chest. His man-breasts would now be the envy of almost any female, he probably couldn’t squeeze into a FFF cup bra at this point. His chubby thigh’s rubbing prevented normal walking, reducing his movement to a waddle, causing his fat to send ripples across his body. His chubby fingers and arms had limited range of motion, with any bending restricted by pounds of pillowy-soft fat. He now had a triple chin, with the beginnings of a fourth. His butt was massive. Each fat cheek was larger than most people’s waists. He had to say…this might not be such a bad thing after all…500 pounds of cuddly fur and fat.




            Kit knocked on the front door, bracing himself for whatever had happened to Vulpin. Of course he couldn’t exactly brace himself for what he saw. The creature that answered the door looked like a Vulpin that had been chugging milkshakes for a year.


            “…Vulpin, is that you? You’re huge! How’d you get so big? What does it feel like?”


            Vulpin didn’t know that Kit had a fantasy of growing fatter and bigger, so he just answered the questions unabashedly.


            “It feels indescribable. Like being big and powerful and snuggly all at once…as for how I got this way, do you remember that scale I bought at the garage sale? Well…”


            And Vulpin went on to tell about the button that flew off his jeans and how he gained throughout the night, and all the other events leading up to when he answered the door.


            “So really all you need to do is hop back on the scale and have me push the buttons? Although I don’t thnk you’ll be doing any hopping for a while” Kit sniggered as he pressed his hand into Vulpin’s soft fat, causing him to emit a low ‘murrr’ of pleasure.




            “Okay, push -…then 3…3…0……ok?”


            “Yep…it should be working anytime now”


            Vulpin felt it right away. It felt as though someone dumped a bucket of cold water on him, but from the inside. He didn’t really enjoy the feeling, although it was nice to be going back to his old weight.


            “Wow, so no matter how much you gain, its temporary?”


            “I guess so. I’m not really an expert on magic digital scales”


            “Well can I try?” Kit really wanted to try this magic gaining out.


            “Sure, just don’t do anything crazy, we don’t know how this thing really works” Vulpin said as he left the bathroom.


            Kit started out much like Vulpin had, pressing the up button gently then releasing, noticing the small change in how heavy he felt. He pressed the up button again, only it stuck down! He watched as the numbers flew by in the after column:












            He then could no longer read the numbers, a mass of fat white flesh in the way. It took a moment to register that this was his gut! He quickly jumped off the scale and his growth immediately halted. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had a chubby face, leading to a chest sporting an HHH rack of breasts. These rested on his monstrous belly, which was all he could see of the lower half of his body. His butt now jiggled like crazy when he walked and was at least twice the size of what Vulpin’s was. His arms and fingers were so heavy it took effort just to move them, and walking made him sweat buckets. His tail even looked fatter in the mirror!




            And…he loved it! He loved the feel of it, the way he jiggled and swayed. He loved the way his shirt could barely contain his man-breasts, let alone the gut it was riding up on.


            “Hey Kit, I forgot to tell you. Make sure you replace the batteries before you gain, I don’t know what happens if they run out…”


            He was caught speechless when he opened the door, a fat ball of a skunk was sitting on the floor, his gut resting on the ground in front of him.


            “What?!?” Kit exclaimed as the scale beeped and turned off from lack of power.





            They had replaced the batteries and turned it on, greeted by a similar beep. Only when Kit stepped on, the before column read -850- instead of his normal 200 lbs.


            “What happened?” Kit said with a little more joy in his voice than he would have liked to reveal. Vulpin however, mistook the way he said it for panic.


            “I don’t know…I guess when we replaced the batteries it must have reset the system, so now it thinks you’ve always been this weight”


            They sat in silence for a couple of moments, neither wanting to make eye contact. Kit not wanting to reveal he always wanted this, and Vulpin feeling very bad for letting this happen to his friend. Kit finally spoke.


           “Well, I better go home and find some clothes to wear…”  And he started to get up to walk to the front door. The scale worked amazingly, it gave him a sumo wrestler’s build. Fat and huge, but with enough incredible muscle strength to move around.


            Vulpin couldn’t think of anything to say to his friend who was taking this amazingly well.


            So he didn’t say a word.




            It was now a full year after the “incident” and everyone had pretty much gotten back to their lives.


            Kit, who already had girlfriend, went on to marry her after he discovered she was a feeder, and she loved him even more now that there was more to love.


            Vulpin tucked the scale away so that he wouldn’t be tempted to use it. At least, that’s what he told people. He chuckled to himself as he pulled the scale out.


            “Let’s see…+…6…0…0…” And he smiled as the pleasure of fat returned to his body.