Warning: This story deals with mature themes that may include but are not restricted to transgender and trans-species transformation, as well as: masturbation, weight gain, and just good old fashioned gettin’ it on. Please do not read this story should it conflict with your state and/or local laws. This usually applies if you’re under age. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. You can mimic the behavior in this story all you want, you young impressionable little furs. Just remember, for the love of life, practice safe yiff. Thank you.

The Virus

(Aka Outbreak 2: The Yiffy Bug)

By TimeFox

Steven MacDonald couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. He had just turned on the TV to catch the Friday evening news. Unfortunately, good news was the one thing that wasn’t on the programming schedule this evening. "This late breaking story just in!" Exclaimed the local news anchor, Roger Morris. "Late last night, a terrorist attack on the Center for Disease Control left the world terrified. Thirty employees were found slain and several vials containing a strange new virus were discovered stolen. One of the terrorists: famed Russian Genetic Construct and hacker, Lyle Milenko, was captured at the scene. The remaining three terrorists are still at large and carrying this new virus."

Three pictures appeared side by side on the screen. Each face on the wanted posters belonged to a genetic construct. There was a female rat, a male fox, and a male kangaroo. The news anchor’s voice continued to speak over the images. "These photos have been obtained from the CDC security cameras. They have been positively ID’d as William Collins, an ex-special forces soldier of Australia, and Luceid Morrigan, a martial artist formerly of the Chinese Army. The fox here has not yet been identified, however, it is believed that he can be linked to several terrorist acts over the past twenty years. These individuals should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Should you see any of them, contact your local authorities immediately."

The camera cut back to Roger Morris and the studio once more. "The CDC has issued a press release on the virus that was stolen. The following is an excerpt from that press release. The virus known as BM6 is a biological mutagen. In testing, it was found to awaken recessive genetic material in humans. The virus makes these genes the dominant ones over a period of four days. In effect, it slowly transforms human beings into animal-like versions of themselves. The virus is airborne and is estimated to infect every living human being on the planet in one week. There is currently no known vaccine or cure for the virus. However, one side effect of the virus is that it destroys any and all other virii and bacteria in the host. This will make all STD’s and bacterial infections a thing of the past."

Steve wasn’t sure whether to take the news for face value or as some kind of publicity stunt for a movie or something. Over the course of the news broadcast, Roger seemed to have a little bit more than a five-o-clock shadow. He was getting downright fuzzy. He also seemed to be grinning with teeth that were a little too pointed to be normal. Changing the channel to another news station, Steve only heard more of the same. The major cities and those with international airports or other highly trafficked areas were hotspots for the outbreak. Eventually the virus would be everywhere. This was too much for Steve. He silently clicked the TV off and prepared for bed, hoping this was all just some strange gag, like the old War of the Worlds broadcast.


The next day, Steve checked the news again. The local news channel reported that the virus had shown its face in town as several people had already begun to show signs of the transformation. The station put up its emergency broadcast signal and was instructing people to remain calm. "Do not be alarmed by any abnormal behavior you may begin to exhibit or any physical changes to your body. The virus will not harm you; it will only alter your appearance. Symptoms may include weight loss or gain, growth of fur, scales, or feathers, tail growth, changes to perception, among other things."

It was then that Steve heard a knock at the door of his apartment. "Steve? You home buddy?" Opening the door, Steve was greeted by his neighbor and friend, Mike Evans. "Have you been listening to the shit going down on the news?"

Steve nodded, "Yeah man, sounds pretty wacky. What’s going on with you?"

"Well, I’m just goin’ around to see everyone I know, calm some folks down, ya know? Mike said, looking the hallway up and down as if searching for someone to comfort in their hour of need.

