Talon 01: Remote

by Dune

This is the first of a series of stories focusing around Talon. He is my primary Sci-fi subject for female WG, BE, BI, and force-feeding which are a regular form of fiction for me. For other stories check Dimensions Online for human centered stories. He somehow manages to meet people or get into situations where some female ends up growing into impressive dimensions. This story has very little plot but it was entertaining to write and I hope to finish it soon. In this story the unfortunate subject is a vixen who is the subject for a new invention. dune28754@yahoo.com

I stepped through the gangway into the spaceline terminal and turned left. I was heading for an orbiting hotel over the planet Bartha IV. The name is Talon Greer. I am a mirc and a man of action. I spent fifteen years in the Earth Naval Troopers and I had been working for my self for seven years, leaving the remaining three years spent working for a small time loan shark and an OC heavy as a sort of half time. I do a general business, but I specialize in obtaining illegal goods, deal making and intimidation. I am known for being them man who can get whatever you want when you want it. My years in the troopers and years working as a money man and low level mafia type gave me any number of contacts and sources. As the last 11 years passed and I have gotten notoriety that has now improved even more so. If you’re thinking about looking me up for a small ticket item don’t bother. I represent four groups and their flow of cash is steady enough that I am no longer cheap. I love capitalism. I do a few outside jobs but my primary meal tickets are my largest and steadiest income making my loyalty their benefit but their accountants curse mightily when they have to send my fees. That is why this day I was not happy. My client in question owned a substantial share of the skin business through out the galaxy and also made the lion’s share of the profit. You may have heard of them, they own a large number of regular dance and bordellos, but their often known for their themed clubs. In order to improve their market share, clientele, and specialty they have a large R&D department specifically geared to designing the perfect female body enhancing. They have made implants that are nearly impossible to tell from real breasts, they have developed rapidly fattening potions to swell dancers while they are on the the stage, and they have dozens of gels and creams that will swell or smooth a specific body part when applied. I have gone to strange locations to get items for their R&D department on occasion, but mostly the company hires me to do intimidation and the occasional document theft for the most part. that was why I had not hesitated to accept they request to go to see a scientist on their payroll and ‘encourage’ him to work faster. He was apparently working on a device for the company and he was way behind schedule. It was when I was on the spaceliner that I discovered the doctor was a friend of mine. What a dilemma. I decided to wait until I take to Doctor Chee before I chose a plain of action. Chee was a fox specializing in micro technology and biochemistry. His often stated goal was to achieve the perfect female form. Naturally this made him highly interesting to my client. The fact that his views on the ‘perfect’ female form was a bit different then society as whole had ostracized the doctor. Like myself the doctor felt true beauty ranged in the upper hundreds verses the 100-120 scale most of the good citizens lusted after. However those loving full figures were a large enough percentage of the population to make my client interested in tapping the market. Whatever Chee was working on apparently was profitable enough for this group to spend seventy five grand for me to come out and rough Chee up. I had worked with Chee as a body guard once before and like him, and more importantly like his work. Hence the dilemma I was on.
I knocked on the door of room and after a pause of a minute it was pulled open.
The grey furred fox opened the door all they way and smiled, “Talon what are you doing here?”
“Working mind if I come in?”
he shook his head, “No come on in.”
the painfully thin scientist turned and headed into the working section of a two room suite.
“Would you like a drink?”
“No, but you will want one.”
He started to reach for a glass then turned slightly, an emotion somewhere between puzzlement and apprehension on his face. I dropped into a leather chair and waited Chee made a drink in silence. He turned and stood looking at me with the question mark easily notable above his head. I pointed to the opposite chair.
