Dirty Little Secret

By Vaelen

In the rush of a full day, Lexin had forgotten to eat a single thing as she prepared for her date.  Her apron covered in flour and an assortment of other dishes had been taking the brunt of her mess.  Her hair a mess, she didn't even think to flop her long rabbit ears back behind her head.  It was a date she didn't feel ready for.  Deep down she let herself starve.  It was to be her first time ever dating someone from online.   She had tried before, offline, but unfortunately she never found the right kind of love.  With a deep sigh, she hoped everything would be right this time.  She wanted someone who could fill her needs, someone to share that dream.  She had been trying for a while and nearly gave up, till she got a reply from that online dating service.  It was going to be different to say the least, but she had always wanting to try new things.
As she wiped the bit of mashed potatoes from her forhead, looking about the food.  A mix between veggies and turkey as well, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and the works.  A small Thanksgiving dinner.
"He did say he was a big eater." Lexin said as looked upon the feast. She hoped there was enough to please.  She took a step back and began to shuffle the food to the kitchen table.  Making every right, seating.  She wanted to impress him the most, maybe he was the on.  She removed her apron revealing her small porky belly that hang out below her gray shirt. She began to drool thinking about how wonderful the meal was going to be just as the doorbell rang.
"That must be him!" She thought as she tossed the apron aside and brushed her white fur clean. "Just a Moment, I'm coming!"
She hopped to the door, her heart nervous.  She brushed her ears back again revealing her eyes as she gazed upon another female? She was taken aback for a moment, as she looked out the door.  There a brown bunny-anthro with washed denim jeans and patches of white fair sparkled along her coat.  Lexin only blinked when the guest spoke up.
"Lexin?" the other cat asked, "It's me.. Sasong!"
"Arn't you suppose to be ...a guy?"
"No, not that I know of." Sasong just smiled back. Lexin just felt even more confused how perfect love matches, and online, were so overrated. "May I come in?" Lexin showed her in anyway, not to be rude.
"Oh my, is that what I think it is?" Sasong sniffled the air with her button nose. "It does smell good." She took her seat and waited as Lexin to take hers.
"The dating service said you were a guy..." Lexin said as she sat down across from her date.
"Then there must of been an error or something.  You are Lexin, 'looking for someone who's willing to try new things and loves to eat', right?"  She glanced about the food, asked, then began to eat away as she filled her plate.  "I'm all that. Besides, I'm not disappointed."  She began to stuff her mouth and chewed, and gulped it down as much as she could.
"I guess..." she watched Sasong beginning to pig, her ears wagging about, her mouth full, chewing, then another large gulp.  "Wow, you really like my cooking, don't you?"
"Oh yes!  I haven't had a good meal in a long while!"
Lexin shook her head, "neither have I."
"Then why don't you have some?"
"well.. I cook-"
"aww, come one.."   Sasong leaned forward across the table, handing over a spoonful. Lexin looked over it and turned red.
"I'm not comfortable eating my own cooking-"
"But you made so much..."
"I didn't know how much you ate!"  Lexin let out a sigh, looked down to her hands that cupped together in her lap.
"It's OKAY, really" Sasong said cheerfully.  "You sure you won't have some?"
"Erm, maybe later." Lexin replied before turning her head back.  Sasong's spoon waved about closer to her mouth.  Lexin licked the spoon clean. "...there."
Sasong smiled a little more, her cheeks a little tubby.  She went back to eating, another mouth full here, another there, she gave up the small spoon and took the serving utencil.  She stopped for a moment, urped, then rubbed her belly feeling the food floating about.  It was delicious, she wanted more and there was more.  She looked up from the table and to Lexin again who was shy. "What's the matter? I love your cooking!"
"It's not that." Lexin looked back, her right ear dangled in front of her eye. "you're nice and all, but it feels weird.  I never... Well, you are the first girl I've been with."
"Heh, you wanted someon' adventurous, didn't you?  Bring a little exceitment, to try new things..." She stuffed the spoon in her mouth, licking the spoon clean, and savoring the food in her mouth.  She murred to it, before swallowing.  Another compliment slipped off her tounge.  Lexin could see Sasong's belly peaking out from under her shirt, another bite or two.
