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Dramatis Personae
An anthropormorphic mousegirl, with dreams and aspirations of soaring to greater heights the best way she knows how: By devouring anything edible in sight.  
Quote: *CRUNCH* *GOBBLE* *GULP* "Hm?"

(In his First Appearance Ever)
Al Azrhed Khemie (IE: Alchemy, or Al.):
A tiefling youth of enormous creativity and charisma, as skilled in the semi-mystical, Psuedo-scientic art of alchemy as intuitively as certain youths are skilled in using the computer.  Possesses a tremendous fondness for Eleanor, and with his Alchemical knowledge helps her possess such this night.  
Quote: ^)_^ How does one fly? You could jump and miss the ground...or you could drink this for four bucks!

Obvious Candyman Cameo, and associated Tourists of his Factory:
An obviously infamous candyman with Alchemical techniques that would scare even Al Kimmie. ^)_^. THe man is wanted for crimes against humanity by causing mass destruction to the teeth and enamel of the entire juvenile populations of the world!
The tourists are just people who won a contest and had the fortune (err..misfortune. Depends on the Violet One) to meddle with untested candies.

Those who find a plot will be shot.
Those who find the chunky female form to be virtually unattractive should best leave.
There are things in here man was not mean to know, on paragraph 5: Flee!
The following fanfic also depicts cuddlings and graphic descriptions of flabby guts and giantesses, Parental Discretion is Advised.
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     Eleanor KNEW she was a big girl.  Hell, no matter who says so, no one cannot at least look in the mirror even once in their lives.

Eleanor KNEW she was a big girl: After all, everyone she met in her daily life told her so.  The endless fat jokes coming from students, co-workers at McPluto's, and playful teases and jests from friends.

Eleanor KNEW she was a big girl: And she loved every minute of knowing so.

There are a branch of individuals who find such beauty in opposite mates who are vastly overweight, or at least over the borderline.  If such people exist, mathematically speaking there should be some people who appreciate, and even wish to aggravate, their current weight status. People who see that they are either painfully slvete, or who see such in others and society about them and loathe it..regardless, they wish of all things to be fat, and become fatter.

Eleanor KNEW she was a big girl: And wanted to make herself bigger.

Who knew she could find her dreams in the least likely of people she would ever date?

As an anthropormorphic mouse, it is safe to assume her parents were also.  Her mother was the physical embodiment of the term: Conservative.  All who lived in the house had to adhere to a strict tenement of rules engraved by a contracted scryer-fore-fire on the front door.

Her father was probably the reason she had such a weight problem: His love of life and love, his hedonistic attitude towards food, all drifted and warped her puny little mind into such a style.  She has and always will have a healthy skepticism with anything labelled CARB FREE, FAT-FREE, LIGHT, or LITE.

She was the biggest even above her standards: At 250 lbs. she was one big mousie!  She was an anthropomorphic mouse girl, at 5'and 01", she seemed fairly of medicocre heigh for her race.  Her rotund tummy seemed large enough to contain a person of 3', curled up, within her own tummy.  Her breasts of a fair size for her height and weight difference: barelyapproaching the DD range.  Her curvacious rump made more so curvier in her eating habits, more so revealing in her casual jeans and sweater.  Her sweater, purchased custom made from her movthers' requests, was designed to cover as much of her body as possible without A)Showing skin and B) to hide as much of her daughters' end result of overconsumption as all possible.
To help as much as possible with this, she purchased sneakers designed and engineered to hold her impossible weight for one of her ilk without causing discomfort to her feet.  Her Phoenix Stonewashed jeans were also engineered with the crucial tail flap so that anyone with a tail could wear them Impune de lessacait.  These days with anthropomorphic animal beings and other hominids on the rise, it payed to design clothing that catered to such.  Her ample body filled her clothing nicely, her hair tyed in a conservative bun, circular ears actually accentuating her round face and hairstyle.  She was busy rummaging through her locker, through the truckloads of paper wrappers both untouched and finished, to find her History Book.  It was as she dropped her damnable text and reached to pick it up that HE came along...

It was of a race that was although uncommon became quite a respectful minority in its own right.  If it wasn't obvious through his natural fiery red hair colouring, slitted yellow eyes, and semi-scaly looking hands cannily clad in gloves made to suit his uniform..well...the obvious aura of charm he emanated would have been enough to divulge the fact he was a Tiefling.

Tieflings, naturally, are the end result of an unwilling (although as minds become broadened, more willingness happens) coupling of a demon(ess) and a human.  The result is a half-human with a ridiculously slowed aging rate, and a smattering of abilities that differ from childe to childe.