He sat and I said, “I have a problem. Your employers are not happy with your progress. They in turn have hired me to encourage you to work faster.” He started to speak and I cut him off, “However I do not know you well but I understand you are a scientist. I have no idea what you are working on, but a suspect you have either hit a break wall or you are trying to make sure it is safe. Knowing our mutual employer as I do it has something to do with exoticism and given your work it relates to weight gain. Herein lies the problem. I like your work and I know you are a good guy. However I have been given seventy five thousand credits to make you finish your work quickly. This money is enough to give me my 15% and pay for most of my normal maintenance facility with some pocket change. This cash is chump change, but unfortunately they are a major meal ticket for me and I can’t piss them off. Now I have two choices: either I can do what is expected of my and I can make your life a living hell or I help you complete your project and we both win.”
I finished and waited for the response.
After a deep swallow of liquor Chee said, “How did I get myself into this mess?”
I said, “You needed cash and they were willing to pay. Unfortunately our employers are not nice people. You should have realized they wanted whatever you are making yesterday and they do not respect long term projects.”
He nodded, “How do you propose to help?”
I shrugged, “What are you creating and what is holding the completion?”
He stood and waved me over to a workbench. On it dozens of computer disks and a number of nanotechnology tools plus four probe like things.
“I am working on a remote controlled weight gain, body inflating, force feeding device. It creates molecules from the surrounding atmosphere to create unstable fat, water, and milk. When one of these probes in inserted into the stomach of a female it is able to change her body with the simple press of a button.”
I grinned, “Very cool, but what is the hold up?”
He sighed, “The probe is complete, I admit it took me longer to design then I thought it would. But this technology is so new I am worried what might happen.”
“Well a subject could react badly to the molecules.”
“You said unstable molecules, like radiation?”
He shook his head, “No, no, no, the molecules degrade into inert gases which pass through the body and disperse. I mean the females could have an allergic reaction to the combinations of molecules forming some of the bonds. I am also worried that I will not be able to control the probe once her body is heavily burdened. I am also trying to determine the reliability of the equipment.”
“Can’t you make the probe secrete steroids to prevent the reaction?”
He nodded, “I have just installed that.”
“Are these probes ready for use?’
He nodded, “Yes I have been testing them on and off, but I have not tried them on a subject yet.”
Double check your notes, I am going to locate dinner, don’t go anywhere.”
He nodded not being in the greatest mood. He failed to notice the probe I had between my index finger and middle finger. I exited the room and headed for the elevator. My luck was good, a tall vixen with a slim figure locked her door just as I rounded the corner and she sauntered to the elevators. Noting her room number I caught up to her at the elevator. I waited a few steps behind her noting her well toned thighs bellow her tight shorts and her firm rear straining the fabric. The elevator arrived and I followed her in. When she turned I noted a flat waist and a small pair of breasts. Her face was pleasantly attractive and her smile was a stirring thing. When the door opened I headed for the concierge desk as she exited the hotel.
I arrived at the desk and I was greeted with a dimpled smile from a skinny vixen with huge eyes.
I said, “I need to discuss a mater with the house manager, Special Security Service.”
“can I see your badge?”
I shook my head, “I am on an op, I will disclose myself to the manager.”
She nodded and after a short interchange she told me to wait. I always carry some form of official ID and I am usually rewarded with its value.
I shifted my badge into the proper position next to my gun on my belt. A very top heavy vixen wearing a tight dress shirt emerged from the rear office. Her bread hips and relatively small waist gave her and exaggerated hour glass figure despite the unflattering garments she wore.
I opened my jacket flashing the badge, “I need to speak to you privately.”
She nodded and I followed her wobbling rear end into her office.
“Can I see your ID again?”
I handed it to her and I said, “I am Special Agent Caesar. We have reason to believe one of your guests may be involved in illegal activity. I am requesting access to her leasing form to discover the nature of her time here.”
“What is this activity?”
“Extortion, we believe she is attempting to gain access to some wealthy married men and engage in a sexual encounter. We have reason to believe that is the reason she has picked this hotel.”
The heavy vixen considered than said, “it is against hotel policy to hand out information.”
