“Double or Nothing”


By Forte


My first story written about a fat fur.  I hope you guys like it.  If you do, give me a ring on my Yahoo IM Forte_the_Dragon.  If not....well.....just don’t send me hate mail.  This is more or less a test story to see if I can actually do a fat fur story right, because my drawing sure needs work, so the story IS a little lack luster to my norm....And feel free to tell me my puns are terrible, I need criticism to find out what to fix. Oh and a good thanks to Chris Sohma who helped finish it due to my lack of time.


            Pelementa University.  Pelementa U.  Good ol’ P.U.  Yeah, jokes aside, the college had the lion’s share of excelling high achievers and athletes.  And speaking of athletes, we turn to Jason Reid, the B.F.C.  Big Fur on Campus.  At 270 pounds of pure muscle, and standing a good 7'1", not many questioned this lion’s dominance on top of the “food chain” of the sports.  Football, basketball, wrestling... and that brings us to the hot item of that winter season, a wrestling competition between P.U. and Hawkvard, quite an anticipated event by many, but especially by her...


            Alicia Crawford, the hottest vixen on campus according to the male half of the student body. Well at least most of them.  Alicia was known as Jason’s girl.  Though there was one brave, though foolish otter...




            5'9", and a little chubby at 205 pounds, Daniel wasn’t exactly an otter’s answer to Furcules, but he did have brains.  And if he could get his computer to stop locking up, he would have a cute girl too, and drag down Jason’s reputation.  Daniel typed away on the ancient relic of the computer world, stopping to sip from a Mr. Slushie cup, getting a tail cramp from sitting so long.  He got up, working the cramp out, and saved his work so far, deciding to review his book of Magic tricks....


            “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT SHRIMP’S CALLING ME OUT!?” Jason yelped between classes.


            Jason’s gator pal Chaz cringed.


            “He said he wants to talk to you in the pool area about a bet.”


            Jason growled, annoyed.


            “Fine, let’s see what the dope wants, but it’d better be short.  I need to practice for the wrestling competition in 3 days.”


            “Better not over do it.  You’re already about 5 pounds shy of the super heavy weight class weight limit.”


            Jason stomped off, tail twitching angrily as he entered the pool room, already a small crowd, Alicia included, near Daniel, who had a table with a cloth over it near him, and a box on the table.


            “What’s this about Twiggy?”


            Daniel grinned, and chortled to himself.


            “A simple bet.  Winner calls their prize on victory.  I bet I can lift this box, and you can’t.”


            Jason blinked, then roared in laughter, as did several others.


            “Okay, fine!” Jason growled as he grabbed the box by the handle it had, and pulled hard.


            He yelped, about wretching his arm out of it’s socket, and grunted.


            “What the...?”


            He tried again, with both arms, turning red in the face, his biceps straining, and his feet sliding slowly on the tiled floor.  The others were shocked, except Daniel.




            Jason was right.  Something did give.  His fingers, before he fell flat on his back.


            “Argh!  Did you super-glue that thing to the table or something?”


            “Nope.” Daniel replied.


            Daniel ambled over to the table, and with one hand, removed the box from the table.  Jason was stunned, and stammering.  Alicia and the others in the group blinked, except the snake.


            “Now, my prize...” Daniel said grinning, opening the box, and holding up a small vial of strange fluid, handing it to Jason.


            “What the?”


            “Drink it, that’s all I want from the bet.”


            “What is this, poison?” Jason growled.


            “Not at all, I swear that you’ll still be able to walk into the gymnasium come Saturday if you drink it or not.”


            Jason blinked, then uncorked it, and downed it, grimacing.


            “BLEAUGH!  You wanted me to drink urine flavored crap!?!” Jason griped.


            “Oh no, I wanted you to double your weight before Saturday.”


            Jason, and the others stared at Daniel, confused.


            “Are you crazy?  Someone call the white coa-“


            The racoon was interrupted by what sounded like thunder.  Jason was holding his stomach.




            Jason ran out of the room, for the cafeteria buffet.  Daniel chuckled, pulling the sheet off the table.  Under the table was a very large magnet, attached to a 500 pound mechanism, with an on/off switch on the side.  The students wondered what Daniel was doing until he started pushing the table out, which turned out to have wheels under that sheet.


            “Hey!  You cheated!” a tiger shouted.


            “Nope.  I didn’t say there wasn’t a catch.” Daniel replied, as he carted the table out of the campus....


            That night Jason seemed to be stuffing his thin muscular face as if he hadn’t eaten in a month. He ordered a large pizza and stuffed that down his gullet within 15 minutes… He then ordered two then three then 5 more. By the end of the night he had consumed 16 pizzas before exhaustion took over and he fell asleep on the couch.


He was awoken the next by his stomach loudly growling. “Oh god not again.” He ran to the fridge his belging belly swinging from side to side. Checking inside he had 3 full gallons of milk left and one half of one. He was a lion, what did you expect?


He quickly starts to down all four, belching after each one. “So fulll…" he groans as he walks slowly to a recliner. Looking to the side he stared. His featured seemed softer then normal. “that’s o…” Suddenly his belly growled again. “I’m going to murder that pipsqueak” he moans as he races towards the kitchen again.


That night he had went on his pizza ordering spree again. This time decided to just call the 16 pizzas. Will a belly bulging he cursed aftetr consuming them, having to order another 4 before he once again passed out in exhaustion from the feast. 


