( Dingdong!)

Liliana ears perk up! "Your pizza's here!"

You say, "Should I get it?"

Valdena giggles and hands you the money, "Sure…you should like the pizza girl" :)

Liliana grabs a fist full of dollars and rushes to the door. She opens it up.

(A shorter mouse girl, mayhap 20 or so is standing there, clad in the pizza company uniform. She squeaks a bit in surprise at the sight of you, because you're a cat, and because she was expecting Val.. "Uhm, Pizza?" )

Valdena waves from behind you and giggles at the girl's reaction, "Hello. I'm back here." :)

Liliana boinks, and quietly steps out of the way.

(The girl's ears perk and she smiles, waving to Val, "Oh, there you are. Your friend scared me." She's about 3 and a half feet tall, if you count her ears. She walks in a little bit, setting the pizza on the table by the door, "So, you going to introduce me?”)

Valdena giggles and gets up, smiling, "Charsie, this is Lili, Lili, this is my little pizza girl." :)

Liliana stares at the back of the pizza girl as she walks over to put the pizzas on the counter. Liliana quickly smiles sweetly as Charsie turns around, but careful not to show teeth.

You say, "Hi Charsie, nice to meet you (very, very nice....)"

Valdena gives Charsie a snug and the mouse giggles, "Your pizza girl, huh? Well,

I am here often enough.. You got the money?" She nods, "Lil? you got the money?"

Liliana nods, "Yeah, um....say Valdena, could you get some drinks for us? I'll....see to Charsie."

= - =

Valdena nods and scritches Charsie's ears a bit, "Okie.." Charsie squeaks, "Well, I can't stay too long now. I have one more delivery and then I'm off." Val bounds off to the kitchen.

Liliana watches Val go off to the kitchen, a feral smile spreading on her lips.....A few minutes later you come back in with drinks, Charsie gone. There are half the pizza boxes empty on the floor and you hear a low moan behind the couch.

Valdena blinkblinks. She sets the drinks down, "Charsie? Lil?" She peeks behind the couch.

Liliana lays on the floor, her belly swollen up like a balloon, "OH! Hey..."

Valdena eeks? "You ate all my pizza!... And did Charsie say if she was coming back after her next delivery?"

Liliana rubs her belly, "Um...I was...>urp<...real hungry. I...ah...don't think Charsie will be coming back tonight. I left you a couple of slices, sorry, I'll pay you back..."

Valdena awws and plops down on the couch, "Darn. I was hoping she would stay a while.. you two would have liked each other."

Liliana is wearing T-shirt and shorts today, by the way. Her belly pushes out from her shirt as she rubs her furry belly. "Oh yeah! I really liked, <hiccup> her!"

Liliana pats her belly, "Wish you'd introduce to more friends of yours like that!"

Valdena leans back over the couch to look at you, blinking lightly, "Uhm.. Like what, Lil?

Liliana giggles, her belly shaking, "Like Charsie, she was really nice! Got to love a friend being, er, I mean, bearing food!"

Valdena blinkblinks again, "Uhm.. Hold on, I'll be right back.." She gets up and heads to the front door.

Liliana sits up and peeks over the top of the couch to the door.

Valdena opens the door and looks out. She comes back and plops down on the couch, looking at you," Ok.. Charsie's car is still here.. Where did she go?"

You whisper, "Ack, I was about to say that I rolled her scooter around the corner." to Valdena.

Valdena whispers, "Ok nevermind that then. :P" to you.

Valdena peeks out the front door and hrmms. She plops down on the couch and hrms at you, "Something is fishy here.."

Liliana grins sweetly. You just can't to stay suspicious at her innocent little smile!

( You get saved by the phone. Ring! )

You say, "Want me to get that?"

Valdena gets up and gets the phone, "hello?....... No, she was here... Yea, I think she left. Why?.... Hmmmm..... Ok....... Sure, I'll be here.... Bye."

Liliana cocks an ear, "What was that about?"

Valdena says, "That was the pizza place.. Charsie's last stop called, upset that they haven't gotten their delivery yet. They're sending their other delivery boy over to see if he can't find her between here and there."

Liliana slinks down behind the couch, "Oh, I'm sure she's just running late, (hehheh)

Valdena shrugs a bit and looks at you," Who knows.." She sits down and starts finishing off the pizza that’s left and her drink.

Liliana chuckles from behind the couch.

Valdena finishes her slice and leans back over the couch, draping her arms over the back and looking down at you, "What are you back here chuckling about? And how did you end up behind the couch anyway?"

You say, "Oh nothing. It's err...comfortable back here. "

Liliana comes around to the front and hops up on the seat across from you.

Valdena hmms, "Sure..." She watches you and hmms at your belly," that’s a big belly for just pizza. I didn't think I had ordered that much.

Liliana sees you looking at her and quickly changes the subject, "So...saw 'friends'?"

Valdena still peers at your belly and shakes her head, finishing her drink, "No.. why?"

Liliana looks about, "Oh nothing, just real funny...." The doorbell rings! You think you saw Liliana whew....

