Roddy's Stuffing

by Alden

Roddy arrived at Smiler’s place, eager for a good meal. The fat catmunk has been making food for many, many furs over the past few weeks, and Smiler offered to cook him a big banquet! He had lost some weight off his fat frame, and here was a chance to put some back!
The froggie greeted Roddy at the door and led him to a back room, where a HUGE banquet table awaited. “Smiler, I can’t eat all this! I’ll get huge! I only wanted to gain back the 20 pounds I lost!” Roddy exclaimed as Smiler led him to a large, plush chair, settling Roddy in it.
“You just relax and eat, Roddy! You’ve lost more weight than you thought you did!” Smiler says with a grin, rubbing Roddy’s still-expansive belly. Smiler also took a belt concealed in the padding of the chair, and strapped it under Roddy’s belly, over his legs.
Roddy didn’t notice the strap being fastened, his nose twitching and tummy rumbling. Smiler giggled and patted Roddy’s great belly, smoothing it over the strap. “You got to be hungry! And your clothes are so loose!”
Roddy purrs at the patting. “Feed me till my clothes are snug again!” he says with a grin.
“Okay, pal! Time to eat!”
“Just don’t overfeed me, okay?”

Smiler starts with some doughnuts, bunging them into Roddy’s waiting mouth. “Good!” Roddy mumbles as he’s fed two dozen doughnuts, interspersed with draughts of milk.
“I’m glad you like them!” Smiler says, rubbing Roddy’s belly some more. He then moves on to a tureen of beef soup, all rich and thick, feeding it all to him, plus a loaf of bread, soaked in the broth.
Roddy lets out a contented burp. “I feel full already!” he giggles.
Smiler gives Roddy another bellyrub. “Not yet! Your clothes are still loose!” He goes for the next course, cheese sticks, chicken fingers, and onion rings... a big basket! One by one, the frog feeds them to the fat catmunk, dipping them in sauces. Unknown to Roddy, the sauces contained a delayed-acting mega-fattener, aiming to make the catmunk not only fat, but mega-fat!
Roddy purrs happily. “I feel stuffed already, and my clothes are still loose!” he giggles, rubbing his full tummy.
“Well, you haven’t gained enough weight yet, and I know that if food is in your mouth, you’ll eat it!” Smiler says as he adjusts the back of the chair so Roddy was half-lying down, leaving room for his belly to swell more.
“That I will! Now, make my buttons tight with fat!” Roddy says with a giggle.
Smiler slips a paw between Roddy’s shirt buttons and skritches the fat furry belly beneath. “Don’t you worry about that! I’ll fatten you back up!”

After the tummy skritch, Smiler wheeled the chair a couple of feet, to the next appetizer course... egg rolls. Three dozen fat egg rolls. One by one, they vanish into Roddy’s mouth, all liberally coated with the special sauce.
The sauce’s effects now start to show on the fattened catmunk. His clothes, once slack, tauten over his belly. “Uh, Smiler? I think I’m done! My clothes are getting tight! I don’t want any more food!” he protests. “I’m full!”
Smiler, with an evil grin, comes up to Roddy. He pressed the catmunk’s paws down on the arms of the chair, where straps pin them down. “I’m gonna feed you up till you’re fatter than you have ever been! Then I’ll feed you lots more! You’ll be the fattest!” he says with a grin.
Roddy struggles, but he is held fast. Smiler ties down Roddy’s legs as well. “But, Smiler, I’ll be too fat to do anything but eat!” he whines.
“Just what I want! I’ll keep you so well-fed, you won’t want to leave!” Smiler giggles as he starts feeding Roddy in earnest.

Fifteen appetizer courses vanish into Roddy, one bite at a time, Smiler not giving Roddy time to say anything before the next morsel is placed in. Roddy can never resist food, especially when it’s placed in his mouth! Slowly, Roddy fattens up, his shirt buttons straining, then popping off one by one.
Smiler skritches the swelling belly as it bursts free from confinement. “Getting rather porky, Roddy! But not porky enough! Ready for the main courses now?”
“Smiler, I’m getting so fat! I must have gained 100 pounds already! Much fatter and I won’t be able to fit through the doors! Ohh...” he groans as his pants burst open with a loud RIPPPPP...
The frog giggles as he rubs the swelling catmunk’s tummy. “Good! Then, you can stay and eat lots more!” he says as he reaches for the first of thirty serving platters.

