The Best Kind of Fun
A Quickie

Jake sat on the corner of the bed, watching the Television set that sat on top of his chest-of-drawers that stood against the opposite wall in his room. His bed was a Queen-sized bed, more than large enough for someone of his size. He was a fat fox, his weight seeming to bounce back and forth lately around 350 to 370, his gut a nice pudgy, round one. His fur was the generic orange tint of red on his arms, legs, face, and back, white on his stupendous gut and chin, and black on his fat hands and feet. He was overall a generic fat fox. He loved his size, and was currently trying to gain more weight and make his gut nice and round, like a big white, furry beach ball attached to his midsection. If there was anything that Jake loved, it was being fat, not to mention other fat furry boys like himself. So it made perfect sense to have another big fat fox like him for a boyfriend: his mate Toby.

As he sat gluttonous as ever, watching the tube, Jake had a now-nearly-empty plate of brownies on his right side, and another completely full one on his left, brownies stacked in a pyramid that stood 5 or 6 brownies high. While his right hand methodically passed to the plate to grab a brownie and stuff it into his greedy mouth, his left hand was busy mindlessly rubbing, patting, and overall playing with his large tummy, running his fat fingers through his fluffy fur, which made him elicit a steady stream of belches. He was in ecstasy, sitting there with naught but gym shorts on enjoying himself fully, eating, rubbing, belching, rubbing, pausing from eating to rub with both hands...he knew how to work his own magic on himself.

Suddenly a sweet scent filled his nose and he pricked his ears up in excitement. It was the smell of more sweets cooking in the kitchen. Apparently, Toby wasn’t quite done making Jake brownies. If there was anything that drove Jake wild, it was chocolate; it was probably the one thing that could win him over into doing anything, and Toby utilized Jake’s love for chocolate as often as he could, just like any sly fox would. Toby was a great cook, especially when it came to baking things like cookies or brownies or any sort of confectionery (a lot of which stacked up on his gut over the years). When they first met, Toby weighed only about 300, while Jake was almost 270. A lot has changed since then.

Presently Jake smiled to himself at the thought of more delicious, thick brownies. Toby made them very thick and gooey, the most unreal amount of delicious chocolate gushing into your mouth with every bite. Even more, he always made sure to sprinkle lots of powdered sugar on top of each square after cutting them out. In Jake’s mind, they really, really hit the spot. Jake wondered why Toby was going all out to make him so much food, but just kept on eating and enjoying himself nonetheless. When it came to gaining weight, Jake allowed Toby to have his way with him. He figured if Toby could get the size he was with his own cooking, Jake ought to trust him to plump him up right.

As he finished the last brownie from the first plate, he paused to rub his stomach for a moment to ease all the stretching going on, when Toby strolled in the door frame, his stupendous gut squeezing through, and in his hands he held another plate of fresh-from-the-oven brownies. Toby was a big, big fox; his weight was somewhere around 425 or so, and he stood almost two inches taller than Jake. He, like Jake, was barely clad in anything, wearing naught but an apron with “Kiss the Foxy Cook” written on it, and a tight pair of briefs.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re full already pumpkin!” Toby said, seeing that he had stopped eating. Jake looked up and grinned. He loved getting called ‘pumpkin.’ “I whipped up another batch for my big fox boy, and I would really like to see that these get into that gut…” Toby waddled over to his mate, swishing his tail playfully back and forth with each step, and gave Jake a sweet and simple kiss, setting the plate of brownies down on top of the empty plate.

“No, I’m not done yet…I’m just playing with my tummy, my big, fat, snuggly, brownie-stuffed tummy.” As Jake spoke the last words playfully, a grin spread across Toby’s face.
“Oh, you mean this tummy…” he played along, reaching a fat paw down to Jake’s stomach and giving it a soft jiggle. “Are you sure this is a big, fat, snuggly, brownie-stuffed tummy? I want to make sure…” he jiggled a little more and knelt down so that his eyes were head-on with Jake’s gut. He put both paws on Jake’s love handles and started kneading and massaging the expanse of Jake’s belly, taking in all he could. After doing this for a while, Toby looked up at Jake and smiled, saying, “Well, I still don’t taste any brownies in this tummy yet…” And with that, Toby dove his face into Jake’s stomach slowly, giving it a playful kiss or two before giving it a solid lick, a lick that went around wildly in circles and twists before finally ending with another little kiss. He pulled out for a quick breath, then went back in, this time giving much more passionate kisses to the warm, fluffy flab of Jake’s tummy. Meanwhile, as Toby kept this up, Jake ran his fat fingers through Toby’s head fur, and kept feeding himself brownies on the plate with the other hand.