Valdena gets up," Saved by the bell again.." She answers the door, "Oh Hi Scott... Well, she was here, we got our pizza and then I think she left..... Well, I went to get drinks and when I came back her and her scooter were gone, so I guess she left..... Wanna come in for a while?" She steps back and lets Scott in the house. He immediately *squeaks* quietly at the sight of you, and it takes a moment before he looks around at the rest of the house. He's a head taller then Charsie was and a tiny bit on the chunky side, "Scott, this is Lil. Lil, this is Scott, Charsie's boyfriend, and my other pizza delivery mouse." :) Scott blushes a bit.

Liliana waves from the couch, getting a real beam in her eye! "Well hi Scott! So nice to meet you!"

Liliana pats to the couch, "Pull up a seat!"

Valdena gives Scott's ears a scritch and he waves a shy hello. Val asks, "Can I get you anything before you go looking?" and Scott nods, "Sure.. I’m sure she's ok, but her last stop is getting pissed."

Liliana's eyes go wide, "Yeah Val! Get him a drink! I'm sure he must be thirsty. I'll tell Scott what happened when Charsie stopped by..."

Valdena nods," Ok.." Scott tries not to look nervous as Val bounds off to the kitchen again.

Liliana smiles at you as you leave. As you enter the kitchen you hear Liliana say, "So, you want to find Charsie pretty badly, I'm guessing....."

Valdena roots around for what she knows is Scott's favorite drink. Scott nods,' yea.. she's my girlfriend.."

Liliana smiles, glaring in a disturbing manner, "Well, if you really want, I can take you to her....." You come back from the kitchen, drinks on a tray. You almost drop them as you look up. Liliana is on the recliner, leaned back. Her belly has grown way huge as she groans lightly, holding the sides.

Valdena whispers, "Valdena almost imagines the scene: You get Scott  to lean his ear against your belly, only to hear the muffled warnings of his girlfriend, but of course it’s too late. *snarf* :P" to you.

You whisper, "heehee, something like that." to Valdena.

Valdena acks and barely keeps the drinks from getting up close and personal with the floor, "What happened?!"

Liliana hiccups, "Oh um, Scott went off to find Charsie. He, um, went walking, to make sure he didn't miss any sign of her."

Valdena erks, "What happened to your belly?"

Liliana hiccups again, making her belly bounce. She drums her fingers over the top of it, "Oh, he, um, had some extra pizzas, so he gave them to me. Sorry I didn't save you any!"

Valdena hmms and walks over, resting a paw on your tummy, "that must have been a ton of pizzas.."

Liliana's belly feels very tight. She must be digesting them pretty hard, you swear you can feel her tummy grinding. "Yeah, he got a prank call, some guy ordered a dozen pizzas to a non existent address. Some people!"

Valdena slides her paw over your wriggling tummy and erfs, "yea... Well, hopefully he'll find her.."

Liliana chuckles as she scratches her belly, running her fingers through the soft white fur, "Oh, I'm sure he did."

Valdena pats your tummy, "What makes you so sure?"

You say, "Just a feeling."

( The phone rings after a few minutes. )

Valdena rubs your belly and hmms, "Ok... Well, you're not allowed to get up anymore tonight, with that belly you've got. I don't want you hurting yourself, no matter how many more fluke pizzas show up.." She murfs and grabs the phone, "Hello?"

( A voice on the other side says, "Hello, is this the residents of Valdena? This is the pizza parlor, we're looking for a couple of delivery people who are missing." )

Valdena erfs, "A couple? Scott is missing too?"

( "Well, he's probably just looking for Charsie, but there's no harm being too careful. Mind if I stop by to look around? )

Valdena says, "not at all.. come right over."

( "Great, great, I'll be right there. <click>" )

Liliana looks over at you, "What was that about?"

Valdena says, "Scott is MIA too."

Liliana looks so concerned! "Oh no, you don't say! I'm sure he's around, probably right under our noses?"

Valdena hmms and nods, "Right.. under our noses.. Hmm.."

( Ding-dong! )

Valdena pats your belly, "you stay here." She goes and gets the door, "hello...... Sure, come in.."

Liliana giggles quietly as in comes in a squat little chicken, about 2 and half feet tall and about as wide. She waddles in.

Valdena holds the door for the chicken, "I don't believe we've met, Mrs...." The chicken lady squawks, "Vito.. I'm the owneer of the pizzeria.." She's definitely Italian, and is quite 'filled out'. She looks around and Clucks! loudly, quite startled at the sight of the kitten with the huge belly.

Liliana feebly waves, then getting a good look as Mrs. Vito, gets a renewed interest, "Hi, something wrong?"

( Mrs. Vito clucks and regains her composure, staring at your big belly, "Yes.. Two delivery mice have gone missing.." She seems to have an idea of where they went, from the way she's looking at your belly. )

Liliana looks at her, "Oh, excuse me! We ordered a bunch of pizzas. You have some REALLY great delivery!" She leans back, wrapping her arms around her belly, her hands not being able to meet on top, "Really, really good delivery...."

Valdena nodnods and smiles. Mrs. Vito seems a bit proud, "Best pizza in the area.. But anyway, do you have any idea where our two mice went? I saw Scott's car parked out front here.."

