Sometimes Luck is Not so Good

By Dune

This story deals in the extreme scales of weight gain and inflation. I do however like the final product, but it is not an easy genre to write in and another is not likely in the near future.

Part I
Tina looked at her watch and sighed as she pulled into the packing lot. It was almost ten o’clock on a warm Friday night and the lot was completely empty say for the twelve company cars not on loan at the moment and the night watchman’s. The tall vixen drew the wolf’s gaze as she walked in his direction. Her long legs were well-muscled and showed no sign of cellulite on their smooth slopping forms. Her rear was tight and as well toned as her legs. Her tight skirt securely hugged and emphasized the shape. Her waist curved in an hourglass common among the most popular super models along with her flat tummy exposed by her halter-top. Her cleavage was modest but she had enough of a chest to complement the rest of her figure. The vixen’s sharp muzzle matched her intelligent brown eyes. Between her alert ears flowed chocolate brown hair expertly done up. The old wolf sitting just inside the doorway out of the light drizzle stood up as she reached him.
“Now Dr. S. you know I can’t let you in after nine.”
With her most becoming smile she said, “Charley I know, but I left my pocket computer in my office, and if you let me in I promise I will be so careful and quick you will not even know I am here.”
The old wolf grinned, “Alright Dr., but don’t let me catch you ripping of the vending machines.”
She laughed, “Thank you Charley.”
With a little bounce she knew would excite him she moved past him into the Cartfoods offices. With her heals clicking on the linoleum she rapidly walked down the hall and turned the corner. The halls were dark and silent and she cursed herself repeatedly for bring here. It was Friday nigh and by any right she should be in the E-Club not walking in the disserted halls of her place of work looking for her computer. But she had lost it earlier and she was sure it was on her desk. At the club a friend of a friend was going to ask for a phone number contained in it and if she did not have her computer she might not get ride of a particularly annoying guy. She entered her office with her key and flipped on the light. At a first glance she did not see the small black box. She turned to her coat rack knowing it was not there either. Damn where could it be? Then she realized, I was checking the gages. Tina sighed and headed for the factory floor. She had been checking the temperature on the ingredients for the day’s cheesecake mixture that afternoon. The gages were under the storage tanks but above the main cooling tank. The day’s batch of cheesecake was cooling in a massive ten thousand gallon cover container to prevent crusting or contamination. As she entered the floor she instantly smelled the sweet confection whose aroma escaped the closed container. She had no serious hunger pangs from the smell as she never partook of such things. With a bound she began climbing the stairs up to the catwalk high above. She was not supposed to wear street cloths in the sterile factory but she was in a hurry. The metal grating had small holes her heals were not meant for and after she stumble she began walking on her toes still climbing rapidly. When she reached the catwalk over the cooling vat she saw the small square computer on the catwalk where it had fallen from her pocket earlier. She walked hurriedly over and retrieved it. In a fleeting moment of carelessness she turned and in that moment her right heel caught in the grating. She shrieked as she fell and to her horror tipped over the railing. The twenty-foot drop onto the steel vat lid could have broken her back but she fell into the on place that was worse.

Tina dropped directly into the pressure release pipe and her impact on the valve inside opened it but as her left shoe came off it jammed the valve shut again. With a wet smack the vixen impacted the warm cheese filling. With her speed and weight she instantly sank to the bottom of the sixteen-foot deep tank. As the warm half liquid half solid mixture folded back over her head she opened her mouth to scream. Warm cheesecake instantly flooded in and she had no choice but to swallow it. The creamy cake around her was soft and yielding. Tina had been born in a big Midwest city and had never swam in her life. In her first feeble attempt she only managed to stir up the cake around her without lifting off the bottom of the tank. Her next attempt had the same result. In her haste to free herself she was unwittingly turning the semi solid cheesecake into a liquid making her task impossible for a non-swimmer. She knew she was in danger. At the start of the next morning’s shift the cheesecake would be stirred and then extruded into a holding tank crushing her gruesomely. Tina had to get to the vent and climb out. It soon dawned on her should could possibility eat her way out. The thought gave her chills, but with clenched fists she began to eat. She opened her mouth and let the cheesecake fill her mouth. When she swallowed she felt the silky cake flow smoothly into her belly. With two more swallows her stomach informed her it was full. This was the only time in the vixen’s young life she wished she were one of those vixens that routinely binged, because at this moment she desperately needed more room in her small tummy. She felt her waistband becoming extremely tight and her panties were straining against her crotch. She decided she would remove them and put them back on when she was safe. The task was accomplished and she returned to her task. She continued to eat and swallow feeling her belly become tight and painful. She took a break feeling truly trapped having made little progress. When she cupped her protesting stomach she felt it bulging into her paws. She pressed and flinched as its contents shifted inside. She began to eat again. Her belly protested each and every mouthful as she grew larger. Five minutes later the pain in her belly was excruciating and she placed her paws under it for support and gasped. In the dark she could only image its size but her abdomen felt like she had a litter inside. Tina even felt her belly button poking out. She also realized she was beginning to rise up. She did not realize it, but her sudden stillness allowed her body’s natural bouncy to take over despite her meal of cheesecake. Soon the vixen reached the valve and happily she looked around in the small amount of light it let in. She rose to her breast and felt her ears brushing against the valve and reached up. She began to sink and she franticly began kicking. To her amazement she felt herself rise up. She pushed on the butterfly valve and felt it stick. She tried again but it was wedged. In growing alarm she pulled and realized it must have jammed. She had no way to know her shoe was wedged securely in the turning mechanism and her attempts were useless. When her labor resulted in no fruit she let herself sink so that her body was floating under the vent. The sight of her bloated belly and protruding belly button rising from the white pool around her was truly revolting to her. She pulled her eyes away and thought about escape. Initially her plan was simple: she would float here until down and when she heard the first employees enter scream for help.