Roddy, unable to resist, eats and eats and eats, and grows fatter, and fatter, and FATTER! His belly BALLOONS out in front of him, and to each side as well, filling his chair with his rapidly fattening body. “Smiler, I’m stuck!” he whimpers. “Too big! I’m gonna bust the chair!”
“You’re not too big! You’re still too skinny! Keep eating!” Smiler laughs as he starts feeding Roddy platter 21- a pan of lasagna big enough to feed 20 furs, with 4 loaves of garlic bread!
Roddy steadily eats and eats, growing fatter and fatter, chair groaning in protest. When the lasagna pan is cleaned, Smiler touches a control, and the chair morphs into a wheeled bed, set at a low angle. Roddy is spread-eagled on the big bed, arms held wide, as are his legs. His huge round belly sags between his legs down to his knees, and bulges out a good three feet!
Smiler snuggles Roddy’s fat tummy. “Still nine more trays to go, then desserts!” he giggles.
Roddy groans. “Smiler, I’m so full! And getting so fat! I don’t think I can walk!”
The froggie murrs as he rubs Roddy’s tummy. “Then you need lots more food!” he says as he grabs pan #22- baked ziti.

By the time the main courses are done, Roddy looks and feels bloated... he’s gained half a ton of fat! His belly is a swollen dome of soft fat, and his limbs are all bloated up. “I’m so stuffed...” he whines.
“Not done yet! We have desserts left!” Smiler laughs as he rolls the swollen catmunk, still strapped to his bed, to another room, which has all sorts of pies, cakes and other goodies piled up.
Smiler starts with the pies, all 15 of them, topped with rich cream. “These are all mega-fattening, Roddy! You’re gonna be the fattest!” he says as he feeds all the pies to the helpless catmunk, who visibly grows fatter and fatter.
Roddy burps and licks the cream from his whiskers. “Smiler, please stop!” he whimpers. “I’m so fat, I can’t see over my tummy!”
“Good! Then you can’t see all the goodies yet to come!” Smiler giggles, poking Roddy’s huge soft gut. “Hmmm... not big or soft enough!”

Smiler starts on feeding Roddy 20 sheet cakes, all mega-calorie, forcing Roddy to fatten much, much more! By the time the last cake was eaten, poor Roddy was so fattened up, it was hard to chew his food! “Too fat...” he mumbled. “Hard to eat...”
Smiler grabbed a funnel and hose. “This’ll help!” he says as he carefully works the hose into Roddy’s mouth. By reflex, Roddy swallows it, leaving the funnel between his lips. “Good! Now for the soft and small stuff!”
Smiler grabs an armful of bowls and bottles and perches on Roddy’s huge belly. “Ooh, so big...” he murrs as he starts pouring little candies into the funnel. “These will help you get bigger and bigger!!”
Roddy feels the candies rattle down into his stretched stomach. Then, Smiler starts pouring pudding down the funnel, gallons and gallons of it! He moans as he feels more pounds pack on to his bloated body. He moans happily at the feeling of being force fed... secretly, Roddy enjoys it, but protesting and fighting is his way to have fun! He was well past being too heavy to move or fight, but having a full, full tummy felt so good, and he wanted more and more!
Smiler sprawls out on Roddy’s colossal tummy, feeding the helpless catmunk ten gallons of chocolate pudding, and feeling him fatten underneath him. “Such a big tummy! Want it to get lots bigger!” Roddy moans happily as he eats and grows.
Soon, the table is bare, and Roddy is gargantuan, a hugely obese mass of furry fat.
Smiler pulls out what looks like a bathtub drain plug with a length of cord tied to the ring from his pocket, and jams it DEEP into Roddy’s belly button. Roddy quivers and his body puffs up and out some more, sags and bags smoothing out.
“I put a float plug in you, so you won’t be smushed, Roddy! But, one more course to go!” he says as he releases Roddy’s bonds. The swollen catmunk floats off the bed, all ballooned up with fat and floating gently. Smiler tugs Roddy to a 55-gal drum with a pump and hose on it. He sticks the hose into the funnel.
“A barrel of soft-serve mega-cal ice cream, and all for you!” Smiler laughs as he slowly works the pump, forcing the fattening stuff into the bloated balloon catmunk.
Roddy could not only feel his full tummy stretch with ice cream, he can feel his body stretch with fat! He whimpers around the hose as he’s pumped up fatter than he had ever been force-fed before! ‘I’m so big, and want more, more, more!’ he thinks.
He floats at the end of the hose in his mouth, getting pumped full of ice cream, and fattening like a balloon! With every stroke of the pump, the fat floating catmunk fattens, and fattens, and FATTENS! He’s so stuffed, his belly button feels like it was going to pop!
When the barrel is empty, poor Roddy is so stuffed, he feels ready to explode! He’s grown to an even 8' tall and he’s so fattened up, he can’t close his paws, because his paws are too bloated with fat! His belly is a huge bubble of fat, bulging seven feet out from his backbone and down past his feet, not to mention so wide, his arms can barely reach past it! Thanks to the float plug, he tugs slightly at the end of his feeding hose. He’s lost in a fog of happy gluttony... fat, full and floating!
Smiler rolls Roddy and jumps on his tummy. Sprawling out, he gets comfy on the soft buoyant fat. Placing his head under Roddy’s, the frog says quietly, “That was lunch! Wait till I feed you dinner!”