“I suspected as much, but because of the nature of this criminal behavior it would be in your interest to assist us in the investigation. If we can get an etemite of her stay I can return later with a warrant.” My usual good luck held. I had already noticed the family photo on desk. Two daughters: one around nine and a second about 14. The boy was 11 years old. Ms Farren sat to the left of her children without a husband present. I had already noted the lack of the Foxen wedding bracelet. As I continued speaking I picked up the picture and studied it with feigned interest, “We believe she has struck before and on the last group she caused two men to commit suicide. Her ability to wreak havoc is unbelievable and we would like to put her out of business. You have a beautiful family. They are 9, 11, and fifteen?”
she beamed, “Nala, Shonder, and Siena, but she is fourteen. You have your own?”
I quickly fabricated, “A son, 15. it is a scary age, just before I started this stakeout he dropped two strong hints about a tattoo. I am worried given my mother’s deafness he will sneak out of the house and get one.”
She finally smiled, “Siena has already begun to hint about body piercings. Are you divorced?”
“Three years, are you?”
she sighed heavily, her immense bosom rolling with the motion, “Four” she began typing, “Listen, you get a peak and please don’t tell I will lose my job.”
“I will not, but if I need a warrant later you had better be a good actor because you will see me again.”
She nodded, “I can he you go.”
She turned the monitor and I noted the week stay and a invitation to a resection in the dinning room on this night.
I nodded and I said, “For future reference this hotel uses the latest GalSystems monitoring system?”
She nodded, “Yes that should help you.”
I stood, “You have been a great help, thank you very much.”
She nodded, “good luck and stay safe.”

Ivy had a single occupancy, one week stay, she was young, healthy and thin, a perfect subject. Now if I new women she was heading out to shop for a dress because this was a big wig party and she had to have money. I should have another hour. I headed for my car and entered the trunk. I removed my cardlock pick set and several things for spy gear. I returned inside and back to my sixth floor. I walked down the hall to room 614 and removed a particular card and swiped it. The light turned read and I did it again. If it was going to work it would on the third swipe and it did. I stepped into the room and looked around. The room was a single with a queen sized bed, a bathroom and a small work table and chair. I pulled four cameras out of my pocket and began activating them. Each bean sized digital camera began transmitting to the cigarette sized receiver. I put one on the light looking into the bathroom, one facing the door at the far end of the room, one the other two in the overhead light looking down onto each bead. With that done I moved to the night table and noted the cupcake sitting on a plate. I pulled the probe out of my pocket and carefully put it under a sprinkle. I opened the door and checked the hallway. Seeing no sight of Ivy I moved into the hall.
I entered Chee’s suite and he looked up, “Where have you been?”
“I found you a subject, Ivy Tsania, 29 120 pounds, single, healthy, and here for one week.”
“We need to get her in her room, and put up surveillance.”
I plugged in the transceiver to one of the monitors and switched it one. I cycled through the four views and turned to my computer. Ten years earlier I had bribed an employee of a brand new company who designed security and surveillance systems to design me a back door. For a reasonable yearly fee I had access to every network and every system the company designed. Suing this back do I was rewarded with every camera in the hotel.
Chee passed and said, “How did you do that?”
“Trade secret, sorry. How long?”
“Give me one more hour.”
I needed to check in by breakfast the next morning; I needed to get Chee to finish soon. I would reveal to him that this Ivy had a probe in her…” I located the vixen moving through the lobby, still wearing those skin tight shorts. She was waking behind a bell hop carrying a dress bag. I was on a roll. I used the cameras to follow her up to the sixth floor and to her door. Before she unlocked it I turned to the far room camera and watched her enter and point to the bed. Then hand him a five credit price and he left. She removed a purple dress from the bag and admired it briefly, and she hung it up. Then I grinned, she took a massive bit of the cupcake and only a small portion remained as she swallowed the cake. With flip of her wrist the remaindered disappeared in a similar fashion.
I turned, “Hey doc come see your subject.”
He put down his reading and peered down at the vixen.
After she began removing her shirt he said, “She will do.”
I nodded, “Are you ready?”
“Stop rushing me.”
“I am not rushing you your employers are.”
“How are you planning to get a probe into her?”