This calmed her greatly for the first ten minutes. Unease however rapidly over took her mind’s quiet. A mind at rest will arrive at answers faster then a mind working for them. At the start of the day, the first shift would begin engaging equipment. It was supposed to be procedure to do a canvass first, but Tina knew from experience they engaged the exhaust fans for the factory before beginning. When those fans were running it was difficult to hear oneself think let alone a woman’s voice coming from a sealed metal cooling vat. It rapidly dawned on her she had only one chance. On the short ends of the tank there were cleaning hatches. While she did not know if there was a locking mechanism on the inside she decided she must find out. She peered up at the crack of light dimly pooling on her from a gap in the release valve and assumed she wanted to go to her left. Carefully she began to dig at the solidified cheesecake that had cooled near the top of thhe tank. She scooped the gooey substance out and deposited it behind her noting the filling her thrashing had stirred up remained liquid and began to slosh into her hole. Twenty minutes later she could no long reach the far wall. With her distended waist still quite large and painful she had difficult getting into the hole because she could not bend her waist. To make maters worse the cake was firm enough to hold a centered weight and her hands sunk in when she tried to pull herself in. Yet with a little bit of luck she managed to pull herself into the hole and she realized she had yet another problem. With her body in the hole she could not easily toss cheesecake and with every drop entering the liquid pool below her she was increasing the level in her tunnel. After wasting almost an hour at this and making only about ten feet she suddenly felt warm cake behind her and felt the ceiling of the tunnel collapse. With only a small space around her the same awful option presented itself again. She had to eat her way out. It was obvious to her this was her only option. She began scooping cake into her mouth. The going was slow and the she felt every bite strain her belly as it rubbed against her legs. Her crotch was compressed by its weight and her belly hung uncomfortably low. After another ten minutes she had made a foot of progress but her belly was touching the cake bellow her. Even though her lower legs were sunk several inches into the soft floor it was obvious to her straining skin she could not let it drag so heavily like this and keep eating. She carefully held her belly and rolled over. The vixen grunted at the weight and felt her butt sink deeply into the yielding cheesecake. Her packed belly felt over her crotch and spread out to the sides. In her prone position she began to eat and eat. She found with a little wiggle and some help from her feet she propelled her forward. Tears were falling from her eyes from the screams of protest from her belly. As Tina paused she could hear her stomach creaking. She rested feeling like she would burst with another bite. She tried to move herself and she groaned as her belly stuck, the pain was so excruciating. She reached up and felt the ceiling a few inches bellow her stomach’s peak. Knowing instantly the ceiling would collapse of she pushed Tina had a conundrum. She would have to expand her tunnel and eat more increasing her intake. She would then be creating a bad loop: need more space>eat more>get bigger faster>need more space in a shorter period of time. She began to enlarge the tunnel feeling her stomach churn with an unbelievable wave of pain. Tina decided she would have one more bite then stop for an hour. When the handful of cheesy goodness entered her overly packed stomach she cried out in agony as a pop sent a wave of pain through her body. She knew she had burst, but then to her surprise she felt the pressure in her belly lessen. As her stomach seemed to deflate she felt the gooey mass of cheesecake sped up into her breasts and down into her butt and legs. She could not understand what had happened, but Tina began to eat again figuring she had nothing to lose. The feeling was strange. As she continued to eat, her body was swelling, not just her stomach. Her breasts were the most obvious to her, their mass getting into her way and straining her halter top. After several minutes she untied it and let it fall no longer caring about modesty, just wanting to escape her tomb. When she would wiggle to advance her position her legs were obviously thickened and heavy. She began to banish all thoughts from her mind but to eat. She succeeded near the end of the fourth hour. With rhythmic, unthinking percussion she shoveled cake into her mouth, letting the pawful of goo slide down her throat as the next reached her lips. Her movements continued to be hampered and she rapidly realized her thighs were rubbing together as though she had pounds of fat on them. Her breasts were easily the size of her head, and when she raised her thickening arms the combination bounced and wobbled off each other thickly like a fat woman reached for something. It was near four AM when Tina’s right paw struck the tank wall half way through a scoop. With renewed vigor she began to eat cheesecake at twice her normal speed. When she had cleared an area equal to her girth she stopped and tried to gage her position in the tack. From the curve she assumed the hatch was to her left.

