Darkwulf has a cow...

"And the winner of the IFOCE pie-eating contest is... Darkwulf!"

The gathered crowd cheered, and Darkwulf smiled for the cameras. Another competition, another belt. One year on the circuit and he had amassed them all, regularly eating twice as much as any of the human competitors. He was proud of his accomplishment, but it all seemed so easy. As he wandered into the backstage area, a couple of the guys gave him hi-fives before the event organizer walked up to him.

"Good work out there D.W., your presence is really bringing in the big crowds!"

"Thanks Tony, just doing what I love."

Tony, a real schmoozer, chuckled a bit. "So we've got an idea, I think you're going to like it!"

Taking a seat, Darkwulf rubbed over his belly as it gurgled a bit, he was actually still hungry after the competition, he couldn't get enough to fill himself in the ten minute time-limit. "Alrighty, tell me what ya got."

"With the surge in popularity we've been experiencing since you joined the tour, we've finally got enough of a following to do a live pay-per-view. We have respect for all of our athletes, but you're cleary in a class of your own."

Darkwulf smiled and nodded, munching on some candy bars as he waited for Tony to continue.

"So we're going to have a few competitions in one day, but we were hoping you'd be willing to do an exhibition."

Darkwulf swallowed down the candy bar he was chewing on and furrowed his brow at Tony, "An exhibition? What kind of an exhibition? What about my belts?"

"Don't worry, your belts won't be up for grabs, whoever wins the pay-per-view events will just have the next opportunity to challenge you. The exhibition will be of your favorite food, beef."

Darkwulf's belly rumbled a bit, causing him to chuckle as he stroked his bellyfur. "Continue."

"We want to show off your capacity, something that can't really be done in our standard timed tests. So, throughout the event, as the competitions go on, we're going to let you eat all that you can."

"I like the sound of this!"

"I'm glad you're on board. We're going to have a whole cow's worth of beef ready for you. Anyway, I'll mail you the information, just be there!" Tony hurried off to talk to some of the other eaters, and left Darkwulf to consider the prospect.

As the champion eater, he couldn't really turn it down.


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have many events going on tonight with our IFOCE athletes, but the main event is our grand champion, Darkwulf!" The audience roared with approval as Darkwulf made his way out, his 300 pound frame wobbling slightly as he took a seat behind a buffet table.

"He has collected every title we have, so we have arranged a proper challenge for our champion of champions... an entire cow!" The audience gasped at the announcement, as it had been a secret until then, one of the main selling points of the event. "We butchered a 1200 pound Holstein, and we have prepared the resulting 600 pounds of meat into a feast for Darkwulf!" As the announcer finished his sentence, several men in elegant chef attire started rolling out carts filled with hamburgers.

"About 1/3rd of the meat was steakworthy, so the remainder was turned into these 800 fully loaded half-pound hamburgers! The clock begins now DW!"

Darkwulf lunged at the first tray, twenty-five burgers. Grabbing one in each paw, he started stuffing them down, chewing lightly before gulping them down with labored swallows. He glanced at the big timer to his side, trying to do some quick math as he chowed from the stack of burgers. One tray was gone in three minutes, another thirty-one trays would take him at least an hour and a half. And he'd still have to devour the steaks after that.

But he didn't want to let his fans down, so he kept tearing through the burgers, doing his best to ignore the clock for a while. As he chowed down on burger after burger, he developed a system, wasting a minimum of time between swallows. Each one was going down easier as his throat stretched out. He began to think he might just be able to do this.

"One hundred hamburgers in ten minutes ladies and gentlemen! Can he keep up the pace? We'll find out after our other athletes try a hamburger challenge of their own!"

As Darkwulf continued his gorging, he marvelled at his own feasting. He was actually speeding up as he ate more. After the fifth tray was emptied, he tried swallowing a burger whole, and he actually got it down. That cut his per burger time down, allowing him to glut even faster. Twenty minutes later, the stage lights turned up again once the other contest was over.

"Four hundred hamburgers! In one half hour, Darkwulf has eaten four hundred hamburgers! That is one hamburger down into his gullet every 4.5 seconds! He has eaten more burgers in 30 minutes than the twelve competitors combined did in ten! And he's speeding up as he goes!"