Had Steve or Mike been able to perceive the march of the microscopic organisms around them, they would have seen the transfer of the aforementioned virus as it passed from Mike to Steve. They completed their exchange in the hallway, each promising the other they would help out if one required it. Steve watched as Mike walked down the hallway and descended the stairs, vanishing from view. Turning and closing the door, Steve turned and walked to the bathroom, checking himself in the mirror. ‘How long before it hits me?’ He though to himself, ‘How long before I start growling and walking around on all fours?’ He left the bathroom and flopped down onto the couch, turning the TV on with a wave of the remote control. Over the next few hours, he simply stared at the screen and listened to the reports pouring into the news stations. All regular programming had been preempted for the emergency.

The reports from the major cities that had already been infected proclaimed that on the first day after infection, changes to the host’s sex drive would occur; forcing them into an animal-like heat. Over the next two days after that, changes to the body would occur. On the fourth and final day of infection, there would be a modification to brain processes and the heat would come to an end. By the evening of the fourth day, the host would be no longer recognizable as human and would instead resemble a humanoid form of their ancient animal ancestors.

Steve turned off the TV before he heard the news go more in depth into the personality changes. He didn’t want to know and he didn’t care. That night, he stood in front of his full length mirror in the bedroom and stared at his body, wondering what he would be when it was all over. He was a good-looking man by any standard. Standing at around six feet in height, his body was fit enough to be neither athletic nor overweight. His dark blonde hair was cut in a regular men’s style, framing a ruggedly handsome face. Most of the women he had dated had thought he was handsome. He grabbed his mind as it started to wander. There would be plenty of time for idle speculation and whatnot in the morning.


Day One:

Steve awoke the next morning in a bed drenched with sweat. He remembered feeling feverish in the middle of the night, making him toss and turn in discomfort. Despite the fever and the sweat, it felt as though he had never slept better. He got up and threw his damp sheets into the hamper, putting on a fresh set before getting dressed. Still feeling slightly warm, he took a few aspirin, hoping that it would at least fight off the high temperature. His bedroom also smelled strangely musky, like wet dog. Steve opened the bedroom windows to get a cross breeze and dispel the scent. In all honesty, it was getting him aroused and the fact bothered him. Why would the scent of a damp animal be arousing him?

Looking at himself in the mirror, he noted a few minor changes to his appearance. ‘So this is it,’ he thought, ‘I’ve finally got it and I’m starting to change.’ He noted he had almost a full day’s worth of beard growth. Though the hair on his face was fine and soft, not the coarse hair he was expecting. It was more like fur. His body ached all over, like a typical flu symptom. His chest also felt raw, which he attributed to tossing and turning in a wet bed. He also felt bloated. ‘Must work like the flu.’ He said inwardly to himself. Steve took a few more aspirin and shaved in the bathroom before wandering into the kitchen. He found his cupboards empty and was forced to make a run for food. Maybe some fresh air would relieve the strange warmth he felt all over.

At the store, Steve witnessed the virus’s effect on the other people in town. Most of the people were already sporting fur coats and looking very itchy in their clothes. A lot of them were running around, scared. There were a few that were in full throes of the virus and its heat, making love to one another in the streets and in alleys. Steve watched as a partially transformed male rabbit was mounting a fully changed female rat on the counter of the grocery store, totally oblivious to their surroundings. No one made any moves to stop them. The heat was burning to high. Indeed, several people had set down their groceries to masturbate to the scene. Steve was ashamed of himself as he found himself getting hard while he watched.

Finishing his shopping, Steve ran home swiftly for two reasons. The first was he didn’t like being turned on by such a scene. The second was that he was suddenly feeling hotter than he had before. As soon as he had locked the door to his apartment, he fell into a mad struggle to pull his clothes off. Stripping down to nothing, he fell back on the couch and began to jerk off at a mad pace. Stroking his cock with one hand, he used the other to play with his balls until he was shooting his cum onto his chest. He repeated the action until he had climaxed five more times, only then did the burning sensation abate. Panting, he reached weakly for the remote and clicked the TV on. He remained awake long enough to discover that the change a host’s sex drive would only last until the transformation ended.