Over the last hour the vixen had felt her body expanding over her legs and now only her knees emerged bellow her engulfing body. Her feet could only now push against the walled and her bloated arms were difficult to maneuver. However Tina was now so close to her goal she could almost feel fresh air. Her hands moved at a fever pitch and with the skill so rarely known to non-bingers she swallowed with speed and skill, breathing perfectly between swallows and mouthfuls. She moved along the edge of the tank and finally found the strait edge of the door. With her skin begging to protest the fullness of her body she set her mind to the task of clearing the cake away and finding the handle. With the dawn shift merely a half hour away the turn handle finally was clear and the door was ready to open. With a twist the vixen pressed open the door and felt cool air rush by her ears. Tina’s legs were useless; her knees were now incorporated into her body. Her feet could wiggle but that was about it. Her shoulders were also inside and her breasts were easily several feet around and had been partly obscured her access to her mouth. With effort she grabbed onto the tank and pulled herself through. Her distended body stuck briefly, but its weight eventually dragged her through the opening. With a groan she bounced on the floor wetly. Her cheesecake filled body wobbled and painful waves put pressure on her shocked skin. She came to rest facing down. Her body was nearly six feet wide and slightly over five feet tall. Each of her breasts was three feet wide and hung bellow her chin. Her red fur was completely covered in sticky white cake and she just want to sleep. None of this mattered to Tina at first. She lay and basked in the cool factory air, no longer surrounded by pastry filling. Then two things struck her: first she had just consumed several hundred thousand calories, and that she was going to have difficulty explaining how she destroyed a vat of cheesecake. The first was becoming obvious to her as she lay unmoving. Under her earlier sleek muzzle a chin was rapidly developing. Unknown to her as well her face was becoming puffy as well.

Cartfoods like so many other large international food processing corporations liked to experiment with chemicals and additives to get the right results from all of its foods. Cheesecake was something the company loved to experiment with. Bingers loved the texture and high caloric nature of it, most others loved it as an after meal treat. Hence in the early days of the experimenting process the company recognized two things would boost sails, apatite enhancers and capacity increasers. If a food was consumed after a meal, or during a binge, less foods like cheesecake might be consumed than say had it been eaten in the middle of the afternoon. Cartfoods current solution was to add an enzyme which would inform the brain it wanted more, not just more food, but more sweets under the assumption Cart Brand Cheesecake™ would be the first thing at hand. But cheesecake is a rich food; after a large meal something so heavy and space consuming might turn some off some people from a second or third slice. Well the chemists in those labs also worked on solving the problem of stomach capacity it of course from the food industry’s perspective is never large enough. Having experience with food not far from polymers Cart began using that experience to create the ultimate stomach capacity generator. Very simply the company developed a polymer that temporarily bonded to the stomach wall, and allowed the stomach to stretch just a little. In the four years since this technically illegal addition to their cheesecake a four percent increase in sales above predicted levels was noted. Was this the chemicals doing their work? Cartfoods sure thought so and what the company referred to as sweetener 14 was in twenty-five brand name foods. Each and every one of which had seen increased sales.

There was however something the company could not have foreseen. Tina, she had fallen into the tank of cooling cheesecake and had to eat her way out. Obviously this was hardly a study foreseen by the chemists and such a bulk consumption of the half cool cake had unfortunate side affects. Those little polymers had worked their way into the vixen’s stomach wall, but had gone further; her stomach muscles and her entire digestive track had been literally overwhelmed by these complex molecules, each wanting to bond with a cell. Each stomach cell took one, then two, then three until it had fussed with four into a now permanently stretchy object. This had happened to every cell in her stomach. The pop she felt followed by the great release was the bonds of the cells breaking apart so each cell was connected to another through stretchy plastic molecule bundle and her stomach stretched to a size unthinkable to anyone. Her ability to eat for hours on end was partly willpower, partly the chemicals. She rested on her belly feeling a dizzying wave of emotions, and at the same time the confusing feeling she was starving. Then something happened. She felt light headed, then detached from her body. The need for food began to overwhelm her…