This one was the new transfer student that everyone seemed to talk about: The one whose parents had to move here due to work.  

His mother, according to rumours, was a succubus which had relocated to the Earthen plane from the plane of fire to seek a better use of her talents as a muse.  She had impeccable tastes in music and art, and used such to find a niche quite nicely as an Advertising Executive.  Her skills had lead to such interesting money-making commercials as the various Coca-Cola fads and the KFC (krunchy fried churros, spaz!) fads.  And although she denies it, she had a hand in creating the dreaded "Pepsi-Girl" by endowing an ordinary girl with the power to manipulate her voice.

His father was a human, pure and simple.  However rumours, dirty ones, concerned him.  Some said his father was simply used as a breeding vessel to help his mother concieve, and he himself was gobbled up by the hungry succubus.  Although proof was unsubstantianted, and some even claimed he hoppped aboard the nearest was quite clear his father was not exactly a presence in how he lived his life. Eerier rumours persist that it was possible his father was a willing vorephille.

This guy with his natural aura of charm could easily be placed in one of the top-ten hunkiest guys in school catagory with no special help from others.  But one thing merely kept him as a target of hushed whispers: He was a scholar.  He came to school to learn, came to school to read, to write, and give his all to the art clubs, his passion.

This amazing hunk was helping her with her book, with crumbs filling its pages and its cover.  He seemed odd, able to stand out in a crowd even without his aura.  Long fiery red hair, so brilliant one could scald themselves just curling it about their finger.  It was long, much of it kept in a ponytail, much of it falling or threatening to fall into, his eyes. Two lurid orbs of yellow, slitted black in between, motes of dark floating in yellow...Slim frame reading glasses atop his small nose, a smile on his lips, calm, soothing.  He wore a simple white tee-shirt, black vest, gloves over his hands, leather bike type with fingertips cut away.  No doubt hiding as much of his tiefling nature as all humanely possible.  Eleanor had that feeling of hiding sometimes, but at others longed to flaunt as much of her inner nature as possible.  Blue jeans, sneakers finished his ensemble, along with a small satchel of books.  His gaze flicked over her body a moment as he helped her with her book, dusting off the cover with a slender, gloved hand.  His body shape fitted his clothing perfectly: Lithe, limber, yet not painfully and skeletally slender.

"Hmph.  History? Such a wonderful book to be covered with crumbs in your locker." he said.  His voice carrying as much charm as his aura possessed, honeyed words seemingly clipped and polished with the accent of west about it.

Eleanor blushed, even amidst the brown of her furry skin it was clear she was more than adequately aroused at his presence.  "Well, I didn't think I would need at first until now.  History your favorite subject?" The small talk all on her mind right now, aside from the fact she wished lunch would come very soon. She tried her damndest not to stammer at all.

He smiled softly, nodding sagely. "History is among my favorites.  Would you like some help in your studies?"  He said as he handed her book back to her...

Her heart leapt into her throat: HE wanted to help her? "Umm..s...sure! What time?"

"7:00, after my art club meeting.  Be there..."

And they were...each helping the other in areas they had trouble in.  Eleanor helped him study for math midterms, and he anything basically that required the written word and the creative mind.  They each found they had a fondness for one another, each since they knew of each other arriving at school...It was not until their first dinner-date on the town that they would find they shared a mutual fetish as well...

Eleanor was more than surprised that HE was at the dinner table, waving her over.  Despite the place being a slightly more than casual affair, he was dressed in his usual attire, save for the white tee being replaced with one of a navy hue.  Eleanor was dressed in her usuals as well, save for an elaborate sweater her mother had made for her in her spare time.

"Was it ok..I dress like this in such a resturant?" She said as she was about to pull the chair out..but he had beat her to it, helpingher be seated comfortably.  He was sucha gentleman ^_^''''.  

"As long as someone pays for their expensive food, they won't care if we dress in elaborate clown suits. Now...I had already ordered..." He had sat down, just raptly staring at her in attention.

She blinked..canting her head to the side in confusion. "What? do you know what I want?"  He shook his head, smiling brightly as much as his yellowed eyes shined in the light. "I ordered as much of everything as I possibly could.  I know we share something..deep...Eleanor.  You wish to become fatter. Tonight, the wish shalt come true.  Here...." He produced from his person a small phial, the type that is normally the cartridge for a vaccination gun.  He tossed it to her, delighted her reflexes were adequate despite her overabundant frame as she caught it.