Day Two

While Steve slept into the early morning hours, the TV continued to spout information about every little thing related to the virus. During his sleep, the virus stepped itself up a notch and began to change his appearance. The small toe on each of his feet began to shrink. They shrank until they had been completely withdrawn into his feet. As soon as the small toes had vanished, the remaining four toes on each foot shifted to accommodate the loss. They grew a bit thicker and began to sprout lush black fur. The nails on his toes shifted and became more canine, curved and bluntly sharp. His feet also developed cute pink balloon-like pads on their bottoms, a kind of sole to keep the furred feet from slipping on some surfaces. His feet themselves shrunk somewhat in size as well, becoming more delicate. The changes consumed both his feet up to the ankle where the transformation halted. It was also, perhaps coincidentally, where he awoke for a moment to get a glass of water before stumbling back to bed obliviously.

After he had returned to sleep, the changes continued to Steve’s body. This time, the fur continued to travel up his legs. He scratched his thigh absently in his sleep as the fur crept its way there, thinking it was simply another itch. The black fur stopped once it had consumed both legs entirely. As he lie there, unconscious, Steve had no clue that he was coated from the entire waist down in black fur, save for the insides of his thighs and at his groin where the black fur had given way to a white coloration. His legs grew a bit shorter, shaving a bit of height off him. They also grew shapelier until they looked like they would have been more appropriate on a female. His hips widened and his waist shrunk, leaving his pajama pants fitting oddly.

Later that same afternoon, Steve awoke much in the same condition he had the other day. The primary difference was that he was a bit more leggy and furrier. His sheets were again soaked in sweat and he had the same bloated feeling. He couldn’t believe he had slept so late when he looked at the clock. He also couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the changes that had occurred to his body after he pulled his blankets back. Steve jumped out of bed and landed on feet not his own. His toes seemed to instinctively curl into the shag carpet beneath him in order to feel the terrain he was standing on. He couldn’t remember why it felt so good to be barefoot. Walking to the couch, he dropped onto it with a sigh and clicked off the television he left on the night before.

He felt like he had lost about three inches to his height. Putting the thoughts of his height aside, Steve idly toyed with his fur. The aesthetic contact of his fingers meeting the fur on the insides of his thighs brought that burning heat back in full force again. He began to stroke himself to relieve the burn of his hormones but had trouble doing so. Only when he was a sticky mess, after having orgasmed six times, did he finally feel it begin to smolder. Deciding it was a good time to get dressed, Steve rose from the couch and took a shower, planning to maybe hit a restaurant for some lunch. His mind didn’t seem to register how much his ass swayed seductively while he walked to the bathroom.

Steve cranked the knob on the shower, calling forth a fine hot mist of water. He climbed in and began to immerse himself in the water. ‘The whole virus thing must be toning down somewhat,’ he thought to himself, ‘Things seem to be a little less crazy out there.’ Picking up a bottle of shampoo, he absently rubbed it into the fur on his legs and began to massage it into a soapy mass. Had more research been done on the virus, it would have been discovered that it inhibited certain areas of the brain, making most people oblivious to the change in themselves, hence Steve’s inability to cope with this potentially frightening situation. Steve finished showering and climbed out. He spent a good half hour blow-drying his fur until it wasn’t quite as wet. After drying and brushing it thoroughly, he walked to the bedroom.

Discovering that boxer shorts were all he could wear comfortably on his new waist, Steve put them on. As he pulled on his ill-fitting jeans, he decided to go out at some point to pick up some new clothes. But first, it was time to quell that growing hunger. After dressing and grabbing his keys and wallet, Steve left his apartment and headed for The Nexus, the new restaurant in town. The streets were empty as he walked down them, which wasn’t so unusual for what was going on. The uneventful trip led him to The Nexus where he was greeted and led to his seat by a rather large waiter that had been changed into a kangaroo. Setting the menu down before Steve, the kangaroo pulled his check pad from his pocket.

"Welcome to The Nexus. My name is Kambridge and I’ll be your waiter. Can I get you anything to drink before you order?"