Part II
It was fifteen after five when Charley saw the early shift floor supervisor Tyrone pull into his spot bang on time. The other four early workers arrived ten minutes later. Charley had forgotten his encounter with Dr. Shasha and he assumed she had snuck out during one of his rounds or a short catnap. It was five till six when he heard one of the workers say something not entirely clear over the radio just as the day watchman Todd was walking up with coffee for them both. The manager Tyrone beat him to the radio and he heard him ask for clarification. The response was something about a female binging on the floor. Charley instantly jumped to his feet and with Todd in hot pursuit of his older partner headed for the floor. As they entered he saw the five other employees gathered around the east end of the cheese food product holding tank. The old wolf nearly dropped his coffee when he reached the group. The trail of cheesecake led from an open hatch on the cheesecake-cooling vat along the floor. He only noted this briefly as he stared gape jawed at the ball of swollen fur before him. The vixen was massive: twenty feet wide and thirty feet long. Her body was shaped like a partly inflated blimp and only indentations where he supposed feet and legs that marred the slightly flattened round shape. Chunks of cheesecake still clung to fur all over her body and as he reached her head he gasped. The plumping face was still sucking on the release hose and her eyes seemed closed in enraptured delight. The brown hair and red fur first clued Charley’s stunned mind into who this was. With renewed shock he realized it was Tina.
Tyrone turned with anger and said, “Charley who is this and how did she get in here?”
With a gulp the night watchman said, “Its Doctor Shasha and she was in at ten last night to get her pocket computer. I thought she had left, because both of my rounds found nothing, certainly not this.”
Before the manager could say anything Todd said, “Hey Boss T look at this.”
Both men walked over to the side of cake tank and Charley saw the tunnel, but none of them said if they understood the significance.
Tyrone said, “That is meaningless; get her off that tank before she bursts.”
Todd said, “Shit boss if she hasn’t done so yet she probably won’t.”
With a scathing look fro his boss he began the climb up the ladder. It was then Charley realized Tina was still rapidly expanding, perhaps several feet since his first estimate. Todd reached the valve and closed it. After a dozen more sucks the hose was empty and several more fruitless pulls resulted in nothing. Tina’s eyes opened and with a glazed expression she looked around as best her inflated body would allow. From his purch Todd stared at her and her brown glazed eyes stared with a pleading expression at him. He wave a paw in her face and her head followed it dumbly.
He called down, “She drunk.”
Tyrone reached the ladder and began to climb. When he reach the younger man’s feet he did the same thing and considered.
“Maybe she has been drugged?”
“Could be, what do we do?”
The manager said, “I will give instructions on the floor.” When the pair reached the ground he continued, “Alright Todd find the plant supervisor, Charley you had better go make no one else is in the factory.”
After issuing several other orders he began walking back to the cheesecake tank with a catfur who ran the monitoring center who was called Jakki. Both peered up at the open hatch and were silent for several moments.
Jakki said, “Why would she eat from this tank? It is hardly a comfortable position.”
Tyrone climbed the provided rungs and peered in.
“Damn there is a tunnel…Hey Charley toss me your light.”
He caught the flashlight and turned it on. The beam flashed on the glistening white and damp walls that disappeared into darkness. He hopped down and with Jakki in tow began climbing the same stairs Tina had hours earlier. He reached the catwalk and looked down. Tyrone’s sharp yellow eyes picked up the broken palm pilot and a single high-healed shoe on the tank bellow around the pressure release valve. He then saw something in the base of the valve. He leaned dangerously out over the tank and recognized another matching shoe inside the vent.
After telling the catfur his findings she said, “Okay so she fell into the tank, but that does not explain why she is drugged and sucking on a cheese hose.”
“Maybe she was drugged and pushed, but I have no idea what she could have been drugged with or why. Shit here is the big question, how can any creature get so huge?”
She shuddered and said, “I don’t want to think about that, Charley said she was alone.”
Tyrone grunted, “True, but he obviously forgot she was even in here.”
He turned as Todd called, “Boss T., the big boss is coming and Dr Artis wants an update.”
“Get up that later and find out if Dr. S. is with the program.”
Jakki looked at Tyrone and said, “So you think she found her computer, tripped, feel into the tank, eat her way out, then crawled to the cheese tanks?”
“That’s what it looks like.”
“How did she get drugged?”
“If I knew that I would have a better scenario, Todd?”
“She’s still out of it.”
Tyrone heard a soft cough behind him and he turned seeing his boss. Supervisor Deirdre was one of those vixens that had produced a brood and had the figure to prove it. Her face was fleshy and her bosom was more than ample. After hours when she was going on a date she displayed a massive cleavage worth hanging around forty-five minutes after the shift change to see pass by bobbing gently. Her hips were broad and she stood with a wide stance not entirely the result of having massive thighs. She was normally cheerful and pleasant but she was scowling this morning.
“What happened here?”
Tyrone gave the facts as he knew them did a little speculating and said, “I think we ought to get a doctor here. She is drunk, high, or something and how a person can swell like that is beyond me.”
Behind her stood a small otter with a wrinkled face and graying fur. Doctor Artis was the head of the research department and his presence there was no accident.

Dr Artis was having a revelation and the facts scared him. He realized suddenly the possibility that the chemical compounds might have exacerbated an easily fixable accident. Falling into the cheesecake and drowning would have been sad but that fact that she had managed to crawl thirty feet eating as she went meant there was a definite issue difficult to explain to the public in the future and even worse, her drugged state wherein she only wanted to eat was going to have serious consequences. Neither of the blue collar workers discussing the issue feet away from him had enough information to conclude the same, nor if he could help it, would ever do the same. He turned and walked briskly to the factory president’s office. He had arrived at six thirty for a meeting with some Russian food retialers and shortly thereafter had decided he would not be officially there until Artis could tell him it was safe to appear. The balding fox was not a happy man and his blood pressure did not improve after the Chemist’s conclusions.
“We can not let this get public. Why didn’t you eggheads tell us about this stupefaction issue?”
‘Eating 90+ gallons of cheesecake never came up in conversation, but how she did that is beyond me.”
“What do we do? I say we fire her and clam she binged after hours.”
“Oh give me a break. Do you see the size of her? Any man, woman or child with two active brain cells would wonder how she did not explode, and if words gets out she is drugged, well the FDA will stick a probe so far up your rear you will be having hat problems.”
“So what do you suggest?”
“She resigns; we pay for her care for the rest of her life, and make sure no one here tells their story. We should have legal draw up a confidentiality contract right now. And shut down the plant before the noon shirt arrives.”
“What about her?”
“Just leave her be, god she can not in all reality be so huge. We have got to do tests and find out the cause. But I am personally afraid to even touch her.”
When the doctor left the president was already calling for the head lawyer.

