Sistersí Play

By Dune

Ah there is nothing like sibling rivalry. This is a short WG work about such light issues. My primary interest was the lack of complexity which has slowed down most of my longer works as of late. If you are looking for a plot, well I can direct you elsewhere.

Mi looked around the corner of her sister Varuís door and saw her combing her long brown hair. Both squirrelfur sisters were pretty and with the age difference of two years they had different appearances and tastes. Varu was twenty two and fairly responsible. She was preparing for a job as a legal secretary. She was extremely slender to the point of being called anorexic on a few occasions in the past. She was five feet five inches tall; she had only the slightest figure, but her brown hair was waist length and very luxurious. The brown fur covering her body was silky and always neat. Her face was pretty with blue eyes. Her sister Mi would have looked the same had they not been of two different minds. She was blonde with green eyes. Her body was on the opposite end of skinny with slightly wide hips and large breasts. Her butt was large enough to be frowned on by many when she wore hip huggers, particularly her sister. Mi who had just turned twenty was trying to become an actress although her hips were giving her trouble there too. It was six oíclock on a Friday night and the two sisters each had a date. While this event was not unusual it produced a little event that was tradition in the house. Mi always tried to foil her sisterís dates on these occasions so she could ease drop on her sisterís wails to her best friend and enjoy her rage the next morning. Mi was an expert having done this for six years. She never missed any item in a store or catalog which might help her humiliate Varu. Varu was in turn quite used to these shanagins and by most regards she had an impressive record of causing her sisterís pranks to backfire. in fact in the last four dates she had made two go badly for Mióand she had been the one to cry on the phone to her friendócaused one to nearly do the same, and finally had foiled one altogether. So that was how it stood on this night and both girls knew something would happen. Both were supremely confident she would make her sister look foolish.

Mi pulled her perfume dispenser from its hiding place under a dress in her drawer and checked the pink liquid inside. It was still a sickly sweet smell, vaguely reminiscent of raspberries and the color seemed right. She had found it at a little store in the back of an ally during her last trip to Megalopolis. The store claimed to be the worldís greatest prank shop and while browsing Mi had seemed dozens of items she had never seen before, each of which she wanted to buy and try on her sister. Then she found this perfume in the back. When she saw it in the store it was a palish pink and smelled better then it did now. What the potion claimed to do was add a few pounds to the figure when applied to the skin. The box had actually said it was great for use on a big sister going on a date. A few extra pounds on the right frame could cause horror and absolute humiliation, particularly when say a dress split from a larger rear. Given her thin sisterís repulsion to her sisterís modestly chubby frame Mi had thought this was perfect. She bought some and brought it home. Her intent was to get her sister to steal it from her as older sisters are prone to do, but Varu had made faces at the smell and Mi knew she had to come up with a better plan. Having tried the potion on her littermate Cimmi she had not been happy with the slight gain. Three pounds was not enough to cause the prankster any major giggles of glee, yet she got to thinking up was of doing things to the perfume to make it more potent. She found as almost an afterthought a little message on the bottom of the jar, ĎDo not leave uncorked, liquid will evaporate and make the perfume unusable.í Mi read further into this vague message and thought it would become more potent as the liquid became thicker. So she set the perfume out in her window when her sister was not home and watched the perfume become syrupy. The final amount was less then a sixteenth of what she had started with and she figured it was time to test it. She touched Cimmi with a drop and even the small amount produced nearly twenty pounds of fat. Her sisterís body was built like Miís but she was far more modest. It took her a day and a half to realize the gain and she had yet to tell anyone but her sister. Mi was thrilled with her concoction and as she waited outside her sisterís door she could barely contain a smile.

Varu was using her makeup mirror to reflect the view of her door in her wall mirror. She was watching her dopey sister pat herself on the back for some kind of nasty little prank she had set up or was planning to do. Mi had not noticed a similarly colored perfume on her sisterís desk, even with the crust of evaporated oil except in a different container. Varu had watched her sister through the keyhole as she had worked on her perfume-weight gain concoction and had followed the procedure, even watching Cimmi swell up with the application of a dab just after Mi pretended to give her a glass of ice tea innocently. The older sister was not quite as dumb as her sister liked to think, and had a plan. She switched bottles of perfume with her sister after making a third bottle which looked like the first two in all respects except it was just a cheep perfume which smelled like the prank sent. When her sister sprayed her Varu would then get her in return, but not before making some comment about cheep perfume. She figured her sisterís shock would make the risk worth it.