“Food, don’t I will handle it.”
he nodded and returned to his work. Ivy was 5”6’ with a slim figure. As she stripped off her last garment I noted very little fat on her figure. Her legs were slender and shapely, while her rear was tight a firm. Perhaps she jogged given the nature of her figure. Her belly was flat, with the slightest of bulges, but perhaps that was her reddish hair playing with my vision. Her breasts were A cups at most and amounted to nothing of interest for myself a dedicated E man. Her waist length brown hair was strait and quite shinny. As I mentioned earlier her face was cute with nice eyes and a distinct sharp muscle.
Chee comment, “Do you ever feel dirty watching a poor woman undress?”
“You assume I have a conscience.”
Ivy took a brief shower and put own place lace panties and bra before downing her new dress. The item clung to her figure in all areas, but particularly around her rear. I was hoping to catch her in her room but she left a few minutes after finishing dressing.
I continued to watch her as I said, “Five minutes Chee.”
He ignored me and when his time ran out I turned, “Well have you concluded it is not safe?”
He shook his head, “I have not concluded it is either.”
“Well Doc we do not have a choice. We should test it now and forget about minor unknowns.”
He sighed heavily, “Fine, how are you going to get her eat one?”
“I did that when I bugged her room, number 3 I believe.”
With surprise he looked over at the remaining three probes and shook his head.
I grinned, “Look doc you said you eliminated the allege thing and so what’s the harm in a test?”
Dr Chee shrugged, “We have no idea of the possible side effects.”
“How will you find out unless you test it?”
He shrugged again, “If she balloons into a massive ball of jiggling fat are you going to take her home?”
“With pleasure.”
He laughed, “I forgot who I was talking to, you would.” He opened a drawer and handed me an old style remote, “I have installed a high frequency transmitter which will work up to a mile. The power button will activate the probe. 1-0 controls a specific aspect of her body, 1 her face and neck, 2 her arms, 3 her breasts—try not to wear out the button—4 her waist, 5 her buttocks, 6 her legs, 7 will even out the weight on her body, 8 will center the weight on her hips, 9 will make her top heavy, and 0 will cause an hour-glass figure. 8 will distribute evenly around her body after evening her out. Play is the normal growth speed and fast forward and rewind speed up or slow the rate of growth. Each time you press a button it will double or reduce the effect by one half. Stop will abort a growth command, and pause will allow you to freeze it without canceling. Record will make her digest the contents of her stomach and turn breast milk into fat. The sleep button will knock her out for ten minutes. Channel up fills her belly with milk and channel down fills it with air. Volume up fills her breasts in the same way. TV/video switches between fat and water. Mute will silence her.”
“What does the eject button do?”
“She will develop a sever case of hiccups and bring up the probe.”
“You are a genius.”
“I know.”
I turned back to the monitors focused on the vixen. Ivy laughed and struck magnificent poses in her dress as she mingled. What a body long legs, slender waist, tight butt, small breasts. Not bad, but far to thin.
“You said this is permanent?”
“it is not reversible as long as she still has the probe in her belly. Once she burps it up she will lose about one hundred pounds a day by evaporation until she reaches her normal weight.”
I turned the probe on and pressed 3. Ivy’s breasts grew slightly. I pressed the fast forward and then 3 again. Ivy’s breasts jumped a cup size. Her bosom hovered around a C cup as she still chatted happily unaware of a deep cleavage miraculously appearing over the top of her dress.
“She can’t feel?”
“That bra will cause her pain before her breasts get large enough for her skin to begin stretching painfully.”