Tyrone woke to the ringing phone in his office. It was nearly five AM after the second longest day of his life and he had barely had four hours of sleep according to his watch.
Charley said, “She’s awake and very upset.”
He had not been so far out he could forget whom ‘She’ was, “Coming.”
In the last six hours Tina’s blimp shape had changed to a blob. Her distended abdomen was disappearing into a body filled beyond capacity with fat. As he approached Tyrone marveled at the vixen’s rear. It was easily thirty feet wide and each cheek was so large it had five massive rolls of fat. Each was eight feet tall and the fur was beginning to become thin from all the skin stretching. Her legs were squashed spheres of fat emerging from under a waist nearly forty feet wide. It was peaked by a pair of breasts each of which must have been a ton. Each was ten feet wide, twelve long and four feet thick. Each nipple was flat, but nearly two feet wide at the pointed tip of Tina’s breasts. Her belly was nine feet tall between her spread breasts and the firm bulge showed a stomach still well packed with food. Her arms were non existent. Only mounds of flesh where her wrists had once been marked any distinction from the rolling bulges of her body. The vixen’s face was a mass of fat. Her triangular ears and muzzle tip emerged from the pile of fat. Her brown eyes were barely slits, but the tears welled up from them with rumbling sobs occasionally making their way up from the depths of her body. A catwalk had been set up over Tina and Tyrone stood next to Charley as both watched the vixen with a mix of pity and awe. She was like a lake bellow them and the softly rippling waves of fat caused by her slightest movement were incredible. Tyrone’s instant reaction to ask if the vixen was alright was so absurd he nearly burst out laughing. Given the situation anyone with a clear mind would have instantly seen it was a reaction to the odd nature of the situation but not the two people, one a kind old wolf and a implausibly fattened vixen would not. He also had a heart reeling from torment. In the frenzy of the 18 hours he had working cleaning the company’s mess up and waiting for Tina to wake he had been able to forget his long buried desire for Tina. Her sleak body and kind nature had been something he had been watching for the two years she had worked at this factory. He was by no means timid and he could out bark most DIs, but with her money, education, and looks, why would she even notice a brawny fox working overtime in a factory producing cheese productions as a supervisor? Not for that matter a head supervisor, but the early morning, back breaking, true blue collar worker’s supervising position. Tyrone could not decide what to do. It seemed like such a bad time to bring up the subject given Tina’s helplessness, yet when better to tell someone they are a small part of a strangers life.
Tyrone brushed these thoughts aside and called, “Dr. Shasha is there anything we can get you?”
She tried to shake her head, but the small movement created massive bulging and the strain of her muscles must have been too much. With the fat around her face jjiggleing she returned to her resting position.
When she spoke her voice was weak but very deep, “No, I wish this was only a dream.”
Tyrone looked at Charley briefly then said, “Don’t worry, they will figure a way to get you back to normal.”
She laughed bitterly through her tears, “I would love to hear those ideas.”
Charley said, “Dr. S. don’t be so negative. It is not good for you, especially now. Are you sure you don’t need some water or…” he paused briefly almost saying a cookie and changing his working, “perhaps you have an itch?”
She again said no and this time Tyrone said, “Some music, a male stripper?”
She finally giggle and said, “Thank you both, but I just really want to sleep.”
Charley nodded, “I will be here, just holler if you need anything.”

