Slave Pets


          I don’t own these characters, and if I did, I wouldn’t do this to them! Anyway, this story involves slavery, dimension travel, stuffing and hard vore. There, now read this thing!

           In the year 2015, mankind rejoiced at its discovery. The worries about fuel problems and the environment had finally come to an end. The production of the Gates Power Source saved the Earth. Fuelled by rubbish, and giving out oxygen, the planet was saved. But this power source enabled a great thing to happen, it allowed dimension travel. (Don’t mess with a sound story plot! It works for Superman!

What mankind discovered was the planet of Mobius, a planet open for mankind. The Earths population was growing so greatly, it would be needed for a second habitable planet. Humans decided to do what humans to best: First they greeted the Mobians with great hospitality, and then they enslaved them. Human scientists developed control bracelets to be worn around the necks of Mobians, to make sure they could not revolt. The older and stronger Mobians became the workforce for mankind. The younger generation on the other hand, were to become the pets of the human overlords, and would spend the rest of their lives in their service.

Martin Johnson tried to control his son Timothy, who was excited beyond believe, as with most 8 year olds. Trailing behind was Martin’s wife Kerry, who just sighed at the image of these two males. Tim was only 5, and was a cross between sweet and kind and downright evil at times. They walked into the Pet Shop, and looked around. “I want a Mobian!” screamed Tim at his parents, whilst they looked at the Earth animals. They sighed and spoke to the shop owner. He nodded and took them through to the back. In this back part of the shop were a dozen or so Mobian children, all about 5 years old. Any older then 7, and they would become workers. Tim ran up to a cage that had a two tailed fox in it, fast asleep with his gloved thumb in his mouth. “I want that one!” (No Little Britain bits please…) The shop owner looked at a board on the wall. “Ah yes, Miles Prower was his real name on Mobius. His nick-name is Tails though, for the obvious fact. He is 6 years old, and has great intellect. When he was found, he was a somewhat large child, but exercise and training ended that.” The owner sneered at the fox. The Johnson’s weren’t really listening. They were shocked by the cuteness of Tails as he slept. They all nodded their heads, and purchased the fox.

Tails opened his eyes as he was being strapped into a car. He looked around worriedly, not understanding his situation. “Oh my God, look at him!” Kerry said. In the dark recesses of his mind, Tails understood the real situation, and cursed the tag he wore around his neck. He looked to his head and saw Tim sitting there. He was shoving a candy bar into his mouth, with another two in his hand. Tails began to drool at this sight. Kerry saw this, and handed Tails one from her purse, opening the wrapper for Tails. Tails ate the treat fast, remembering the taste. For weeks all he had eaten was dog food. “Dad, what are we meant to feed Tails?” Tim asked between candy bars as they drove home. Martin indicated towards the leaflet the shop owner had given them. Kerry looked at it. “’Tails has a somewhat extreme appetite. He can eat almost anything, including garbage. Tails can sometimes have a weight problem.’ Well, that clears you up. Looks like we can throw away our bins!” They all laughed at this, except Tails. Tails was summing up the family, and wanted to escape, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to for now.

When they got home, Martin and Tim showed Tails around the house. Mobians still used their feet to walk, otherwise their gloves got dirty. When they got to the garden, Martin showed Tails something. “This is a hole that leads straight to the recycling plant. Usually we put rubbish in it. You will use it as a toilet. Don’t worry about privacy; we will build something like an outhouse for you over it.” He had memorised everything that had been written on the leaflet. Tails nodded and went back inside. He went into the kitchen to see Kerry preparing dinner. She looked at him, walked over and poked an area where a giant belly used to rest. Now he was just skin and bones. “We really need to feed you up!” Tails smiled at this, and was rewarded with some meatloaf from the night before. Tails felt he owed her something now. When he burped slightly after eating, he saw her trying to place some rubbish in the bin. He walked over and simply started to eat the rubbish that could be eaten. She simply sighed, rubbed his head and went on with preparing the dinner.

At dinner, Tails sat on the floor, placing the food in his mouth with his hands. He now had a small bulge where his stomach was, and was enjoying the warm food. He didn’t take notice of what the family was saying, as he was watching it rain outside. After dinner, the parents lit the gas fire, Tim went upstairs to play video games and Tails fell asleep in front of the fire. “Shouldn’t he go outside or in a basket Martin?” A crack of lightning blasted through the window, causing the fox to wake up worried, and then fall asleep again. “No, I don’t think so.” He got up, turned the fire off, placed a blanket on the sleeping Tails and let him sleep there from now on.

Tails’ life with the Johnson’s wasn’t a bad one. Whilst he missed his freedom, he really liked this family. Kerry would always slip him extra food, and he could feel the poundage gain on him. Martin liked having him around to relieve the tension sometimes. But Tails wasn’t always fond of Tim. Every now and then, Tim would force feed Tails. It wasn’t as if Tails didn’t mind this, but his stomach and the bracelet could only stand so much. Otherwise though, Tails like Tim.