She stared at the weird neon green was like those neon signs, but in liquid form instead of gas. She blushed as he mentionedher fondest desire. " aren't,...grossed out at my fondest desire?"  He shook his head, placing it on his hands, he had removed his gloves, the palms and backs a slight mottled, pebbly scaly appearance, from just above the wrist, up to his fingers, all his hands were as they are with tieflings.  It was, symbolically, to show that they both had nothing to hide.  "I had heard of such as we talked...and to tell teh truth..I admire the plumper female form.  Tonight I shall grant your wish, and with enough food help you reach such.  Keep in mind that..." His eyes quickly darted about, out of the daze, watching her discard the now emtptied phial. "What did you just do?"  he asked nervously.

She belched, giggling, licking her lips. "Drank your potion.  Tastes like Lime Soda!"  He groaned, shaking his head....then thought better of it. "Never mind. A single drop was what was really needed, but you cannot grow TOO Big with not enough food nohow.  By all means, eat up." he had noticed the line of three waiters approach the table, laying before the ecstatic Eleanor a variety of dishes of various meats, starchy vegetables, and delicious sauces.  Filet Mignon, Roasted beefs and poultries, savory sausage sanwhiches.  "The capstone of this meal will be served later, ma belle." The waiter smiled and bowed, Eleanor being the best customer this resturant could ever have in.

With the manic gusto of a person stranded in the dessert and starved for a week, she ate.  Entire plates were liteally tipped of their contents to fill her mouth, three or four chews and thence sent down her gullet.  Her cheeks practically bulged as she struggled to take in the tastes and scents of the food, her front teeth making quick work of anything too durable for mere molars to chew.

Eleanor sat back, sated, her belly tight with food, not at all yielding to the experimental pokes and prods ofher insanely loving new boyfriend. "Impossible...yet probable." ^)_^''''  Her sweater hug her tummy tightly, strain was not yet evident, hands of boy and girl across its surface. "Its amazing, Ellie...we can try for more if yuo want...?"

Amazingly, though she hurt like the dickens having eaten so much..she felt hungrier...She nodded, sitting up, belly heaving as she had adjusted her seating position. "I'm ready...fill me!" She opened her maw, it was her boyfriends turn now...And the final course brought: Dessert.  It consisted of a large tub of icecream: Quite literally a tub.  Contracts were made to insure a large Victorian-Era bathtub was taken from part of the hotel this resturant was attatched to.  It was properly cleansed and sterilized, refitted with coolants, and filled to five feet over its top with ice cream, whipping cream, chocolate sauce, cherries, vanilla wafers, and a pinch of pure cane sugar over its top for good measure. If her eyes were capapble of bugging out in such a manner, they would literally be bigger than her stomach: SHe could not believe such preperations were made! She looked at her new boyfriend in a favorable light ashe began to gently ease every large bite into her maw. At times between bites he would play around, making airplane noises and dodging her mouth artfully before she snapped up each spoonfull.  Halfway through the confection her belly started to groan, quite clealry full, and Eleanor took on a pained, glazed expression.  Her sweater even now was starting to strain, her immensely tight and soft belly peeking between where her sweater ended and her jeans began.  She burped lightly, and an audible CRICK was was clear her button had popped, fabric and metal snapping. Her belly oozed into view, a larger gap between now unbuttoned jeans and sweater: at least 15 inches of space, brown fur and a nice outie proudly shown. Her zipper even started to unzip itself gradually, emtpy space between now showing she had some sense of humour: Purplish panties shown between the unzippered space.

Despite such, she was only hungrier! She felt like she could never eat again, teh cold ice cream very well felt inside her stomach, already congealing into the soup the rest of the food made...her belly emitted such groanings and sloshings as not one has ever heard...but she felt that all-familiar of hunger.  She didn't just want food..she NEEEDED it.  With renewed mania she took the spoon from her boyfriends' hand, and tossed it aside, burrowing her face into the large confection, tipping the tub backwards.  Before the astonished eyes of others, she had guzzled the entire thing: wafers, creams, sauce...until nothing was left but the slush and drizzle lining the tub.  She groaned falling backwards, chair giving up the ghost as it snapped.  Her belly rose a good ten feeet above her, sweater riding above its apex, it heaved and wobbled as she struggled to breath, having to resort to puppy like gasping to draw in oxygen.  the slight purple of her panties seen below it, legs not altogether stubby...She then got to her feet, staggering some as her gargantuan gut tried its best to bey gravity. She looked down, seeing nothing but her purple shirt and a large amount of her own brown belly...absolutely gravid...she was stunned, to say the least, and looked quizically around for her boy-toy.

"What is this? How could I have gained HEIGHT?"