"I'm sorry."
"It's like I lied to you, keeping my gender a secret like that."
"It's ok...." Lexin looked to the floor, ashamed to hear it.
"...I want to make it up to you, you know."
"Y-you do?" her ears perked.
"Why yes, you cooked this wonderful meal and you've let me have so much."
Lexin smiled.  She grabbed the cranberries and walked around the table to her friend.  Taking the spoon in hand, she took a large chunk from the pile. "Then I wish you would eat.  Eat it, all.  I love it when someone can't stop eating my cooking." Sasong hesitanted, then she opened her mouth and let the white hair feed her.  Another spoonful, down the hatchet. 
Before taking another bite, Sasong stopped her for a moment and unzipped her pants. "It's going to get a little tight, but I'm for it."
Sasong went back to eating and Lexin couldn't stop to help more.  The serving plates diappeared, the food gone.  Slowly, Sasong's belly began to swell it it became nice and round.  Her cheeks filled out more, her shirt, slipped up her belly to her chest and now her pants slinked off exposing her in her underpants.  Each bite, Sasong murred louder and rubbed her belly and Lexin loved it.  By the last bite, the table was cluttered with dishes, towering.  Sasong's brown fur streached out long enough, round and lushious.  Sasong couldn't help but rub her paws over it, trying to keep it still.
"Full?" Lexin asked as she looked to her bountiful bunny.
"Stuffed!" Sasong said, moving her hands away from her mouth. "I don't think I could eat another bite."
"Tired?" Lexin asked.
"...yes," Sasong's eye lids fell heavy.  Lexin helped her to her feet, moving her across the room and down the hall to the white bunny's room. "Oh I couldn't"
"Heh, you're in no condition to drive.  I couldn't let you leave.  Please, spend the night." Lexin replied, moving her to the  soft, large pillows.  Sasong murred as she crashed in.  her belly jiggled and glurped, full.  Holding it's own.  Lexin looked over her.
"...I'm glad I could fulfill your wish..."
"Almost... your not the only one to keep a secret."
Sasong too tired to smile as if she understood, trying to get comfortable in the bed.  Her belly jiggled as she squirmed.  As soon as she was comfortable, she looked back to Lexin.  "...secret?"
Lexin placed on hand over Sasong's belly, "There is a reason I don't eat my own cooking, Sasong.  I expect my prey to first."  Sasong wanted to jump and run for it, but her belly weighed her back, forcing her back on the soft cushions of the bed.
"It's easier if the meal is too tired to move.  Besides I like trying new things as well.  You'll be the first female I've ever had." Lexin drooled as she looked over her date's stuffed belly.  She quickly moved her mouth towards Sasong's feet, opened her mouth and licked Sasong's legs.  Too tired, Sasong closed her eyes.  Trying to keep herself awake long enough, but only watched and felt Lexin's mouth wrap around her toes, then her legs.  Sasong couldn't watch anymore, she closed her eyes and pretending this was nothing more than a bad dream.  Bit by bit, little by little, Sasong began to disappear into Lexin's mouth.  Lexin tried her hardest, opening her mouth as wide as she could, squeezing  Sasong's bloated belly around her lips and then into her mouth.  Down her throat, Sasong slowly slide, inch by inch.  Until Lexin's little buldy belly began to expand enourmously.  With a little slurp, Sasong's brown haired ears disappeared into Lexin's mouth.  Lexin swallowed as much as she could, savoring the beautifly fat and tasty, helpless date that now made her way down her throat and coming to a stop in her belly.  Her gray shirt eventually tore in half and her breasts hung out.  Lexin arched over on all fours, panting, her belly falling out and now massively plopping on the bed. Lexin moved on of her arms, and petted it.  She let out a sigh then forced herself on her back, slinking on the soft puffy cushions, ready for a long nap.  She snuggled in, rubbing her belly some more now.  Trying to make it feel better after forcing down that meal.  It looked like a small hill had shaped suddenly. "There, there... relax.  You were better than the food I made.  Next time, I'll order another female bunny online from that 'dating' service."