As the announcer lauded him, the crowd started chanting his name, encouraging him to eat even faster. He had ten minutes in the spotlight as they setup for the next event, and he did his best to give the audience a show. Taking a peek at the timer, he tried stuffing in two burgers at once. Giving them a quick chew, he gulped them and found it was more efficient to cram in two at a time. The audience roared with approval at his gluttony, and he kept the pace up, grabbing another burger in each paw as he swallowed the ones in his maw.

"Viewers at home, we will now switch over to the hot dog eating contest, featuring former World Champion Kenta Kobayashi, who has come out of retirement for this event! Darkwulf has just two hundred burgers left to go, and we will cut back to this scene when Darkwulf nears completion."

As the lights dimmed around him, Darkwulf kept up his feasting unabated. When the whistle blew to start the hot dog competition, he was down to just six more platters of hamburgers, and he motioned for all of them to be brought to his table. The audience at home was treated to a split screen view, the top half focusing on the hot-dog contest, and the bottom half showing Darkwulf chowing at the platters, no longer picking up the burgers and instead just wrapping his muzzle around three or four at a time. After five more minutes, each and every burger was now part of Darkwulf's massively distended midsection.

With seven minutes left on the hot dog feast, he licked his lips lustfully as he tried to rise to his feet. It took a few tries as he swayed back and forth, but soon he was up onto his paws and waddling towards the other contest, hamburger stuffed belly be damned.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is amazing! Darkwulf is not content to just exhibit his skills, he's going to enter the hot dog contest. He's starting now, but the time limit is already half gone and Kobayashi is on pace to set a personal record, he's already finished 30 hot dogs!"

Darkwulf smiled as they set a big tray in front of him, and he took to task quickly, cramming them in one by one as he got to pace. He ignored the crowd, the announcer, the other competitors and focused on the one thing that mattered to him at that point, eating.

In a minute, he had inhaled as many as Kobayashi had taken down in the first six. Thirty down and another thirty in front of him, he plowed through dog after dog, taking the lead as he plowed through the second platter. Two minutes gone and he had achieved Kobayashi's goal of sixty hot dogs. They brought another platter for him and he plucked just one into his right paw, turning and stroking his belly as he started watching Kobayashi.

For the remaining four minutes of the competition, the human did his best to get up to the mark that Darkwulf had set. With thirty seconds to go he was up to fifty-seven, staring down at the last three in front of him. He took down the buns first after a brief dip in his water cup, then crammed in all three dogs, chewing on them as the timer ticked down the last few seconds. Just before the buzzer went off, Darkwulf put his paws up to his lips and sucked in the hotdog he had been holding for the last four minutes.

The announcer, who had been standing by Kobayashi's side quickly moved back to the wolf. "And your winner with sixty-one hotdogs, DARKWULF!" The crowd erupted with applause, chuckling at the dejected look on Kobayashi's face as he was beaten at the very last second by the gluttonous wolf.

Content with his victory, Darkwulf waddled back to his table, not much heavier from the hotdogs. He actually felt more mobile after giving his belly that four minute break. He grinned as the surface was now covered in 200 pounds of steaks, conveniently deboned. He sat back down in his reinforced seat, greedily tearing into them with reckless abandon.

Backstage the producers panicked a bit. "We still have an hour to go, and he's going to tear through those steaks in 15 minutes at the rate he's been going. What are we going to do?"

Tony stepped up, smiling from ear to ear. "I had a feeling things might end up this way, so I prepared for one more contest. We're going to pit him against the twelve guys from the hamburger contest, the other twelve from the hamburger contest, and twelve guys from the chicken wing contest that just started. Keeping with the cow theme, it'll be all 36 of them against him taking on a frozen custard statue of a cow."

"Tony, you are brilliant! I guess that's why they pay you the big bucks!"

As Darkwulf tore through the pile of steaks, Tony came back on stage to announce the final event. "Ladies and gentlemen, Darkwulf has done gluttony proud today, eating as much meat as your average steakhouse might go through on a busy night. He's exceeded our expectations, but we have one last challenge that might be able to topple him!"