Steve ordered a large glass of Pepsi and a Liquid Sunshine from the bar. He thought the alcohol might do a little for him. Looking around, he noticed that most of the patrons in the restaurant had already fully completed their change. There were a variety of humanoid species; even a few who were fully animals were seated at the tables. Kambridge returned with his drinks and waited patiently as Steve perused the menu. The hunger pains in his stomach had increased almost tenfold since he left the house. Unable to decide on what he wanted, he simply ordered one of everything on the menu. The waiter simply nodded and took down the info, asking what he wanted for side dishes and how he wanted the meat cooked before rushing off to the kitchen. ‘Did I really just order one of everything?’ He asked himself; suddenly glad he brought his credit card.

There was little time to debate as Kambridge returned with several plates of appetizers. He set them down in front of Steve and let him go to work as he attended his other customers. The virus seemed to grasp Steve again as he looked at the heaping plates of food before him. Steve was totally unaware that he was drooling slightly while he looked at the dishes. Foregoing the utensils, he simply began to grab food with his bare hands and shove it into his waiting mouth. He was ravenous. The waiter returned with the entrees only to find all the previous plates emptied. Biting his tongue, he simply covered the entire surface of the booth with entrée after entrée, removing the empty plates as he went.

Three hours later, Steve staggered back through the door of his apartment. He could feel the skin of his stomach stretched drum tight. Glancing down, he could see the distended ball of flesh pushing through the front of his jeans. He set down several bags of groceries he had picked up on the way home. He had spent over 400 dollars on food over the course of the day. Uncaring, he put away his groceries and stripped down to allow the food resting in his gut to be processed. Gently lying himself onto his bed, he fell asleep as he wondered just how he could ever have crammed all that food into his small stomach.


Day Three

Whilst Steve was sleeping wistfully, the virus in him awoke to finish its previous work: moving further up his body. It happened so smoothly and painlessly that Steve didn’t feel even a minor discomfort as he slept, even as the black and white fur crept swiftly up to his stomach and began to spread out to his chest, arms, and neck. Steve was sporting a coat of luxurious black fur before midnight. The white coloration had spread from the insides of his thighs to his stomach, chest, underarms, and face. It had also painted two white stripes that trailed over his head from his face It was the coloration of a skunk.

The little fingers on each hand repeated the same process his toes had undergone the previous night until he was left with only three fingers and a thumb on each hand. They too grew small pink pads on his palms and his fingers. His arms lost some of their muscle tone, as did his upper torso. It left him quite slender and very effeminate looking. The virus processed all the food he had eaten at an alarming rate. Now it was working on packing fat onto his normally slender frame. His calves and thighs ballooned out until they would no longer fit into the legs of his pants. His ass developed a fine layer as it expanded. His hips also gained a good layer of fat as they pushed further out, making childbirth more and more of a possibility. His stomach, which had been distended enough over the course of the day, grew in girth as his stomach itself stretched so it could accommodate more of such meals.

The base of his spine developed a large lump that burst to form his new tail, which later sprouted black fur with white stripes. His tail twitched happily as he dreamed. Had he been aware of the occurrence, he probably would have mourned as his male equipment was swiftly reconfigured into a female’s genitalia. His chest swelled until his new cleavage, a combination of more fat than flesh, was quite apparent and would make just about any male drool. Fat deposited itself in his arms, until one would have to use both hands to encircle his biceps (and still have trouble touching). His ears moved to the top of his head and became larger and more rounded. A muzzle pushed out from his face, his nose becoming a moist and cold black pad. If not for the muzzle, he would probably have had a very impressive double chin. His headfur grew longer until it spread out over his pillow. By the time the virus had finished, Steve was now a very curvaceous and pretty young female anthropomorphic skunk.