“How about now – any brownies in there?” Jake playfully asked.

“Mmm…I think I can taste them now, and boy, it’s good,” Toby replied.

“They should be good…” Jake let out a thundering belch; “You made them, after all, sweet-ums.”

“All for you, pumpkin!” Toby kissed Jake’s tummy again. “Mmm, pumpkin-fox…pumpkin-foxy…my sweet widdle pumpkin-foxy…” He kept enticing Jake with sweet words in between luscious kisses into his tummy, which Toby’s paws methodically rubbed and patted. After giving Jake the time of his life, Toby rolled himself back up to his feet, and gave Jake some more kisses while rubbing Jake’s stomach. Jake stuck out a paw to rub his mate’s stomach in return. After finishing his kiss, Toby kept his rubbing going and grinned widely.
“How are ya’, Jake? Are you lovin’ the brownies or what?”

“I’m good, and yeah, they are delicious, you amazing cook you,” Jake answered, giving Toby a kiss.

“Well, I’m just trying to get you all fattened up like a good little foxy…” Toby chuckled, gently patting Jake’s gut. “In fact, how much do you weigh, tubby?”

“Tubby?” Jake returned. “I’m the tubby? Let’s take a look at this fine specimen of fox-gut right here, shall we?” Jake began to jiggle Toby’s noticeably larger gut side to side, feeding his fingers through the delicious white sea of fluffiness, ripe for the fondling. “I haven’t even given it a taste test, heehee!”

“Oh, you’ll get your turn, and I’ll make sure I time it perfectly…we don’t want to mess up the results of your test, now do we? But first, to weigh in!” Toby took a step back, yanking up Jake from the bed, whose belly collided with his. Jake suddenly gave Toby a big fat hug, wrapping his arms tightly around Toby’s humongous tummy and rubbing his mate’s back in slow circles, as Toby did the same on Jake. Jake heaved out a sigh and rested his chin on Toby’s shoulder.

“I love you, Toby.”

“I love you too, Jake.” They held each other like that for a moment, basking in each other’s warmth and intimacy, being together as one. Toby craned his neck toward Jake and kissed him gently on the head. “I love you so much…”

“And I love you too, big guy.” Toby chuckled, and kissed Jake again.

“Come on, let’s see how much you weigh, hon.” With that, Jake managed to let go of Toby and take a hold of his hand as they both waddled over to the door and down the hall to the bathroom. About halfway down the hall, Jake let go of Toby’s hand suddenly and wrapped his arms around his front from behind, reaching his paws underneath Toby’s cooking apron and getting a fresh handful of the huge fox’s belly. Toby stopped in his tracks and hummed with pleasure, loving all the attention his belly was getting.

“Hmm…having fun back there?”

Jake answered with a hum of his own, closing his eyes and leaning up against Toby’s back. His hands strayed down to Toby’s flabby underbelly, having to reach with all his might to get there, then he slowly rubbed his paws from the underbelly to his lovehandles, playing around with the waistband on Toby’s underwear.

“Oh, Toby…I wanna play with your belly, please?” Jake begged.

“We will, hon…if you’re a good boy, we’ll play with all of me, and all of you, and we’ll have lots of fun. Now let’s go see how much you weigh.” Toby continued toward the bathroom, and Jake, still clinging around Toby’s fat middle, waddled in tow, walking in step with his big mate. Toby opened the door to the bathroom and tried to step inside, but couldn’t squeeze through with another fat fox tacked onto his already fat frame. Jake gave Toby one last squeeze and let go, and Toby managed to fit into the bathroom doorframe, Jake right behind.

“You first, pumpkin!” Toby motioned Jake to step up to the scale. Jake patted his own belly with pride and stepped up on the heavy-duty scale, giddy with excitement. The numbers flashed around for a while, and Toby looked down to see what the final number was.

“Hmm…you’re not going to believe this…”

“Oh, what?”

“Hehe…guess!” Toby teased.

“Oh, fine, okay! Hmm…370?”




“More? Wow, okay…375?”




“No way, how much?”


“No, tell me!”

“Guess, you big fat fox!”

“Tell me, please!”

“Give me a kiss first!”

Jake pulled Toby’s muzzle tightly onto his, exploding into a frenzy of kisses, Toby feeding just as equal a frenzy back to Jake. They were like that for just a moment, kissing in front of the mirror, exchanging love, and passions rising. Just as suddenly as he kissed him, Jake pulled off from Toby.