He woke up once again to the growling of that stomach. “maim…stupid…rat…” he murmured getting out of bed. As he passed the mirror he stoped, mouth wide. “HOLY!!!” His bloated belly was the least of his concerns. He no longer looked muscled as before for a layer of fat had encased his body looking like a ex-jock. Even his belly wasn’t as bloated as it seemed a thick layer of fat encasing it as love handles semed to spout overnight. “I’m, I’m…” His stomach growled again. “No..come on…I’ve fed you...” It growled louder, hunger taking him over as he waddles quickly to his sports car, having to adjust his seat back as he drove to the nearest Fur Donalds.


He waddled in, belly swaying in embarassment to Jason. He ordered 9 meals then quickly sat down, eating all that and having to go back to order 7 more. He hardly noticed the crowd of furs gathered arround him, looking in intrigue and disgust as this lard fur kept eating. When he finally finished, he produced a larged belch and scratched his belly. That’s when he noticed the crowd to his chagrin and then the worst thing happened. Alicia just entered with some female furieds. Getting up as fast as his bulk would let him.


Alicia was chatting when she heard the words of one of her friends. “Look at at fatso move. She turned arround just to see the image of a fat fur enter a car and speed off. “Jason…?”


Jason got home. “Oh my god I could have been seen, she can’t see me like this. It’s wrong!!! Whatever that rat did increased my appetite and lowered my metabolism substantially. Damn water rat. When I see him I’m…” He waddles across the mirror and stops in fear. His old self has been completely over run by fat. Not even the slightlest vestigest of his former muscled self could be seen. He was over taken by fat, his belly drooping over his thighs. A triple chin was forming as well and he just wanted to cry.


He sat down, on  the verge of defeat. “I’m just one fat ugly tub of lard.” He whines, his hand on his belly. He rubs it a bit and and for some reason he started to purr. He quickly stopped himself. “What on…” He startd runing his bloated belly again, feeling the rolls and now large love handles. His purr begins again and he soon begins to forget all the bad things and nods off. 


He woke up later as usual, his belly groaned. Unluckily though he stood in horror as his clothes seemed to have ripped off him. “Damn…” Waddling his fat lion butt to closet he gets out that largest, strechiest pair of sweat pants and shirt he could find and they fit as though they had shrunk a few times in the wash. His large belly flopping over the waist band as rolls of flesh can be seen.


            Waddling over to his car he had to move the seat back all the way and even then his belly almost touched the wheel. “Damn car…” He raced over to the nearest all you can eat buffet. It was his most memorable feast was after the bet, where he ate the entire buffet in a frenzy, gulping down pizza, chicken, salad, noodles, and whatever else he could reach.  By the time he was done, his stomach was so swollen and heavy, he couldn’t move.  He had put his hands on it to see if it was real...it was, and he moaned. It was strangely enjoyable as well as painful. By now his clothes seemed like they belonged more on a doll then him. He actually slept there the whole night, exhausted. 


            Jason groaned as he hauled his bloated form to his dorm on Friday.  At this point, he was 500 pounds of fat, bloated fur. His clothes had since ripped off so he had to get out of there before there was an indecency charge, not that you could see anything with that bugling jiggling gut in the way anywas. Looking in the mirror he sighed. He was gigantic, rolls of fat fell every where, he no longer had a neck, just one massive series of fatty chins. His one smooth face would put a pigs to shame. He wanted to sleep, as he lied down, rubbing his swollen stomach...but he smelled food.  He also heard his door.




            Jason blinked.  He knew who it was.


            “Alicia?” He groaned.


            She was standing ther smiling with a large cart of food and what looks like a few shirts and pants.


            He shortly felt her hands on his stomach.  He moaned a little, and she let go, putting her hands back, touching lightly.


            “How are you feeling?”


            “Like I’ll pop...what are you doing here?”


            “I....well....thought you could use company....”


            “All I know is I’m a laughing stock because of this.  What the hell’d that rat do to me?”




            Jason’s eyes went wide briefly, then closed, and he purred, as Alicia kept him company and well fed night night long...


            Daniel was waiting by the gymnasium entrance Saturday night, chuckling.  He wanted to see the effects of his weight gaining cocktail on Jason in three days, and to see Jason’s reputation plummet like a rock.  He gasped when he saw Jason escorting Alicia...


            “Ack!  What the...why are you with that blimp?”


            Jason growled, about to yell at Daniel, when Alicia answered...


            “I happen to like him like this.  I was too afraid to mention that he was too hard to sleep with before, but you actually made us both happy.” She answered, pating her fat boyfriends generous paunch which made Daniel turn pale. “Doesn’t he have the cutest cheeks?”


            “Right, and I like how it feels to.  I never spent a better night than last night.  Anyway, let’s go see the others, without me in this, the other guys actually have a chance.”


            Jason and Alicia entered the gym, leaving a confused and hurt Daniel. Jason did pop his head out. “By the way, thanks for cheating, never would have found this out if you hadn’t used that contraction. I’m not just some dumb jock you know, I am in the medical field. And if your wondering…540. I’m twice the fur to love for my sweet pea.” He winks and smirks waddling back in, chins swaying.


            “...crud....how did this happen?”


            Daniel sighed, then had another idea...


            “I wonder if I could get her attention if I took a double dose to what Jason took...”