I enlarged her breasts again and her breasts began overflowing her cups impressively. Without looking down Ivy attempted to loosen the pressure growing in her straps. The couple she was talking to had ceased eye contact and Ivy followed their gaze down. She gasped, spilling a drop of her drink at the deep furrow between her now large breasts. Hastily she bid adieu to the husband and wife and rapidly moved through the crowd to the exit. I held the channel button for a second and Ivy’s dress strained to hold a good sized bulge as her belly filled with milk. She stopped walking and clutched her bloated belly. After a second she began walking again, but I tapped the volume button. Her breasts surged forward and her bra straps began digging into her shoulders viciously. Having jumped three cup sizes within a bra too stubborn to break her breasts were beginning to pop out of her dress. She finally reached the exit. When the door closed behind her and she was in the disserted lobby she reached behind her to remove her bra. The attempt failed and she gasped as I held the channel button for two seconds. He belly flooded forward in a huge heavy dome. Her engorged belly and breasts made her appear somewhere between eight and ten months pregnant. The seam on either side of her dress ripped on both sides, exposing a football shaped patch of stretching fur covered flesh. She placed both hands under her heavily swollen belly trying to support the weight. I held the volume button for two seconds. Ivy’s breasts again surged with milk. Her rapidly growing spheres grew with enough force to snap the straps on her dress. Her dress would have fallen off if she did not have a swollen belly, and the top portion of her dress settled on top of the dome. Unfortunately for Ivy her black bra was stubbornly holding on. Furred flesh poured over under and around the cups. The lace in each cup was stretched so far her nipples were clearly visible. The bra straps were thin with strain and disappeared a few inches away from the cup. The vixen moaned in distress and waddled heavily towards the elevator still holding her belly.
Chee said, “Will you snap that bra? It has got to be painful.”
I held the volume again and with the new flow of milk finally compromised the unfortunate garment. The clasp straitened and with the addition of force from the vixen’s growing breasts launched the bra forward. Finally free of the bra’s restraint Ivy’s 13 inch breasts become spherical. Her heavy milk filled breasts settled to either side of her distended belly as she franticly pressed the up button. I tapped the 8 button twice. He body widened and softened, but most of the twenty pounds arrived in her hips. Her butt cheeks pushed back and to the sides adding strain to the dress already well beyond anything it was designed to hold. I pressed the fast forward button three times and tried the effects of 8 again. The elevator doors opened and she heaved her three hundred pound bulk into the elevator. Her butt was almost fourteen inches wide. Her arms we softening and her face was less well defined. She pressed the button for her floor and the elevator rose. Fortunately for her the lobby was still empty so this bloated, topless vixen was not a spectacle in a glass elevator. I held 7 down for a good seven seconds and watched Ivy balloon pass five hundred pounds. Her butt exceeded 30 inches as the growth spurt ended. Each of her thighs was nearly the width of her butt just seconds earlier; should not be able to touch her calves for a long time. Her widening body produced a broad waist, but with her full stomach she had a cute bulge among the developing pot belly. Her still engorged breasts were mostly spherical, but fat widened and lengthened them slightly. The vixen’s muzzle poked out of her fleshy cheeks. The tattered remains of her dress lay around Ivy’s broad soft feet. Her tight dress shoes tore as her feet swelled with fat. When Ivy reached her floor and the doors opened she lumbered through and she moved down the hall with a heavy rolling waddle. Each of her 16 inch cheeks bobbed and wobbled with each step.
I pressed the fast forward again and before I pressed Chee warned, “Careful that is one hundred and twenty pounds.”
