Just a drop’ll do ya – By Vulpin

As Vulpin wandered through the mall and the sunlight shone through the skylight, causing his orange and white fur and his ocean blue eyes on his 6’0” frame to seemingly glow, he noticed how the stores were packed with furs making after-holiday returns. But he was here for a different reason. He wanted to find something to help him “bulk-up”. He was tired of being the runt. The latest incident was the straw that broke the fox’s back.

He was at a Christmas party, getting his flirt on. (Despite the fact that he perceived himself as small, girls loved his slight metrosexuality) When Jack Rabbit, the worst person he could run into, “accidentally” ran into him. Jack was a linebacker on the football team, and so naturally Vulpin went into the snack table next to him and into the punchbowl. His fur was pink for a week! He vowed he would never be the weakest senior at Furmont High School anymore.

So with purpose in his heart, he searched every store from FNC to Fursonbuilding Inc. But everything he found was either:

A: A gimmick

B: Harmful to his health

Or the worst of all,

C: Something that would make him go crazy with roid rage

He was very disheartened, and was even about to give up and leave when he spotted a store that had just opened. Magics for Morons it said in bright neon letters. Out of curiosity, he walked in.

The shelves were lined with various bottles, jars, and boxes. He noticed a couple of labels like Hair Growth, Eye of Newt, and Become a Porn Star Fast!

“Become a porn star? What the” But Vulpin was cut off before he could finish as a rickety old woman seemingly appeared from behind a shelf and said:

“Can I help you?”

“AAAH!” said Vulpin, shocked at her sudden appearance. “I mean…yes, you actually can. Do you have anything that can help me bulk-up? I’m the smallest senior at my High School. I want to be able to compete with the top linebacker at my school!”

“Oh, we just got a shipment miracle bulk for men. Let me go get a bottle!”

She ran into the back room, and he could hear glass bottles being thrown around. She returned several minutes later holding a vial of purple liquid and an eye-dropper.

“This potion is very potent. It is HIGHLY recommended you use this eyedropper to measure doses. Each drop will cause you to gain exactly one pound.”

“Got it. Use the eyedropper, very potent, and one drop = one pound. How much do I owe you?”

“Its $30.00 for the potion, and $50.00 for the antidote.”

“Oh don’t worry; I’m sure I won’t want to reverse the effects of this…” Vulpin’s mind was filled images of him flexing biceps the size of basketballs, and having hard pecs the girls would swoon for.

“Sir, I really recommend that you purchase the antidote in case of an emergency of accidental overdose…” Vulpin simply snatched the vial from her hands and handed her a ten and a twenty and then ran out. As he was leaving he could hear her shouting:

"One last thing! The more you take, the slower you will gain!” He made a mental note, and then continued his way to the parking lot.

When he arrived at his house, he ran into the bathroom and shut and locked the door behind him. He stepped on to the scale, which read 130 like it always did. He was downright skinny for a 6’0” 18-year old fur.

Not for long’ he thought to himself as he carefully filled the eyedropper to its fullest, 100 drops. He carefully began dripping it into his mouth, he didn’t want too drastic of a change. He didn’t want people to think he was on steroids. …Or did he?

***BBBBBBRRRRIIIINNNGGG*** The phone’s abrupt ringing startled Vulpin, causing him to squeeze the eyedropper reflexively. All 100 drops went into his mouth and right down his throat.

‘Dammit!’ He cursed in his mind ‘Now I need to go get that stupid antidote…’

He checked his watch, 9:25 P.M. The mall was closed by now…but luckily like the woman said; it would take a while for even a couple drops to work, so 100 should take more than a day. These were his last thoughts before he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed. He got up to get dressed, putting on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, not noticing the pair of jeans he was putting on were a pair he normally needed a belt with, but today felt rather snug.

He went to eat breakfast, making pancakes. He scarfed down an entire stack, he hadn’t realized how hungry he was. He shrugged it off as his body needing fuel before it could bulk up. He stood up from the table, his pants feeling very tight as he did. But it wasn’t this that shocked him, it was the fact that his shirt had ridden up on his gut. That and the fact that up until now, he had always had a FULL SIX-PACK OF ABS!!! He gasped and ran to the bathroom, and stepped on the scale, which read 148 pounds.

“Dammit, that woman must have thought I meant literally compete with the linebackers at my school…so she gave me a football player’s type formula”

He checked the clock, 7:30 A.M. The mall wouldn’t open until 8:00…so he decided to find some baggy clothes to wear when he went. His older brother Danny, a freshman at college, had been a wrestler so he always weighed a lot. Vulpin went into his room and checked his closet. He found a pair of cargo pants that were waaaay too big for him, even now that he weighed more, but he took them anyway. He also found a baggy t-shirt that could hide his gut.