Darkwulf beamed with pride a bit as the crowd cheered, chanting again as they figured nothing could stop him now. He picked up a nice cut of porterhouse into his muzzle as Tony motioned for two carts to be brought out. The steak dropped out of his mouth after the final challenge was unveiled.

"As some of you may know, the IFOCE record for ice-cream eating is just over a gallon in 12 minutes. Well, each cow here has 50 gallons, one for Darkwulf, and another for anyone from the other contests who dares to try it. But, this is pay-per-view. We've gone one step further, this isn't ice cream, it's frozen custard! 11 pounds per gallon as opposed to the 4 pounds in ice cream!"

Darkwulf blinked a few times, starting to get up from his seat in front of the remaining steaks, he was ready for dessert. "Now now DW, no dessert until you finish your meat!"

He grumbled a bit, tearing back into the cuts of beef, eating with a new vigor since he knew there was more to be had after this. He whimpered a bit as the other athletes were allowed to start on the other cow. Soon enough, he swallowed down the last of the filet mignons and had to work harder to get himself up this time. He felt like he weighed a thousand pounds now, which wasn't too far from the truth. He slowly ambled his way over to the cow, lining up face to face with the custard bovine, sighing a little as it was vanilla flavored.

He opened wide and wrapped his muzzle around the nose of the cow, motioning like he was going to swallow the thing whole, just to tease a few of his friends watching the PPV at home. He took a large bit, shearing off the snout of the cow, working the custard around in his maw to soften it up, tail wagging as he realized the custard was rocky road inside, they just covered it in vanilla to make the cow look uniform. He swallowed down the first mouthful, then chomped up the ears as he kept working on the cow's head. He took a moment to peer at the other cow, smiling at the 36 other eaters tearing into the thing with spoons. They had made a few sizeable dents in it, but the less durable challengers already looked pretty tired from their respective contests.

Darkwulf decided to focus on his own cow for a while, he couldn't be upstaged at his own event. With the head gone, he stood on the left side, moving back and forth along the side of beef, working his way down from the top. Each bite was a little larger than his previous effort, but he couldn't go too fast as he didn't want to end up with a headache. Still, the lone voracious wolf was making a mockery of the group's efforts, a third of them had already given up, sitting down away from the cow to rub at their stomachs or temples.

As the custard started to warm from the bright stage lights, Darkwulf grabbed at the still solid legs, carefully letting it fall onto the cart before sucking those in. Now it was just a big pile of rich sweet dessert, and he found that the warmer temperature made it much easier to take down. Soon enough the greedy wolf was licking the cart clean, big paws pushed against the ground as he leaned his muzzle into the remaining cream to slurp it all up.

It took him a while to sit back up, the cart rolled a few times as he tried to steady himself on it. Leaning back on his fat rump, he patted over his belly a few times, letting out a monstrous belch, chuckling afterwards when the audience applauded.

"Well audience, it looks like Darkwulf has succeeded in the greatest challenge yet. The other 36 eaters still have about half of their cow left, and only 6 guys are still working on it. Let's give it up for him!" The crowd roared with approval again, as Darkwulf smiled at the last six and yelled over at them while the crowd kept cheering. They shrugged a bit and lifted up the cart, moving over to DW and tipping the near corner down to his maw, bringing the back half of the cart up. Tony looked back as the crowd got louder again, in time to see Darkwulf downing the rest of the competitor's cow like a big milkshake. He smacked his lips a few times once it was all gone, then flopped onto his back, rubbing at his sides as his arms couldn't even get to the top of his ponderous paunch.

"Wow Darkwulf, you really are an eating machine! Our broadcast time is almost up, do you have anything you'd like to say to the crowd at home?"

He pondered for a second, still in a wave of euphoria as he really felt full for the first time in ages. Eating five times his body weight seemed to have sated his appetite for now. He smiled as they pointed the camera down at his face. "Yes Tony, I'd just like to tell them all to be sure and catch our next event. I promise an even better showing next time!" He grinned widely at the camera, baring his fangs just a bit as he slowly licked his lips.