Tina’s body was literally floating within the mass of fat around her frame. She felt much like she was back within the cheesecake. Her life long attempts to stay thin and sleek were shattered and she was now well beyond any weight record ever before even contemplated. What was worse, she was now able to control her urges, but her need for food burned within her like a red hot poker. Her belly was moaning and groaning for more food, just as her skin war creaking and whimpering from the strain of holding so much fat. The horrors of the last hours of gorging were haunting her. She may have been out of it to those around her, but she had watched herself if from a distant perch as she sucked on that tank of cheese with orgasmic desire. She could not stop herself, nor could she bear what she was doing either. As the cheese flowed into her already distended body it swell so grotesquely and she wanted to pull her eyes away. Even as she now tried to think of other things she could still feel the gold oozing cheese sliding down her throat. She wanted to throw up at the thought, but she felt she might not like the result, plus her stomach rebelled at the thought of giving up such luscious food. Even as one part of her mind was sickened by the thought of food the other was aroused. She felt a lust for food which went beyond hunger. The smells of food around her was definitely not helping. Her mind was humiliated by her size and the fact she had only herself to blame for the accident, for the choice to eat her way out, and even irrationally, even to herself, not having more control over her hunger. Her breathing was laborious. Each breath was counteracted by flesh pressing down and she could hardly talk. Her own voice sounded foreign to her. Her view of the world was only a small sit directly ahead. The only pleasure she had was looking at Tyrone. She had always thought he was cute, but now even as she looked at him she remembered the side long glances and the uncomfortable nature the rarely shy fox sent in her direction or sounded in brief conversations. She was normally just a little bit arrogant around the lesser educated, perhaps even haughty, but she heard how he helped the other women around the factory and offices on house work, and even a few rumors he was a good cook, he made a grand chili, and his corn brea…new subject! She was terribly thirsty and despite her true desire to be left alone and at the same time spill her emotions into Tyrone’s ear she called, “Tyrone?”
He instantly replied, “Yes?”
“Could you bring me a glass of water?”
She began to correct herself when he said, “I have just the thing.”
He disappeared for a moment then returned with thermos and a long straw.
He considered her briefly then said, “I guess I will have to climb on you. I am sorry for this.”
With care he climbed over the rail and gently lowered himself onto the soft mass of her belly. He instantly sank to his shoulders and waist, but with slow movements he inched his way to her face, carefully avoiding her packed tummy. He inserted the straw through her fattened cheeks into her mouth and she began to suck. The cool liquid was wonderfully cold and she enjoyed it so much she was disappointed when it was empty. He reached out and wiped some drips from her chins and then stroked the hair out her face. She felt his hand cup her fattened cheek briefly and he smiled tenderly. Tina desired to tell the fox what she felt and deeply regretted the dozen opportunities just in the last month to ask him for a date. She instantly swallowed the ridiculous idea, not wanting to hear some fumbling excuse or derisive laughter from him. The moment passed and Tyrone returned to the catwalk with the same gentleness as his earlier trip. Despite this, his need to kneel to reach the catwalk sent a wave of pain to her mind, but the tumult in her mind distracted her. He fell asleep half an hour later next the already slumbering night watchman. She watched him for a short period, before sleep thankfully blacked out her mind.

It was noon when Dr. Artis stepped onto the stairs leading to the catwalk. When he reached the mettle runway he saw both Tyrone and Charley sound asleep next to each other and the massive blob of a vixen was wheezing slightly with each breath bellow. With little emotion he considered her body now unrecognizable as such. The rolls and bulges of fat seemed to quiver and tremble and he did wonder how good a mattress she would make before returning to the matter at hand. His dulled otter ears could not pick up whether she was sleeping or awake, and her face was so bloated with fat it was impossible to guess.
Her throaty voice was to be expected, “Yes sir?”
He turned to the other two who had stirred and said, “Would you two leave us? We have matters of a private nature to discuss.”
He had no intention of letting any more people hear this than had to. He had been sorely tempted to cut this obese vixen out of the loop completely but had decided the pilote approach might work better first.
“Dr we feel truly awful about what has happened and we wish to discuss a severance package which is the best we can do to make it up to you. The company will pay for your housing and all of the attendants you need, plus a generous pension to cover any needs should they arise in the future, plus full health coverage. The only two things we ask for in return is that you do not discuss the cause of your ah…weight issue with any living soul and that only company doctors provide your care. While I know this may sound like an underhanded way of doing this, but we have only your interest in mind and for the interest of the public and the government it is perhaps better to all including us that this remain under the radar. Do you accept?””