At this point Vulpin was interrupted in his searching by a searing pain and pressure coming from his stomach. He looked down and saw his pants had become really small and tight on his belly and large butt. He bent over to undo them, but they ripped in the back, exposing his heart-patterned boxers. He took them off and his shirt too, and stepped into the bathroom to check his weight before he left. Before he could get to the scale he saw his reflection in the mirror and was shocked. He had to blink a couple of times just to be sure it was really him in the mirror.

He had absolutely ballooned since the last time he looked. His potbelly jiggled with each step he took, and it even hung over his waistband a full two inches. He hadn’t grown hard pecs like he wanted, but instead had two soft man-jugs he would estimate to be at least a large A-cup. His butt shook when he walked, and made J. Lo’s ass look flatter than a Coca-cola that had been left out for a day. He had a small second chin forming, and his arms were draped with fat. His thighs were so enlarged, they pushed apart his legs, causing him to move with a combination of a walk and waddle.

He braced himself as he stepped onto the scale, praying it would read 230, and thusly meaning he would stop growing. Instead his jaw nearly hit the floor as the electronic scale blinked 195 pounds.  He still had 35 pounds left to gain before it would stop!!! He decided now might be a good time to head to the mall and buy that antidote before he got too big to fit in his car!

He had scarcely gotten ¾ of the way to the mall when his car started making strange noises.


“Noooo….not now…ANY time but NOOOOOOOW!!!” Vulpin said cursing his luck until he noticed his car had broken down in front of a bus station.

“Ok, ok…you don’t have to spell it out for me” He said, thanking the furs above that he was at least close to another mode of transport.

He struggled to get out of the car for a minute, his increased bulk making it slightly difficult to remove himself, but got out after a minute. No sooner did he stand by the sign than a bus pulled up and opened its doors. He threw 75 cents into the box and took a seat. Well, that would be improper grammar…he took one and one half seats.

By the time the bus got to the mall, he was taking up a full two seats, and was beginning to attract stares like a free buffet attracts Foxie O’Donnell. He got off the bus and strode into the mall, racking his brain to remember where he had found that store…

“If I recall, it was next to Abercrombie and Finch…there!”

His heart leapt when he saw the store, knowing his troubles would soon be over. He ran into the store and found the old woman talking to a woman and handing her a bottle labeled Double D’s in a Day!

“Excuse me…but” The woman turned around at the sound of Vulpin’ voice.

“Yes sir, can I get you any-Oh My GOODNESS!!!” She said, shocked at the very fat fur in front of her. He had a full double chin, with the beginnings of a third. She could tell through his too-small Tee that he had a pair of C-cups resting on his gigantic belly that hung over his waist and had a crease in it. His ass jutted out behind him, and the audible popping of seams in the seat of his jeans only drew more attention to it. His thighs very visibly filled his jeans to the bursting point, and they clearly made walking (pronounced “waddling”) difficult for him.

“You’re dead right you can get me something, I need the antidote for miracle bulk for men.” Vulpin said, praying her response would be that they have it.

“Which kind did you take? The sumo/football strength or the bodybuilder/swimmer-Oh wait! You’re the fox who came in asking for the potion to make you a better linebacker than your friend! And I can see you overdosed” She said, poking his soft stomach.

‘Sumo Strength?!?!  Wow…I hope she doesn’t misinterpret all her customers this badly…someone could get hurt’ Vulpin thought to himself. But instead of yelling at her, he simply nodded his head.

“Ok, let me go in the back to grab a bottle of the antidote.” She started for the door to the back room, and then turned around asked Vulpin:

“Wait, umm….how much did you overdose on?”

“100 drops, why?”

“The antidote will only work if you are not yet done growing to your full weight. Once the transformation is complete, it is permanent when a dosage of that size is taken at that strength.”

“WHAT?!?!?!?!?!” Vulpin shouted, drawing several stairs from other mall-goers.

“I’m terribly sorry sir; I can give you some store credit if you want…”

Vulpin simply left the store, unable to find words to express his incredible grief.

Vulpin was sitting on one of the benches scattered throughout the mall, pondering his situation. How could he face the others at school on Monday? What would his family say? How could he ever get a date for the Senior Prom coming up? At least before he was thin, now he was huge!

It was with this last thought that he same woman whom he had seen earlier in the Magic store walked up to him (although with SIGNIFICANTLY larger knockers) and handed him a slip of paper. She walked off giggling with her friends as he unfolded the note and read it.

-To the cute fox with the belly

Not all girls like twigs or football players. Call me if you want to get to know one ;)


…..Maybe being 230 pounds wouldn’t be that bad…