As soon as he had awoken, he instantly noticed the change in his appearance. He stared at his footpaws for a good couple of minutes before getting up. Unsure of how to handle the situation, he simply walked over the full-length mirror in his bedroom. Looking into it, he saw he had become a pretty female skunk. All other thoughts aside, Steve posed for himself in the mirror, bursting into giggles when he finally realized what he was doing. He brought his new hands up to his chest, cupping his breasts and loving how they felt in his hands. Pushing them up, he smiled at his new nipples. They were bigger. They had larger, darker areolas and the nipples themselves were an inch long. They stuck out from beneath his fur. He found himself loving the way they bounced and defied gravity. He jumped up and down in a few quick bounces, watching as his flesh jiggled beneath his fur. Running his paws over the folds of his new body, Steve found the warmth returning. He quickly stopped before it became too much.

Deciding it was time to go out and find some new clothes, Steve searched his closet for something suitable for his new girth and gender. He found an old baggy T-shirt that he was just barely able to squeeze over his large tits and an old pair of cutoff sweat pants. He was able to slide them over his large, round ass and chubby womanly hips. When he finally got the shorts on they looked almost like spandex. He sat down on the couch for a moment to check the news. He immediately found that when he sat down on the couch to watch TV, one hand would slip to his crotch while the other would go to his chest. It was totally involuntary but he couldn't stop himself. Everything about him was changing and there wasn't a thing that he could do about it.

With his things collected, he started on a trek to the local mini-mall for some clothes. As he walked, he discovered that he now moved his hips from side to side so that attention would be drawn to his big, round ass. He also stuck out his chest so that his tits looked even bigger. He felt like a walking billboard for sex. As he walked in the direction of the mall, he noticed that most of the males he passed on the street immediately turned to watch him. Keeping an eye on a wolf that passed by, Steve could actually see his erection grow as he neared. ‘It must be instinct or something,’ thought Steve to himself as he approached the mall. ‘That has to be it, pheromones or something.

Entering the mall, Steve sought the nearest clothing store. Luckily, he had entered the mall right near a JC Penny store. Ducking inside, Steve almost walked right into a small vulpine sales clerk. "Good morning, miss. Can I help you with something?" He asked.

"Well… I, like, need a new wardrobe." Steve found himself spurting out.

The clerk smiled and led her through the store. He shopped for hours on end without feeling tired one jot. Only after he had run up about 1000 dollars worth of clothes did Steve call it quits. He returned home with his numerous purchases. Luckily, his clothing waited until he had walked through the door of his apartment before the seams split. The T-shirt and sweat pants weren’t up to the task of holding in his newly acquired massive bulk. The shreds of clothing fell to the floor as gravity grasped his weight and pulled it down, making it jiggle. Steve found himself giggling at the action.

Remaining naked, Steve went through his bedroom and removed all his old clothes, stuffing them in a box and hiding it in the closet. He then replaced them with the clothes he had just recently purchased. When he had finished, the hungry skunk walked to the kitchen. He opened the freezer and pulled out two gallon tubs of chocolate ice cream. Sitting on the couch, the skunkette dug into the frozen treats while watching the cartoon network. When the ice cream was nothing more than a few splotches of dried goo around her muzzle and on her stomach, she dashed for the kitchen and more of ice cream, which she had stashed away in the freezer. It was only as she was shoveling more and more of the ice cream into her muzzle did she discover that it only served to stoke the furnace of her artificial heat.

Taking her right hand, she pulled up a lump of the chocolate ice cream from the tub. In a desperate attempt to quench the burning, she pushed the handful of sweetened frozen milk into her wet and waiting pussy. Moving a finger along the slick lips, she could feel herself getting wetter and burning hotter despite her efforts. Taking her index finger, she pushed the lump of ice cream all the way up her pussy. She put her thumb on her clit and stroked it gently as the virus began to work its magic again, her breathing increasing. After a few moments, Steven removed her hand from her new genitalia and licked her hand, tasting the sweet combination of ice cream and her own juices.