“Okay, now tell what that scale…”

Before Jake could finish, Toby took him back into his kisses, and after a moment’s surprise Jake dove back in for more.

“Hmm, show me you want it,” Toby whispered. With unmatched renewed vigor, Jake took his kisses to a new level, forcing his tongue into Toby’s throat and letting it go crazy. Jake gave so much passionate force that Toby almost toppled over onto his fat behind, and Toby’s eyes went wide as he realized he was losing his balance. Realizing the dilemma, Jake pulled out, short of breath.

“Okay, NOW…tell me…what it says!” Jake demanded, half impatient, half amused by Toby’s sweet intentions. Toby grinned widely and chuckled.

“Well, step back on the scale, you big fox you, and we’ll just see what it says.”

Jake got back on the scale and waited for the numbers to come around, scritching his gut-fur lightly. Toby looked down and gave another one of his famous chuckles.

“It looks like you’ve gained quite a bit, Jakey, your weight is 381! I’m so proud of you!” Toby gave Jake a big hug, and Jake hugged back with pride. He finally did it; he broke 380. “This calls for a celebration!” Toby exclaimed, kissing Jake on the check.

“But first,” Jake interrupted, “we need to see how much this weighs…” he said, rubbing the sides of Toby’s humongous gut playfully. “And I get to torture you just as much as you did to me!”

“We’ll see…” Toby replied, grinning. “Well, if we’re going to see how much this gut weighs, we better get an accurate reading, meaning that this apron’s gotta go.”

“Here, let me help you with that…” Jake offered, turning Toby around so that Jake could undo the drawstrings on the apron. Jake undid them with minimal effort and pulled the apron off over Toby’s head, finally leaving Toby completely topless. Jake tossed the apron limply on the floor, and started to cuddle with Toby from behind like he did before.

“Mmm…I love you, Jake,” Toby sighed, happily.

“I love you, too, Toby.”

“Give me a big belly hug…”

Jake reached around and started to grab handfuls of Toby’s fluffy gut, giggling it softly as he nuzzled his chin over Toby’s shoulder.

“Mmm…fox belly…so much fox belly,” he whispered into Toby’s ear, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I love this gut…and I love you.” He started to rub Toby’s belly, his huge, fluffy, round, plump belly in large circles. “You’re the most amazing guy I’ve ever met, Toby.”

“And the biggest?”

“And the biggest boyfriend ever.”

“And you’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, Jakey.”


“Of course, pumpkin. I love you. Now let’s see how much your big cuddly fox weighs…”

Toby, still getting that amazing hug from Jake, stepped up on the scale with a wobble in his gut. He put his fat paws on top of Jake’s and rubbed his own gut in unison with Jake, giving Jake’s paws a soft scritch.

“Hey, Jakey, what’s it say?” Toby asked.

“Mmm…” was all Jake could say.

“Come on, fatso, what’s the scale say?”

“So big…” Jake kept saying mindlessly to himself.

“Jakey, there’ll be plenty of time to play with my gut later, what’s the scale say?”

“I can’t let go, it’s too wonderful!” Jake yelled out playfully.

“Is this your way of torturing me?” Toby asked.


“Okay, but just for a little while longer, alright?”

“Of course…” Jake giggled. They looked into the mirror, Toby’s magnificent frame and Jake’s head on Toby’s shoulder in the reflection. Jake let go of Toby and stood beside him, two fat foxes side by side, in nothing but a pair of briefs each, and they both smiled.

“You are so cute…” Jake whispered.

“You’re quite the handsome fellow yourself,” Toby returned, rubbing his big belly.

“You’re like a god to me, you’re my ideal…”


“Yeah, really, you’re so amazing and sweet, and big, and handsome, and playful, and caring, and you’re my mate, Toby, my one and only.”

“Oh Jake…” Toby sighed.


“Give me a kiss, a real one this time. Please?” Toby asked, his big beautiful eyes looking sweetly into Jake’s

“For the love of my life, of course I will.”

They turned and faced each other, eyes locked and gazing deeply into each other, and they leaned closer together and sealed lips softly. It was a real kiss; a sweet, loving, passionate kiss, and they both wrapped their arms around each other’s flabby lovehandles and kissed like only they knew how. They both elicited a soft moan, almost a sigh, and as they would come up for air, only to go back again, they would whisper ‘I love you’ ‘You’re amazing’ ‘I want to be like this forever’ and other sweet things to each other.

“I want to see what it says now…” Jake said, smiling. “And this time, I’ll tell you what it says…” They both chuckled.