Tina was no fool; she knew instantly it was a bribe, and it must sound better than it was in reality. Yet given her state she could hardly refuse, and her signature might end up on it anyway. She guessed a refusal or an attempt at negotiation was far more risky given she was in no position to bargain. They could just fire her and what could she do? Even worse she was barely able to speak and a pillow could be placed over her face at any time.
“Alright I will do it.”
Artis waved and a pair of corporate suits arrived.
Artis said, “Thank you, now I assumed signing is out of the question. I will read the contract to you stopping at each paragraph for you to confirm you understand everything in it and you will reply yes or no and make any comment. When I reach the final section you will speak your full name, date and state that you understand and fully agree to the terms. These two gentlemen will be the witnesses; do you have any questions before I begin?”
Tina shook her head not wanting to do this, but not willing to try and improve her situation knowing she could do little but make it worse. He read the contract in a monotone and the vixen partly listened as she tried to think her way out of this. She considered asking for a lawyer but she knew any she found would instantly want to sue and she did not want to see the company’s reaction to such a request. The two things she concluded early in the first paragraph was she should sound weak and exacerbate the sounds her labored breathing made which given her already tired lungs and muscles would not be difficult. With a little luck she could be heard on the tape and this would void its legality which in error she believed would stand in court otherwise. When he reached the end of the contract she considered botching the signature, but decided she would speak the words correctly but weakly. Artis nodded and shut the tape recorder off when she finished and both witnesses testified to her sound mind and, this almost made her giggle, competence to decide. With a final thank-you all three left her and Tina watch the catwalk hoping Tyrone would return. He did shortly after Charley and he held up the thermos again. Once again he lowered himself onto her belly. His weight against her skin was painful, and his movements shifted fat around in a sloshing manner which she did not like in the slightest. However she was delighted he was showing so much care and was willing to do such a gross thing like touch her swollen form. He ended his journey on her left breast, she felt so embarrassed she knew her ears had turned red. He lay on his stomach to minimize pressure and his body was not large enough to even reach the edges of her immense mummeries. The procedure with the water straw was repeated and when she was done he seemed reluctant to go. He spent a large amount of time cleaning the dribble of water around her chins and even more time fixing her hair so it would stop falling into her eyes.
When he spoke he was looking down at his paws, “What were Artis and those two company lawyers talking to you about?”
Tina wanted to spill all, but she remembered such a thing was a breach of contract. Did she know this fox well enough to trust him? He had been kind and gentle yet he could hardly be expected to lose his job over her if he refused to talk. Maybe even Artis had sent him to breach the contract right away. Despite the rational side of her mind working overtime she had to tell. She wanted to tell him so badly what had just happened; it spilled out in a rush. She did not even get the chance to swear him to secrecy. He listened with great patience even when she had to gasp for breath. When she was finally done he considered her words briefly.
Then he said, “Did you notice anything funny about it?”
Tina wanted to shrug but settled for speaking, “What bothered me it was very vague, a sheltered residence and medical care. It’s like they could put me in a barn with an alchemist. They only areas where it was truly specific was when it talked about not speaking to the press or anyone else. It also gave me a explanation on how I got this way, by the way I have an eating disorder and I stole a company milk truck to do this to myself.”
Tyrone scowled, “That’s not right.”
She sighed, “I don’t have a choice, and please don’t tell anyone we spoke.”
He nodded, “I’ve signed three confidentiality statements in the last 39 hours I am not saying anything. This may be a bad time Tina, but I have been wishing I had asked you out months ago. I now figure this is as good a time as any to ask you to date me.”
This comment was so shocking her first stumbling reply was ridicules, “We can hardly go out and do normal things.”
Tyrone shrugged, “I think talking and understanding are all that are important in a relationship. Besides, wouldn’t it be wrong for me to now abandon my dreams of a long in a long term relationship because of two nights ago? I mean if I lost an arm I would hope you would still ask me out.”
She laughed, “This is hardly a small think like an arm. I have my own horizons.”
He waved a finger in her face, “Charley’s right, stop thinking like that.”
Tina was finally able to say something appropriate, “In the last few hours I have regretted every encounter we had that I missed the opportunity to become closer to you.”
She was not instantly sure how to read his stunned expression, but his words cleared it up instantly, “I have been thinking the very same. Tina I want to know you so much more.”
She wanted to reach out and take his hand, but her engorged arm could never reach his. He very gently stroked her cheek with a paw.
With an almost cat like purr she asked, “I would love to share a pizza with you some night.”
He smiled, “It’s a date then.”
He stated to say more but a shout from somewhere for him to call cut their time short and he left reluctantly. She watched him leave suddenly feeling like she was no longer alone. She had so much to tell him and she wanted him to stay with her and not go.

When Tina finally stopped gaining around six o’clock that night her dimensions were unbelievable to anyone not present. Her belly was fifty-six feet wide, six-nine long, and nine feet tall. Each of her colossal breasts was nearly double its early size, nineteen feet wide, twenty eight long and six feet thick. Her legs had been absorbed into her ever expanding rear which was fifty feet wide and just over eight feet tall. Four massive rolls of fat crowned them and surrounded the vixen’s head in softness. Hear face was barely recognizable as such and speaking was barely possible for Tina. Her muzzle was surrounded say for a small gap in the rolls but fat from her chins, cheeks, and shoulders. Hours earlier her view of the outside world disappeared, and only her massive fat laden body was in views. Dr. Artis finished her measurements and spoke to a small group of those who had been around over the past three days. According to him Tina was around ten tons, give or take a few thousand pounds. According to his findings she would easily fill most houses with all of the walls removed.
Tyrone said, “So what is to be done?”
“The company is setting up a warehouse on the docks for her. It will have all the comforts of home and a full time staff to attend her.”
He frowned, “Why so generous?”
Artis considered the fox wondering at the meaning of his words then said, “We feel everyone will be better off is she is comfortable in her extreme obesity. The company will take responsibility for this accent because our insurance carrier will not. We believe it is the right thing.”

After the doctor departed Tyrone looked at Charley, who had been feeling guilty for letting Tina do this to herself when he could have done something. The old fox looked a bit puzzled.
“Do you smell something?”
Charley nodded, “My retirement package is not that good. What are you thinking?”
My hope is the company is just covering its butt. Remember those confidentiality forms, but what if they have other plans?”
“I don’t know and maybe I have read too many legal mysteries where the corporate mind does evil things, but what if she is made to disappear?”
He shrugged, “I thought that was their plan?”
“I mean like the mob makes people disappear.”