That was the breaking point for the virus. She suddenly couldn’t get enough. Lying back against the couch, she placed her fingers back on her dripping pussy, sighing with contentment. She spread her legs wide and grasped another pawful of the ice cream; thrusting her hips up for better access as she pushed the pawful into her waiting sex. She circled her clitoris with the frozen food, feeling her body jerk in response. She became even hornier, feeling the sticky warm wetness of the newly melted ice cream on her fingers. Rubbing harder on her clit and the skin beneath it, she spread her lips out wide and inserted two fingers. Despite the two fingers currently occupying her sex, she inserted yet another to feel full.

She could feel the muscles of her vagina tighten around her fingers as the walls of her pussy began contracting. Continuing to masturbate with the ice cream, she moved up and down on the floor at the foot of the couch until she felt herself beginning to cum. Steve curled her toes and redoubled her efforts at rubbing her sex. She chirred softly to herself, to her surprise, as she felt more of her juices coat her hand. Her whole body tensed up as she came, a flood of female cum and melted ice cream exploding onto her paw and the floor beneath her. Panting from the sexual workout, Steve picked up the ice cream left in the tub and plunged muzzle-first into the container. Minutes after she had licked the gallon tub of ice cream clean, her belly pushing out even more than before, Steve got up and waddled to the bedroom where she plopped unceremoniously onto the bed and passed out.


Day Four

Instead of altering Steve’s body, tonight the virus went for his mind. It slowly began to dance the biochemical march and alter Steve’s memories and personality. His male personality was replaced by a similar female one. One that was more acclimated to the nuances of being furry. All sorts of suggestions and other things were crammed into his helpless brain. The virus rewrote Steve’s memories so it would seem to him as though he had always been female. By sunrise, the virus had run its course and completed Steve’s infection. It had changed Steve the human into Stephanie the skunk.

Stephanie awoke that morning feeling refreshed. She hopped out of bed with a gentle bounce and padded into the bathroom. Getting onto the bathroom scale, she frowned as it beeped out her weight as 210 lbs. "I really out to try and lose some of this fat," she said to herself. Then the virus corrected her brain. "Wait a minute. Why would I want to lose weight? If anything, I should gain more." Stephanie giggled as she ran her hands over her voluptuous ass. If she lost weight, whatever would be there for a male to grab on to when he was taking her? She giggled girlishly to herself again and climbed into the shower. She needed to wash those ice cream stains off her fur.

When Stephanie had dried off, she walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. Opening her underwear drawer, she pulled out a satiny teal bra and panties. Lifting each wide leg, she slipped them through the holes and pulled the panties up over her ass, making sure to slide her tail through the hole for it. Smoothing down the surrounding fur, she picked up the bra and slid it over her arms, lifting one heavy breast at a time into the cups before attempting to fasten the straps. With some difficulty, she managed to clasp them all. Picking up a large pair of jeans and a T-shirt, she put them on. Leaving her paws bare, she stepped out into the kitchen and made herself a huge breakfast.

After breakfast, she gave her friend Mike a call. He had apparently been altered by the virus and left to look like a fox. They chatted for a while before hanging up. Stephanie found that when she talked, she sounded like some kind of ditzy bimbo. It also felt like it was getting harder for her to concentrate on anything that was too complex. To test herself she pulled her favorite book, a collection of Shakespeare, off of her shelf and tried to read a line from it. Normally she would be able to read it perfectly and comprehend the hidden meanings and nuances of the tales, but this time all she could think was, "These words are too big, I don’t understand." Then she would giggle.

It was later in the evening when she heard a knock on the door. Opening it, she found Mike, holding no more than a dozen red roses in his hand. He handed them to her and smiled. "Hi Stephanie. I was in the area and I just thought I’d drop by."

Stephanie wasn’t sure what to think. The virus had already altered her and Mike’s minds, setting them up as lovers. But some small part of her still thought that were just friends. She took the roses from him and put them on the table. Any doubts she may have had were instantly vaporized as Mike pulled her close and kissed her when she turned around, slipping his long canine tongue into her short muzzle. She pulled away for a moment and thanked him, her voice husky and seductive. She could already feel herself getting aroused… wanting Mike to fuck her to exhaustion.