She felt a scrambling across her tummy, the nimble tiefling clambering atop it, depsite its and her own graonings for him to get off lest she explode.  He met her face, kissing her grease and sauce coated mouth gently. "It was the best way to help you dear: In order to help with weight, I also had to increase height. The more weight you gain, your height proportionately increases in tandem. " He blushed, and kissed her deep, tongue mingling with her satisfied own, she wrapped her meaty arms about him, now straining against the stained sweater. He pulled back, smiling languidly. "Lets have a night on the town: eat...the potion will let you eat anything you can, strength and durability are increased with height also.  Let us take the town...and let us live your dream..."

She looked inward: Seeing possiblities beyond this resturant...the way to the bakeries opened itsel fin her head, always having a dream of stuffing herself silly with the foods there...and that weird candy factory with the orange workers...

She smiled, and padded out from the rubble, the resturant easily parting before her strong arms, sweater ripping in places where PVC and other sharp pipings had torn into it. Yet amazingly, not a hair was misplaced on her own body.  She sighed ruefully, and trudged the enormous factory of glittering lights and enormous smokestacks...The now-tiny-Tiefling safely nestled close to her, sitting atop her shoulder...

Meanwhile..inside the factory...

"I STILL Don't see why we had to sign that event of accidents? What kind of Accidents?"  The girl in the red velour, snobby as her nature, was also inquisitive.  Not nearly as such as the other, pudgier girl in blue velvet, chewing and smacking her worn out Hubba Bubbleyuma as if it were chewing Tobacco.  "Yeash, and Where is the secret Gum I heard about?"

Due to the factory being built so sturdily, no one could ever hear the sounds of steel frameworks being ripped asunder in the next room.

"Now now! LEt me introduce the most wonderful of my this one room, everything is can eat almost anything! THe grass, the walkways..the trees..."  The code lock was of a ludicrously secure sort, a small electric piano slipped into place, a complicated sonata THE Candyman's nimble fingers...

"Ladies and gentlmemen...Un Derman Un Herrin...The Chocolate room..."
He puffed his chest proudly, using his cane to point them in, eyes half closed...

Gasps about... "Mister, where is the room?

His face fell...crestfallen, he darted into the room....jaw litrally hitting the floor.
"WHAT IN THE MISERABLE OOMPA ^*^**^^*^ LOOMPING SHNOZZZWANGERING ^*^*^*^*^ HAPPENED TO THE CHOCOLATE ROOM!"  His top hat flew from his head from the amount of expletives shouted, obsceneties forcing all the tourists of the factory to shrink back into the room, peering at the broken man and hoping he would come to his senses...

The room was litrally gone: Not emtpied, not all its items stolen.  IT was gone: The framework in some places chewed apart, the very steel of this factory was merely complicated Licorice Knotwork.  The room had been simply pulled apart from the rest of the facility, reporters and the like taking photographs from sky to sea of the large corner chunk taken from the building.

"Forty Million Dollars....Ruined...RUINED! ;.;'''''''''"


In the corporate Headquarters of Slugworth's.

"Good....goood...All is falling into place..." The sinister glasses bearing man sneered at the footage.

His trusted leiutent...forever faithful at his side...coughed into his fist, piping up. "You really didn't have a hand in this...did you?

^_^() Good Surmise, Mr. DeGallo. Now please begin to compose your resignation form...

0.0() Yes sir....

She groaned, rubbing her bloated belly...

Her height had shot up dramatically since bearing down upon that candy facility.  He had tons of candy, and she felt bad about hitting the factories, so she ate the weird room which was entirely MADE OF candy.  Even the red licorice latticework and plaster was tasty! ^^ She giggled, remembering that thought, and squeaked softly.  The tiefling was in absolute heaven, squirming as he had fallen into a fold of her fat.  She sighed, and breathed in deep...
As her tummy expanded with that fateful breath, her height wonderfully engorged to the 30 foot range, her sweater finally gave away the ghost. No amount of custom work in the world (unless told otherwise) would have reinforced the sweater to take such limits, and after 3000 PSI units (pressure per Square Inch) was exerted on the sweater, it tore, split, ripped.  The lovely hues turned translucient before they tore, the sweater and her lovely Phoenix Jeans sloughed away as easily and noiselessly as hair desserting An elder's scalp.  She blushed brilliantly, amazed that her bra and panties had managed to stay snug onto her body, stretched with her mass and height, AND managed to cover her body decently around her arse and generous chest.  She smiled, looking at her reflection in the many glass windows of a large skyscraper, turning around and examining herself the way a model would. Her belly was absolutely enormous, pushing even the fabric of her panties a touch lower than normal. (of course her panties were titanically reinforced! Her mother, being the Uber-Puritan she was, made sure of that!).  She giggled, enormous chin managing to look firm on her body, and reached into her gut. Eventually she snagged her prize, and pulled out the Tiefling, who had an awful case of the googly eyes and Slight Oxygen deprevation.

