Stuffed Rabbit


I don’t own any official characters in this story, so leave me alone! This story takes place outside of the normal Sonic universe, and hasn’t been decided where it does take place.

Cream patted her enormous belly. She was walking to school, and she was quite large for her age. The problem with Mobius was the fertile land. Food was mass produced quickly, and it was extremely cheap. As a result, almost all of Mobius weighed a lot. Cream was one of the largest on Mobius. She was friends with Tails and Amy. Both were bigger then her, and had got her started on this feasting. Her breakfast had taken about an hour to get ready, and 5 minutes to eat. She stopped in the road, and watched as her stomach expanded a little. It was now big enough to see, as well as her dress. Granted, to her, it was a little slither of flesh, but it was enough. She smiled, and hoped Tails and Amy would be pleased.

          She entered her classroom of other fat Mobians. Tails and Amy had saved her a seat, which is to mean they were both sitting on two. As Cream sat down, her chair snapped in two. There was slight giggling, but many children were like it. She simply got up, and grabbed another two chairs and sat down. Amy and Tails smiled at her. At lunch, the three had a similar arrangement. Because the food was so cheap, they could easily stuff themselves silly. As Cream walked over to the other two with their mountains of food, they clapped. She blushed as she sat down, and smiled at them. “Well done Cream!” Tails said, kissing her on the cheek. Amy got up and hugged the rabbit. “Now little rabbit, I shall show you the advantages of being a large lady!” And they ate their lunches, and got up for seconds.

          Cream entered the bathrooms with Amy. “Now Cream, you have to be a certain weight for this, stand on the scales.” Cream did this sheepishly. The scales at home had been broken by her, and she was worried about a similar action. She stood up, heard some clicking, and watched as the wall opened. Inside was eternal bliss. It was a unisex toilet area, where Tails was already there, smiling as he went into the cubicle. Cream looked at the old cubicles, and these new ones. The new ones were larger, and looked slippery. She smiled at this, and thought about the times she had got stuck. Amy opened one up for Cream, and Cream walked in. She shut the door and sat down. She heard Tails on the other toilet, and put it out of her mind. There were some headphones mounted on the wall. When she took them off, a TV set appeared on the door. She now realised that this was for the elite heaviest. After a little while she walked out with the toilet flushing, and saw that Tails and Amy were waiting for her. “Wanna grab a burger?” Amy asked. Cream nodded and smiled. She knew that a burger meant a dozen at these prices.

          It was 5pm when she walked in, her belly bouncing up and down as she did. Vanilla looked at her daughter. “Cream, you really are getting too big! I think I may have to put you on a diet!” Cream was shocked at this. “But I love this! Beside, how can you stop me all the time?” “Simple my little daughter, I am going to have to keep you home from school.” Vanilla pushed Cream into the dining room, which was filled with food. “You like to eat Cream? Have some more food!” This was the general line of talk until about 9pm, when all the food was sat in an extremely full Cream. Vanilla practically rolled her daughter into the living room, where a mattress, bed sheets, pillows and Cream’s pyjamas were. She helped her daughter change, and then tucked her into the make shift bed.

          It was the morning. Vanilla checked on her daughter as she went out to the shops. She was still fast asleep in her bed, and had grown a fair bit. When the door closed, Cream sat up. She looked at herself, and saw how big she had become. Her pyjama top, which was done up with buttons was practically bursting open. Her bottoms were almost ripping as well. She grabbed the phone, and rang up Amy. “Hello Mrs Rose, can I speak to Amy please?” “Hello?” “Amy, its Cream. My mum’s trying to make me lose weight! She stuffed me silly last night, and she won’t let me leave the house! You gotta help me!” There was a second’s pause. “Cream, don’t move. Me and Tails will be in the back garden in about 10 minutes.” She put the phone down. Cream looked at herself. “Yeah, like I’ll be going anywhere…”

          About 5 minutes later, Cream opened the back door to Tails and Amy, who were also looking plumper then normal. They were both carrying several bags on food. “There would have been more,” Amy started, “but somebody got hungry despite his mum cooking a huge breakfast for him as usual!” Tails let out a hiccup, which caused his belly to wobble. He looked proud rather then bashful. They went into the living room, and Tails took a look at Cream’s pyjamas. “So, you got pink bunnies on your jammies. They look good on you.” Cream blushed, and was forced to sit down by Amy. “What’s the plan Amy?” “Well, seeing as your mother wants to fatten you up to lose weight, I say we help her!” Tails looked proud at this. “What, how will that help me?!” Tails answered this one. “Simple, your mum can only keep you home for a week, before a doctor needs to ring in. We can do the same. What we’ll do is come round, with lots of goodies for you! Your mum is definitely going to cut your food right down. My mum tried the same thing…” Tails tried to lift his gut up. He was slightly more richer then the others, and had the advantage of more food then the others. But he would give as much to his friends. That’s the reason why he wasn’t bigger then he already is. Amy pulled out a chocolate cake, and Cream opened her mouth for it…