“Alrighty, then,” Toby agreed, letting go of Jake and stepping up once more on their scale. The numbers whirred around and Jake started to rub Toby’s gut, as if he were polishing a trophy. He looked down at the final result and whistled slowly.

“So, how much?” Toby asked.

“Well, honey, it looks like you’ve gained a bit: you’re at 430. I’m so proud of you, Toby! My big foxy boy, you!” As if on cue, Toby let out a thunderous belch.

“Looks like all that belly rubbing made some room…” he said, rubbing his gut as he did proudly.

“Well, you said it yourself before; let’s celebrate, with those sweet delicious brownies of yours!” Jake suggested, rubbing his mate’s huge white fluff of a gut. “I’m hungry, how about you?”

“Let’s go!” Toby exclaimed, raising his hands up in joy. He and Jake held hands and left the bathroom, waddling excitedly to their bedroom. As they got there, Toby headed for the plate of brownies on the end of the bed, but Jake stopped him short.

“Hold on, hold on…” he said, holding Toby by the wrist. Toby looked back at him, confused. Jake pointed to the pillows at the top of the bed. “You…go lie down,” he smiled. Toby grinned and kissed Jake on the cheek as he passed him on his way to the other side of the bed. He flopped up as best he could and rolled himself over into place, the bed groaning and morphing under his weight, reclining onto the pillows with his hands behind his head, legs spread, and grinning like a fool.

“What are you up to now, Jakey?” he asked.

“You’ll see, honey, you’ll see…” Jake replied, picking up the two plates of brownies. He hopped up on the foot of the bed and crawled up to the huge fox of his dreams. He placed one plate on Toby’s chest, mere inches away from Toby’s face, and the other to Toby’s side, which sunk down next to the big fox’s gut on the bed. Jake lied down onto Toby and looked him in the eyes, smiling.

“I have a feeling I’m going to like this,” Toby said, chuckling. His laughs sent shockwaves through the bed and gave Jake a soft belly-to-belly jiggle.

“I know you will. Open wide, honey,” Jake said, taking a brownie in his paw rubbing Toby’s belly with the other. “You’re not nearly fat enough yet.” He put the delectable treat into Toby’s mouth, and Toby took a large bite out of it, savoring his own cooking sweetly, chewing the gooey chocolaty goodness slowly, and loving every moment of it. Jake plopped the remains of the brownie into Toby’s waiting maw, and as he did Toby slurped on Jake’s fat paws for a moment, his thick tongue running between Jake’s fingers, making Jake giggle for a minute.

“I still say you taste like my brownies, honey,” Toby teased, smiling.

“Would you say that makes me delicious?” Jake teased back.

“That makes you even more wonderfully yummy than you already are, if that’s possible.”

“Oh Toby, you’re awesome and snuggly and yummy and sweet and all those great things. And just because of that,” Jake reached for another brownie as he kept rubbing Toby’s great gut, “you get another brownie!”

“Yay! Brownies!” Toby giggled. “I love brownies, almost as much as I love my big Jakey.”

Some time later, after all the brownies were gobbled down between the two of them, some sweet smooches had been exchanged for what seemed like hours, and endless snuggles ensued, the two of them were drifting off to sleep in the comfort of their bed.

“That was so fun,” Jake sighed.

“Yeah, the best kind of fun you can have between a couple of fat slobs like us,” Toby smirked as he mindlessly scritched Jake’s back. “I’m so glad I’ve got a sweetie like you, Jakey.”

“I’m lucky to have such a big hunk like you, Toby!”

“Was that a fat joke?”

“Of course, tubby!”

“Hey, watch out, fatso!” Toby said, “I could give you some tickle torture big time right now…”

“Oof, I don’t know if my stuffed gut could handle anything like that, Toby.”

“Yeah, mine too,” Toby chuckled.

“Really, I think I’ll take a long nap and let all of these brownies settle for now…” Jake said as he sighed and reclined onto his pillow.

“Yeah, let’s take a sweet, long nap, fat foxy style…”

“I don’t know how this day could get any better…” Jake said, drifting off.

“Yeah…” Toby started to drift off himself.

Or could it? Toby thought. Ooh, I am a sneaky fox, aren’t I?

He waited until he was sure that Jake was out before he rolled over and reached for the telephone on the desk next to the bed. As he began to dial a number, he looked back to Jake and smiled.
“Oh, this day isn’t over yet, Jakey. Just wait until you see the surprise I’ll have for you when you wake up…”

To Be Continued…