Having made a similar decoy to her sister and setting it out just in case her sister was cleaver enough to figure out the current prank Mi had a bottle very much potent enough to make Varu gain. As her older sister began doing her eye lashes Mi moved. She crept as silently as possible in, and sprayed. Varu did not instantly react, finishing her left eye and with all the look of doing the right without even a reaction to Miís spray. The blonde sister waited, not entirely sure why her sister was ignoring her but eagerly waiting on the reaction Varu would have when her body began to swell. The thin sister finally opened her mouth to make a comment her sister would be truly at pains to answer when she felt something odd happen in her body. Spreading from the spot on her shoulder where the perfume had been sprayed, she felt as though someone was tapping and rapidly stroking fingers around the inside of her skin. She closed her mouth long enough to look at the front of her shirt and see her breasts growing out steadily but rapidly. Her mouth fell open in shock as she realized she was fattening. Her belly followed, but not before her skirt became rapidly tight. In the mirror Varuís purple skirt spread at the waist, and as her legs filled out her tummy widened, then puffed out. A little pot belly pushed out the fabric and bulged over the skirt exposed by her shirt pulled up by her breasts. Her brown furred tummy was puffy and her belly button was definitely deep. Her breasts above reached D cups making her shirt tight under her arms. Her neckline suddenly had a large cleavage where none had been before.

Mi giggled happily at the transformation and watched her sisterís rear strain the fabric behind her as it poked back nicely. Having stayed longer then she should have Mi turned to avoid a punch she figured would be headed her way. Varu reaction was sudden but not unexpected from her. Mi heard the bottle being picked up and felt her dress instantly soak from a bottle of perfume as the glass bottle sailed by her ears. She was just to the door when the smell of sickly sweet raspberries reached her nose. Her reaction was slow, first she assumed it was the fake stuff her sister stole but then to her horror she remembered she had not seen the second bottle of the gaining perfume when she had opened her dresser earlier, not realizing it had been stolen. She turned and looked at her sisterís nasty little smile.

Varu grinned as her sister turned and stared at her with a mixture of puzzlement and surprise. The gain began in her thighs. Their already plump forms grew out first instantly making her dress look like it was supposed to hug the body despite its lose cut. Then Miís belly shot out and the dress emitted a tearing sound as the seams on either side split at mid waist. The strapless dress split completely in two and fell to the floor at Varuís feet. Her belly continued the process as it fell over her thighs in a crotch covering apron. The blonde squirrelís breasts enlarged filling her bra and beginning to spill over the cups. The clasp between Miís breasts began to straiten as the two spheres of growing flesh put ever more pressure on it. Finally with a ping her bra separated allowing her breasts to settle to either side of her large belly. Varu guessed her sisterís weight at three fifty but she was not truly concerned with such trivial matters. Her sister was now huge and that was really what mattered, particularly since she was shocked. Mi was looking down at her brown furred body gawking at the sudden transformation while Varu considered what to do next. Mi got over the shock of gaining before her sister stopped gloating long enough to do something. In her state the only thing she could think of seemed like the right thing. Mi gasped and started to run past her sister seeing her unscrewing the perfume lid. Before she could get out she felt the splash on her shirt and a wetness seep into her back. Varu stopped walking and glared at her sister feeling the tingle begin more rapidly. Miís body was still shaking from the soft fat covering her frame. The throw had sent waves of jiggles around her equator. Varu thought quickly and bent and slid her skirt of just in time to save it as her legs began to swell. Her thighs pressed together as they widened and her belly filled the space between her breasts and legs. Before she could straiten her tummy created four bulging rolls. She straitened and placed a paw to either side of her belly button watching her paws be pushed out and to the sides as it rapidly approach the proportions of her sisterís. Her tummy was soft and plushy and despite a distinct disgust at all of the fat she found it slightly fun. Her shirtís arms tore releasing flabby arms and to her surprise the cotton hugged her breasts. Both slightly flattened spheres were displayed in the tight fabric which had ridden up as her body expanded. Her flattened nipples were the size of cookies and pointed at an off angle to her body.

When the growth stopped both girls were within a few dozen pounds of each other, testament to their marksmanship with vials of fattening perfume.
Varu spoke first, ďWell you did it this time, I think we have grown out of all of our clothes and neither of us can go out.Ē
Mi grinned at her sister, ďArenít you glad this stuff wears of in a few weeks?Ē
The older sister shrugged causing a jiggle to move through her form, ďI start work in two, but you have to go to school on Monday. How do you plan to explain this?Ē
In Varuís small room the fat sisters were very close together and the room seemed much smaller then it had been a few minutes earlier. Miís brushy tail was waving with amusement and her plump face was all smiles creating deep dimples.
ďI donít really care, but what about our dates?Ē
Varu grinned, ďWell I certainly canít fit into my clothes so I am staying home, but maybe our dates would like to come inÖĒ