          About an hour later, Tails and Amy were gone, and Cream was lying in her “bed” watching the TV. Vanilla walked into the house, straight to her daughter. She was glad to see she was up. “You want some breakfast now Cream?” Cream, despite noises from her gut, nodded. Vanilla then walked in with a slice of toast with chocolate spread on it. Cream ate it, and Vanilla watched as the bottom button of 10 popped off of her daughter’s top. “Right, I’ll try and think of something nice for your lunch.” She smiled and left. Cream rubbed her belly, which felt as if it was about to burst open. Lunch would prove to be a jam sandwich and dinner would be another sandwich. Vanilla looked at the 9th button straining. But she didn’t know that Cream had hidden some of the bags that Amy and Tails had bought round. All the day, Cream had been eating the treats.

          For the next few days, it was the same process for Cream. Each day, one or two of her buttons would pop off her shirt. Vanilla couldn’t work out why this was happening though. Her daughter was eating far less then she would normally, and she was sure the child wasn’t leaving the house in her pyjamas. What she didn’t know was that Tails and Amy were getting food to Cream by any means possible. From going in via the back door, to dropping food down the house’s chimney. But Sunday would be the hardest for the children. There would be no way that Vanilla would leave the house. Cream was playing on her DS (I get mine on Friday!) whilst her mother was preparing dinner. She had rung Tails and Amy to not bother today; she knew there would be no chance. Saturday had bought more food then normal, so she was slightly happy. Her dreams had been littered with wonderful dreams, of where she kept eating and eating. She wondered if it was possible to get as big as she did in her dreams. Vanilla bought in her dinner; it was a chicken drumstick and some hash browns. Cream ate this as if she had never eaten, and the last button on her top came open. “Cream! What am I going to do with you? I have tried everything, and you just keep growing!” Cream rubbed her belly, and looked at her mother. “Amy’s parents accepted her for growing. Tails’ parents even encouraged it for a little while.” She remembered Tails before the mass reserves of food. He had been stick thin, and looked on the verge of death. How much can change… “But Cream honey, you’re just expanding!” “But it’s happening all over Mobius. Haven’t you seen the news? It’s just part of the world we live in.” Vanilla sighed and nodded her head. “I suppose I can’t really stop you from growing up at all. But you aren’t going back to school in your old clothes; I think you have out grown them.” Cream giggled at this, and she fell asleep that night so happy.

          Cream looked in front of her. It was the start of her normal dream. Her belly was wide, and a long table was read for her to eat. She lifted up her gut this time. She wasn’t going to hold back at all. She dropped her gut on the table, lifting it up to drop to her. As it pilled up, she began to eat it all. And it went on and on, and she grew and grew. She soon outgrew her house, her clothes, and even her street. She wasn’t holding back. She had a fleet of choppers stuffing her, and she even ate the moon.

          When she got to school the next day, she sat on the floor instead of a chair. She was now far too large, and wondered how the toilets would be. Amy leaned over Tails’ belly to talk to them both. “So, think you can be the largest hey? We’ll soon see about that!” They all giggled. “Tails, did you get massive eating dreams when your parents tried to make you lose weight?” Cream asked. Tails sighed slightly. “Those had to have been the best dreams ever. I even ate the sun in one of them.” He smiled at this thought. But Cream looked upset. “I only got to the moon.” “Yeah, but I had to find food by myself, you had our help.”

          The food excess on Mobius would never end, and the obesity levels would grow all the time. The only three children that truly enjoyed it were Amy, Tails and Cream. Tails and Amy eventually did get larger then Cream, but it did take a lot of time. The parents of Mobius, like it was said, did get used to their large children. When they were older, Amy, Tails and Cream would help the world by removing the excess of food, by, well, eating it all before others could. It was at this point, that they were truly happy, and lived in the thousand pounds area for the rest of their lives.


By James Gilson/Sanguinius

Started and finished on the 7th March, 2005

Casting by Gilson, SonicExpansion Group and Sonic Team

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