Tina’s move was laborious. It was rapidly discovered such a massive ten ton ball of fat is too soft to be shifted easily. It was Dr. Artis who suggested a palette with hinges to pick her up and make her narrow enough for transport. Tyrone was abashed at the thought of squishing her, but he had nothing to add to the discussion so he kept his trap shut. It took a small crane and almost twelve hours to get Tina into an eighteen wheeler and moving. Tyrone managed to get the location where she was being taken from a reluctant Artis and he followed after the truck when he clocked out. The area of the docks was not high rent, nor did the warehouse look like it had been built in the last forty years. He parked and walked to the small door next to a roll up door large enough to accommodate Tina’s body. The door was locked and he knocked loudly worried he might get mugged waiting for someone to answer and whether his pickup would still be parked where he had left it. The burley woman who answered had all the charm of a psycho ward attendant and she reluctantly let him in. The other attendant sat glued to a small tv set several feet from Tina’s massive right side, not caring what happened outside of the glowing box. The floor was concrete although where Tina rested a thick rug insolated her underside from the floor. Other then the TV there was a small kitchen with boxed food, Cartfoods of course, stacked in shipping crates. A few pieces of medical equipment lay around and the smell of antiseptic almost over powered the sent of new paint and old building. He climbed the catwalk and saw Tina’s delight at his presence. After an hour he went home truly exhausted from the days of work. The warehouse was depressing and despite her delight at seeing him he could not stand it. For the first month he went there every day but the depression it left him with was only bearable while Tina pretended to like it. Now however she was having problems showing enthusiasm towards anything and he could not go every day, not with her lethargic talk, which often surrounded the stupid TV shows her caretakers watched.

Tina felt the white painted cinder block walls pressing in on her minutes after the garage door closed. The room was sterile with only a TV screen to take her mind off the monotony. The days soon grew together with the monotony of being truly immobile. She could do little but practice talking, and she spent hours a day trying to improve her breathing and talking. It gradually came, but her mind felt truly sluggish from the boredom. She was even able to move her head as best as the fat surrounding it allowed. The only bright spot in her life was the nightly visits of Tyrone, but as of late he was visiting less. She knew she felt love, but she figured her love was like the ones of those soap opera ladies who desperately loved their man, but were rebuffed. She could feel her mind dulling from the lack of stimulation and she wanted to talk to him but only what was on TV which the orderlies chose was different in her life. Despite his glazed expression when she talked about soap operas she continued. By the third month Tyrone visited her less then three times a week. She gave it a month before one, and two before he stopped showing up at all. Tina resigned herself for a life of isolation with only her care takers to socialize with and only a idiot box to entertain her.


Tyrone arrived after three days off neglecting her. Tina truly wanted to burst into tears and beg him to at least pretend he loved her. He rode in the small cherry picker bucket newly installed until he reached her face and he kiss her nose with such tenderness she again nearly bust into tears.
“Tina I have a surprise for you. You are getting out of this depressing building.”
She gasped and said, “Where?”
He grinned, “I would love to tell you, but I want to surprise you far more.”
The laborious process of getting the massively soft ten ton vixen into a truck and on the road took nearly six hours as opposed to twelve for the first. Tyrone sat between her massive two ton breasts almost being swallowed to keep her from smothering in her own flesh in the back of the semi. He stroked and cued her. Tina instantly forgot her loneliness, realizing her fox had missed her almost as much as she had. To her he looked exhausted and she wondered if the company was punishing him for continuing his relationship with a legal liability. After nearly five hours the truck cam to a stop and backed up a good two miles. When the cool air from outside reached her nose the delights of a myriad of flowers dazzled her dulled senses. Tyrone was grinning with delight as the palette on which they lay began to shift. With care he placed a blindfold over her eyes and laughed as he returned to his spot amid her breasts flesh. The small crane lifting the pallet set it down and it was slid carefully. Despite the distance and expansion of her underside she felt soft silky padding under her. With a finally call from Tyrone the equipment began moving off proceeded by the truck. Tyrone lifted the blindfold and Tina gasped. She was in a greenhouse, or what had been one. Outside a garden panned the horizon with a back drop of green mountains. The blue sky was filled with birds and butterflies fluttering about and singing. The soft humming of air conditioners made the room cool despite the sunny entering the glass house.
Tyrone placed a microphone in front of her mouth and he said, “Tell it to rotate.”
She did and with wonderment she felt herself being turned by a quite motor. The garden continued with a forest on the opposite side from the mountains and more nature including two deer.
Tyrone said, “Do you like it?”
Tina said with true joy, “It’s beautiful, but how?”
He smiled, “I have been working double shifts and spending my free time fixing this place up. Plus the company gave me a hard time about moving you, but they cleaned up their act after Charley suggested I inform the company I have a tape of our conversation after you agreed to the contract. He said it along wit you size would be enough to sink the company if not make me a millionaire in court. Did you think I abandoned you?”
Tina was now crying in earnest. But for the first time in months it was from joy, not despair or loneliness.
She gasped out, “I love you.”
He smiled quietly, “Will you marry me Tina Rhea Shasha?”