One afternoon, after lunch, Tails was in the garden, remembering his former life. He saw Tim appear from the garage holding something wrapped in paper. He could smell what it was really. “Hey there Tails! Have I got a treat for you?!” He unwrapped the object, which were three cooked hams. Tails drooled a little, and ate the first one with ease. When Tim offered the second one, it was harder for him to do so. As he liked the bone clean, he had seen how bloated his stomach had become. Tim became angry when Tails refused to eat the final ham. “YOU WILL EAT IT!” He forced Tails’ mouth open, and shoved it into his mouth. He kept pushing, forcing Tails to swallow it whole. This caused a bulge in the fox’s neck, which strained the tag. Tails heard and felt the gentle click from the tag, and realised that he was now swallowing the ham without force. He realised what happened. Tim watch the bone of the ham go down the throat, and then went in doors in a huff. Tails rubbed his sore belly which stuck out now. After about 10 minutes, he removed his glove, and looked at his claws. He found the right screw, and took the tag off and examined it. He found that the main control chip had broken, but still told him how to think. He could now bypass the thoughts with ease. For the first time in months, he spoke. “I can’t wait to have fun here…”

The next week, the Johnson’s and Tails went to the beach. Tails had gained more weight without the tag, and was enjoying it. It wasn’t much, but it was noticeable. At the beach, he wandered off, and saw two familiar faces. Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit were sat on the ground together, eating sandwiches. They were also slightly fat, but not as much as Tails. He walked over to them, and remembered something form his former life: The secret password that they drew in the ground with their feet. In the sand, he drew a fish with a bite mark in it. They looked at him and nodded. Tails smiled as his old friends remembered him. He removed his glove, unscrewed their tags and freed them. “Thank God I can talk again!” Amy almost screamed. Cream simply smiled. “So, what’s it been like for you two then?” Tails asked, and they talked for a few hours. Eventually, Cream pointed and said “Isn’t that your Tim there?” Tails turned to see Tim being attacked by a large girl. Please bear in mind, that this girl was not just taller then Tim, but also wider. She wore a dress that was stretched so tightly, it looked on breaking point. It was also ridding up so badly, you could see her underwear. Cream and Amy sighed “I remember when I had a belly that big…” Tails ran over to help Tim. He grabbed the girls dress with his teeth, and was kicked off. “Stupid Mobian. When I see you at school tomorrow, you are going to be dead.” She spat on the pair of them, and stormed off, unaware of the rip in her dress that was in Tails’ mouth.  Tails limped back to his friends. “I knew that smell was familiar. She lives up the road. No wonder he acts tough, he tries to stand up for himself.” Amy looked at the fox. “Tails, I know what you are thinking, but don’t do it! She’s twice the size of you! You couldn’t vore her!” Tails wasn’t listening to Amy, he had something better planned.

That night, Tails made sure that his family was fast asleep. He crept out of the house, and followed the scent to the bully’s house. He climbed up the drain pipe, and saw her bedroom. She had a balcony connected to it. Her curtains were open and he saw her, beached on her bed, wrappers from all sorts of food on the bed and floor. Her night dress was similar to her dress, but longer. He removed a glove, and taped the window with his claws. This woke her up instantly. She ran out onto the balcony fuming, wanting to see who was waking her up. Before she could yell or do anything, a furry hand grasped around her mouth, and she felt a sudden pain on her neck. Tails had just ripped her throat out, and was lapping the blood up. He began to slowly strip the girl’s chubby arms of their flesh. When those bones were licked clean, he moved onto her ham like legs.

It was 1am. Tails moaned in bliss and agony. All that remained of the girl now was her bones, stomach and brain. He popped her eye into his mouth and swallowed hard. He didn’t eat the stomach because of the acid in it, the brain was too much hassle and the bones weighed too much for his stomach. His stomach was now so large; his arms couldn’t reach the front of it. He wrapped her remains in her night dress, and tried to slide down the drain, which broke on the way down. He tried as hard as possible to sprint to his house, and dropped her remains down the whole in the ground. He then went back to his spot in front of the fire, checked to make sure there was no more blood and fell asleep.

Tails was woken by a massive squeal. He opened his eyes to see Kerry looking at him. “Look how big you’ve got!” She started to jiggle his large belly about. He knew full well there was still the bully in there, and he felt full still. “Look at how tubby you are! You are even developing breasts!” Tails looked and tried to cover these. She lightly slapped his belly. “Sounds hollow to me! Somebody needs a nig breakfast!” For the next hour or so, she constantly fed Tails, despite him being as full as it was. He thought he could hear skin ripping, but saw it was only the chair cover as his butt received some fat. When Tim came home, he was ecstatic. He hadn’t told his parents he was being bullied, and she wasn’t there anymore. He even played with the huge belly of Tails a bit, and then helped his parents feed him.


A happy ending?


By James Gilson/Sanguinius

Started/Finished 15 April 2004

Casting by Sega, Gilson and the butcher shop