I pressed 8 and Ivy’s already ample back spread impressively. Her butt passed forty inches wide. Each thigh was a foot and a half wide. I would not have been able to wrap an arm around one and touch my chest. I added a good five seconds on the channel button. Ivy’s stomach, which had developed into an apron dropping over her crotch, jumped forward. She moaned with discomfort as her stomach bloated further. I would guess her belly was the size of a small beach ball. It was covered in several inches of fat giving it a soft appearance. Her hands sank into her soft belly fat as she tried to reduce the pressure within. When Ivy reached her room she turned to enter the code and her belly bounced off the door causing her belly to ripple like a small pond. To halt the unpleasant sensation the vixen squeezed her belly and waited with her eyes closed for the waves to stop. When they did she entered the code. The realization finally hit that she was wider than the door. With distress she considered her situation. Sense privacy was good for the test we wanted her inside and I should have held off a bit. She squeezed her eyes shut and with determining she compressed the furry dome on either side. With a moan of pain she pressed ahead. She had just enough space to move through until her hips stuck snuggly. She strained and wiggled her hips, but made only slight progress. She grabbed hold of the closet and bathroom doorframes and pulled with all her might. The door frame cracked as her massive butt forced its bulk through. The released pressure would have sent her to the ground, but she caught the bathroom wall. She had to heave herself back up and turned back to her door. She started to shut it, but her protruding belly got in the way. She turned away and shut it once her offending waistline moved out of the way. Ivy moved into her room and lumbered to her bed. she reached it and tried to sit, but when she tried to bend her waist her belly bulged painfully in all directions. Straitening again she gazed longingly at her bed then at her massive stomach. She placed both of her hands under the mass and lifted, wincing. With a great feat of dexterity given her weight she backed up to her bed and bent her knees. She was nearly on top when she fell back onto her bed. The unfortunate piece of furniture groaned with the sudden weight and the frame bent slightly. Ivy’s massive fat engulfed body jiggled upon impact. She hugged her belly as it rippled densely. Once both painful waves ceased the huge vixen pulled herself up to her pillows and gazed down the length of her body. The wall in front of her was a mystery as her belly rose two feet above her. Her casaba sized breasts remained impressive firm, and sat on her heavy arms. Her neck and shoulders were difficult to distinguish. They merged into the mass of her body into soft mound. Her mussel was not as long as the bulge of her chin. Ivy lay on her bed with her legs spread. Her feet were as wide as they were long. Her dainty toes peaked out from her soft furry feet seemingly small. Above her feet her calves ballooned out over her ankles and reached 14 inches soon after starting. Her massive thighs again eclipsed the section bellow them and with their weight flattening them reached 48 inches. They bulged around her calves in an impressive roll. Even with three feet separation the vixen’s feet her thighs were pressed together. The deep crack resembled a massive cleavage. Her butt was far to large to be easily hidden and to either side of the vixen’s waist a ten itch long, six inch wide crescent of flesh emerged from the area surrounding the vague area where her thighs and waist were supposed to be distinct enmities.
Chee smiled, “I do believe we have an optimal testing environment.”
I grinned, “Is that permission to go for it?”
He shook his head, “As if you needed it, have fun my friend.”
I considered the form on the bed and smiled feeling the remote in my hand. After scribbling for a few seconds I concluded that Ivy had 16 gallons of cream within her belly, plus 3 more in each of her engorged breasts. Had the cream within her been ordinary cream she would have gained 50 pounds, but the enhanced nature tripled the affect and I pressed record. Ivy gasped as her belly shrank rapidly. Her hands holding her belly dropped rapidly and finally settled on a softer, plushier belly. As her hands began growing up they sank partly into the fat. Her apron mobbed two inches above her knees in a six inch bulge. Along the center line a tuck developed down the length and width of it centered on her belly button. On either side of the horizontal crease the fat bulged into a fold. The vixen’s breasts were far more modest then they had been. Even so, each was the size of a decent sized melon. Her thighs were now over 50 inches in width, each massive slab of flesh was falling over the sides of the bed. Ivy’s feet were spread to their max. At her knees another six inches of thigh encroaching on her calves. She had 40 inches of flesh between her knees. The soft brown furred skin moved out substantially. Her calves, compressed by her thighs expanded past her feet the soles of her feet were recessed several inches into her heavily fleshed calves except for her toes which emerged from the upward slope of her calve. Her ankle rested on a six inch bulge which was ten inches wide bellow and past her feet. I tapped number 9. Her breasts surged with fat as nearly 40 pounds deposited themselves on her chest. Each tripled its size in seconds. What once had been easily held in both hands become watermelon sized resting half on her body, half resting in the crook of her arms. The rest of the weight spread itself over her body smoothing one area and bunching another feature. I pressed 9 again with similar effect. Ivy’s breasts were becoming truly massive. With two more presses each was ninety pounds.
Chee grinned, “I have been wondering why you have been focused on her legs. Now she is looking more like your ideal woman.”
“I am testing your devise fox.”

To be continued