Valdena looks over at the chicken," Can I get you anything while you're here and hopefully we can find those two mice.. I hope they aren't hurt. They're my two favorite delivery people.."

Liliana nods, "Yeah, he went walking to Charsie next stop, looking for her. Hey Valdena, I think I hear something in your backyard, maybe that’s them walking back? Why don't you check, I'll fill with, er, I mean fill in Mrs. Vito here."

Valdena whispers, "Valdena technically doesn't have a backyard, because her house is carved into a cave, but she'll let it slip. ;)" to you.

You whisper, "Oops and hopes Valdena won't remember that till she's out of the room." to Valdena.

Valdena whispers, "Valdena chuckles." to you.

Liliana gestures for Mrs. Vito to come close so she can talk to her as you leave the room.

Valdena whispers, "Valdena just plays it like you said front yard, cause she has one of those." to you.

Valdena scampers outside for a moment to see if she can find them.

You whisper, "Okay" to Valdena.

Liliana starts to talk with Mrs. Vito as you leave. You look around the street for a few seconds then here a commotion inside, like a startled 'BaKaw!!!'

Valdena meeps and runs back inside, "What?"

Liliana lies on the floor, the recliner tipped over. Her belly is HUGE. "Ooohh....I think I hurt myself!" she says, as she lays spread eagle on the floor, flat on her back, with a feather sticking out of her mouth. As you wonder just what Liliana has done, you get distracted by the smell of pizza coming from the closet next to the front door. You see a strange little yellow and red triangle sticking out from under the door.

Valdena blinks, especially at the feather. She is to startled to say anything, then gets distracted. She opens up the closet and looks, wondering what that triangle is..

Liliana moans behind you as you look down and see a pile of pizzas that Liliana supposedly had eaten.

Valdena erfs at the pile of pizzas, "Hey! You didn't eat any of those pizzas!"

Liliana ohs behind you, her hands on her mysteriously huge belly. You look carefully and see it moving!

Valdena hops over and holds your belly, "You.... You.... You ate my pizza mice?!"

Liliana groans, rubbing her belly. As you hold her belly, you feel something moving around in there. Then you think you hear something coming from it.

Valdena lays her head against your belly and listens......

( Help!! Get us out of here!! Get us to a hospital!! )

Valdena acks and stares at you, "You... You ate my pizza mice?"

Liliana urps, and looks up at you, "Who, what, me? No, of course....oh! My tummy!"

Liliana groans.

Valdena erfs and pats your belly, "Then why is your belly talking to me!" :P :)

Liliana ooohs. You hear the desperate cries of help.

Valdena calls 911 and tells them to send the semi. :P

Liliana groans on the floor till the medics get there. They hoist her up, and drive off taking you with her. They seem pretty unconcerned. "Don't worry ma'am, this sort of thing happens alot"

Valdena eeeeps and hugs your belly tight as we drive along," It -does-?"

Liliana and you arrive to the hospital, where they take her to a room labeled 'Stomach Extraction' You wait out in the lobby, till the doctor comes out, escorting Scott, Charsie, and Mrs. Vito. They glare at you as they leave. The doctor comes to you and says, "Your friend is resting in recovery, you can go in to see her if you like."

Valdena blushes and sighs, thinking she'll never get pizza again in her life now. She storms in on you.

Liliana lays on the bed, looking miserable. Her belly has gone back to normal, actually it looks pretty sunken in. She sees you barge in and lowers her eyes, biting her lip in shame.

Valdena sighs as the sight of you so pathetic steals her gusto, "I'm never going to get pizza from them again, you know that?"

Liliana nods quietly (though technically, she didn't get any pizza) "I'm sorry" she says in a little, teeny, tiny voice. "I'll never do it again, I promise!"

Valdena crosses her arms and hmfs, "Yea.. cause those two will never deliver to me again.." :P

Liliana whimpers, "I'm sorry, I'll be better, I swear!"

Valdena sits at your side and sighs, "Ok ok.."

You say, "I'll never, never, never, do that again, I promise."

Valdena gets up, "I'm gonna go try to convince them not to hate me for this.." She leaves the room with a sigh, trying to hunt down the mouse couple.

( Just then a matronly looking goose nurse comes walking in with a tray of Jell-O. "Sorry ma'am, got to feed her and put her to bed, you'll need to leave." )

Valdena nods and doesn't even think about the obvious... ;P She steps out, hunting for (ex)friends.

Liliana feels so ashamed for letting Valdena down. She promises to herself, "I'll never eat anyone again! I can't have disappoint her again!!" She watches as the smiling nurse comes in, putting a tray of Jell-O on Lili's lap, "There you go missy, eat up" Liliana looks down, with a disgusted look on her face as the nurse goes to the foot of her bed, her back turned to her as she straightens some things on a table. Liliana smiles wickedly, and gathers herself into a crouch and springs!!!


You say, "Heehee, what'd you think?"

Valdena heeheeheees.

Valdena says, "you are SILLY. and I gotta go. :)"

You say, "Bye!!!"

You hug Valdena!


Y'all come back now, y'hear?