"I've been thinking about you all day, honey." Said Mike. His sheath had already filled out and he was painfully erect by the time they broke the kiss. They were both visibly excited. Mike had developed a noticeable bulge in his pants while Stephanie’s erect nipples were straining against the fabric of her bra and shirt.

She offered no resistance as Mike pulled her into the bedroom and lifted her shirt. He unhooked her bra clumsily, letting her heavy breasts drop to rest against the top bit of the fur of her round stomach. He laid her down on the bed, nuzzling each large nipple and delighting as he felt it stiffen under his tongue. He teased them with his blunt claws, feeling them stiffen even more, until they strained from her fur like small hard thimbles of flesh. "Don’t stop," she panted, saliva rolling from her tongue, "keep going."

Mike moaned a bit as he pushed his pants down, his jockey shorts catching on his erect cock. He stripped down to nothing and lay down on the bed. Stephanie stood and unzipped her jeans, pushing them down to the floor and stepping out of them. She climbed onto the bed, which creaked as it took on her mass as well as Mike’s. Looking at Mike’s shaft, framed by red and white fur, she felt her muzzle quiver in anticipation. She felt the irresistible urge to sink to her hands and knees and take his cock into her muzzle. She wanted to service him. To have him take her again and again.

Mike looked down just in time to watch her swallow the length of his cock in her muzzle and begin a steady, paced bobbing. Little did he know, he had also witnessed the obliteration of Stephanie’s last shreds of self-control. She sucked hard on his dick, making his head spin in ecstasy. She licked and hungrily sucked his cock up, running her tongue up and down his length. Mike could feel his orgasm creeping up on him as his knot began to swell up. Stephanie took in his hypnotizing scent, a scent that destroyed her resistance and made her wish to obey his every whim, and continued to suck harder and faster on his dick. Mike leaned his head back, clenching his teeth and his fists as he came in her muzzle.

As spurt after spurt of warm vulpine semen jetted into her muzzle, Stephanie swallowed reflexively. She was happy to service her male as he lie there; his cock still in her muzzle while he panted deeply. Mike quickly recovered from his orgasm with a smile, saying "my turn," as he rolled her over onto her back and spread her massive thighs with his knees. She spread her thick legs for him as much as she could, whimpering with anticipation. Mike leaned over her and pushed his hard cock into her wet cunt. Stephanie moaned as her muscles clenched around his invading cock, milking it as he continued thrusting into and out of her sweet pussy. Stephanie felt waves of orgasmic pleasure washing over her every time he buried his cock into her hot cunt.

While Mike thrust into his lover’s eager sex, he watched as her massive bulk wobble and jiggle every time he pushed his cock into her. The effect was even more arousing than he thought it would be, causing him to push himself on; harder and faster than ever before. He rammed his waist into her chubby inner thighs as his knot enlarged and banged against the entrance to her moist channel. Stephanie’s moans of ecstasy grew louder as Mike pushed his knot into her cunt, locking them in place. As soon as they were locked, Mike’s thrusts began to become much more swift and shallow. He stabbed his dick into her until the itch in his balls that warned of impending orgasm began to scream for release, boiling over and pushing jet after jet of hot fox cum into her waiting cunt.

Mike collapsed on top of her round belly, panting heavily as his balls emptied themselves of the last of their load into her. Stephanie, left lying there without having orgasmed, begged for her release, asking Mike to make her cum. "Maybe after dinner, dear." He replied with a sinister smile. Stephanie found herself dreading his insinuation, though secretly harboring several fantasies about it at the same time. Her cunt quivered at the possibilities. The only sound that prevailed as the pair waited for Mike’s knot to shrink was the loud gurgling of Stephanie’s empty stomach.


This story may or may not be continued.

It depends on how depraved I’m feeling.