"Honey? You okay?" She felt a surge of power as she helf him: Her hand had grown with her hieght and weight, and encompassed his wiry form.  His life was in her hands, litrally: she could crush his form at this height, or drop him, or thousands of other things.  This should have scared the living daylights out of him...But he remianed calm, recovering from the oxygen lax, smling brightly at her.
"Wow...Either King Kong got good reconstructive surgery from his bout with Godzilla or I am in the hands of the beautiful Titaness Diana. ^^"
She flushed at that, mousie tail swishing elegantly. "This is fantastic...I never felt so alive! Look at me!"  She had perched him atop her head, where he clung nicely to her hair..he gasped, the view of her enormous breasts and belly obscuring his view of the ground, even from the sides.He had turned around, at least hoping to get a glimpse...and so help him, her rear was immense to the point of obscuring his view of the ground! @.@. The white of her panties spread around her buttocks, nothing at all like the commonplace thong styles, wasthe only tinge of light in teh vast darkness..he fell seemingly off her shoulder. She gasped, her reflexes also proportionate with height, caught him, and he gently laid flat on her palm.

"I have fallen from heaven, and I cannot get up." He mused, giggling. She smiled, sighing, she placed him between her immense breasts. "Snuggle there a bit, I will fin fin with dessert and then head home.....If this wears off before then..." She sighed gently, heading to the Local Ice Cream Factory: Breyers.

Meanwhile...thousands of miles underground in a bunker facility cleverly disguised as a Local Burger King.

A stylish Military General.

"Gentleman. This giantess has caused enough trouble! I vote we send in...." As he said this, his eyes narrowed...evilly, "The Nuke."

The Commander in Chief sighed. "You ALWAYS want to nuke everything! When the furries acted up because of rutting season, Use THE NUKE.  Whenever Godzilla came along to star in another movie, use DA NUKE!  WHENEVER MARIAH CAREY THREATENED TO MAKE A SECOND GLITTER MOVIE: USE DA NUKE! Well I am President Dammit! The People elected me because I promised them Hydrogen Powered cars, So I get to choose! Nyah!" >< The president sighed, clearing his glasses of dust.

A man at the radar meeped, raising his hand. "ooh! Teacher!? TEACHER!?"

The general blinked turning to face the radar guy. "What is it PRIVATE!?"

"The Disney Corporation is on Line one, they want to speak with us..."

The general gasped. "Dear God help us all...On screen."

The viewscreen popped up, and although It was one of those actors wearing a mickey mouse suit complete with large polyesther head, the person inside breethed deeply..and spoke in a mechanized voice...Deep...Eerily Similar to James Earl Jones from Conan!

"kooooo-chaaa. ZWhat is this insult? You DARE open fire on Disney Property!Z"

The military general and the president bowed before the mouse. "We Had no idea it was YOUR property my liege, we are most honored by your presence."

"Dammit Jackson! **hack, cough** sorry, respirator is not working correctly....Dammit Jackson! I told you: No Black Ops against ANYTHING related to mice! SO help me if you open fire on that mouse it will be considered an act of war against all that Disney Holds DEAR!" The viewscreen faded...

It was the Presidnet who spoke up. "So....Lets just do what we always do and cover it up....Aliens?"  
"WE ALWAYS do the Alien coverup, I wanna do my "Insane CIrcus Clowns" coverup! ;.; nobody likes my coverups..."

Meanwhile, in more pleasant surroundings..

She sat there, content at last...

The factory was a total mess, ice cream strewn about the plass, ice cream melted to slag in some untouched areas...a large brown trembling quaking mountain the only thing amidst the rubble...

Closer inspection proves the mountain was the enormous Eleanor...

The Tiefling sat upon her gargantuan gut, truly the king of that mountain, and shivered, it was terribly cold up there...He sighed, sliding down the slope to her breasts, bouncing and landed just near her chin. "You did great honey...Sleep well..."  He smiled, snuggling just under her chin... She moved a heavy hand, using her thumb to rub the tiny tiefling gently, kissing his little head gently.  "I will...thanks for making this mousies' dweam come true...."  

And from there they kept cuddling.................................
Until Eleanor collapsed from a sugar induced coma. ^)_^



Creepy Announcer: When the store doesn't dump all their Easter candies...they don't sit there...they grow...evolve...until suddenly...

IT all goes WRONG!

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