The Princess

By Dune


The vulpine looked up with terror and dread in her green eyes.  The haughtiness was gone, as the arrogant vixen realized where she truly fell in the realms’ law of nature.  Her paws were unless in the sorceress’s magical grip and she could only struggle ineffectively.

The lupine barked so loudly the vixen stopped thrashing and she cowered, “Stop struggling you brat, or you will be far worse off than before.  Now you punishment is quite striking I think.  For a creature so consumed by her own grandeur and special status I have the perfect punishment.  I will make fatten you until you can barely waddle, that is splendor of a different sort.”

The vixen went cold with fear seeing the white lupine’s cruel smile and knew the threat to be real, “No please, you must not, I am…”

   “SILENCE, but that is by no means fat enough.  You must grow even more obese.  Because of your vanity and selfishness, for every pound of fat gained by any female in your kingdom, you shall gain one.  That should suit you just fine.  You shall be a truly huge creature, spilling over with soft flesh, ton after ton of it, growing ever larger.”

With her ears turned down and slopping downward, the vulpine’s big eyes spilled over with tears, “My daddy will make you pay—“

The sorceress smiled with humor, “I doubt it, and he will watch you brim over with fat helplessly and you will never stop growing no matter how long he tries young vixen.”

The white lupine began to speak in a strange, musical language with her eyes shut.  Her arms rose up slowly and steadily, and her paws seemed to be cradling a sphere that was shrinking as she spoke.  The vixen coward away but her wide eyes were glued to the spell caster’s paws.  As the tips of her long nails almost touched blue energy began to form in a pinpoint and grew into a pulsating sphere that almost touched the fur covering the lupine’s palms.  The sorceress’s purple eyes opened and her chanting ended.  With a small smile that affected only her muzzle she opened her paws as she stared directly at the cowering vixen.  The orb of concentrated magical energy shot towards its target.  It hit the vixen in her chest and disappeared in a flash.  The vulpine moaned in dread but she was yanked roughly into a standing position.  With that the invisible paws holding her disappeared.  She looked at the sorceress who stood watching her contemptuously with her sneer.

The vixen felt her dress become vary tight.  She looked down and moaned.  Her belly and breasts pushed her against the fine silk of her dress.  The fine blue fabric stretched rapidly as her body inflated with fat.  Her breasts poured out of the neckline and her tummy flesh had an over-ripe blueberry appearance as the fabric grew even tighter.  Her rear grew with equal gusto pulling the fabric downward.  The tops of her cheeks were exposed and butt flesh poured out the back.  The vulpine’s thin face developed plump cheeks and chins began to develop in pairs.  With a sharp rip the seams began to tear at the level of her hips.  Soft furred flesh jumped through the gaps and the dress split at the sides in a fast wave.  As the pressure from the fabric released the vixen’s fat was freed from its restraints and blossomed.  Still swelling rapidly, her flesh shifted to where it wanted to be.  Her large belly bulged forward and settled over her crotch wobbling heavily.  The white furred surface was divided by three folds that moved around under her arms forming plump love handles over her ample hips.  Jiggling like puddings her white furred breasts rapidly plumped up and settled onto her tummy like ripe melons with coin sized nipples.  Her back formed a stack of three creases resting over her fat butt with the rounded bulges meeting down her spine in a press of soft flesh.  The vulpine’s rust colored thighs grew with a steady but not to say slow rate.  Both of her thighs grew ever plumper and seemed determined to move together.  As their girth began to rival their length her black furred footpaws were being pushed apart.  The white stroke of fur beginning bellow her crotch disappeared under her apron and as she reached eight hundred pounds.  The three creases in her tummy were very deep and the bulges puffed up, ever larger for the eye to see.  Her watermelon sized breasts were elongating but remained full and plump.  Her flabby biceps were wide and soft, and were as wide as long at their widest point.  Their overflow of flesh fell over her forearms and reached her black glove fur.  Her chins numbered six total and her cheeks were big and round, but jolly wound not describe her fearful and shocked face.  The vixen’s sharp muzzle was dulled by the flesh softening the rest of her as well.

As the gain pumped her body up with fat, the vixen was initially stiff with shock.  She merely watched herself fatten stupidly.  But the spell did not slow and her fear seemed to grow with her body.  She looked up at the sorceress and found the wolf’s gaze to be heartless contempt with a touch of self satisfied humor.  Her smile grew at her victim’s and she was even more terrified at the sight of the white vixen’s amusement.  Her mind raced: How much fatter can I get?  What am I going to do?  The sorceress seemed unconcerned that she was going to leave and she herself had doubts how far she could waddle, running was not an option.  The weight of her body was so great that she wanted to lie down.  The flesh was soft and moved in jiggling waves with so little effort it belied its incredible weight.  From a long distance lesson from a tutor long since forgotten an idea formed.  Some spells worked only as long as the caster could see its target.  In her mind the vixen found salvation and gleam of hope.

Still inflating at an incredible rate her fat swollen body moved slower than her mind.  Her thighs were far too wide for her to separate, and she had to force her bulky flesh limbs against each other to move forward.  Her thighs bulged to the sides as she forced her forty inch thighs forward.  Her mid-thigh length apron shifted from thigh to thigh and the three rolls of fat compressed and expanded as her belly wobbled energetically.  With her calves resting on her footpaws she forced herself one step, than another in a slow half circle.  When she was turned, she began moving away.  The shuddering of fat was like the movement of a sea, flesh sloshing from side to side as she moved in her laborious waddle.  Her eight foot wide rear flowed from left to right with her lumbering gate.  In the same motion each oblong cheek bounced in the opposite motion as the other.

It was not long before the vixen’s body began groaning.  Her skin was not used to containing so much extra flesh and in her mind she believed she could hear her skin creaking with the effort of containing it.  Her weight seemed to tempt her to rest but she focused on her task, taking one tiny step at a time.  Sweat began to form all around her swollen body.  It dampened the fur over her eyes and dripped down while she could feel drops jumping from one roll of fat on her back to another.  The sorceress’s cackling laugh was full of humor, both amused and contemptuous.

The vixen tried not to listen but the words were sharp and clear, “You’re trying to leave?  How long could you possibly think you can get away when you are overflowing with fat?”

The vulpine glanced behind her tentatively.  Feeling the flesh around her face moving in ripples, she had to look over her full cheeks.  The sorceress was gone.  With a frantic moan of fear the fat bloated vixen turned back to her course.  With a dread laden whimper she found herself staring directly into blue eyes filled with smug satisfaction and the ever present contempt.

With a rich tone to her pleading voice, “Please…no more, I have learned my lesson…”

The sorceress laughed, “Learned what?  What have you learn fat vulpine?”

With her tears falling freely in self pity and feeling her jowls and cheeks wobbling liquidly with her words the vixen stammered, “That I must…not be so vain.”

The wolf laughed, “You do not get it.  Is beauty the only thing to which I speak?” With confusion on her chubby face the vixen could not form a reply. With a smile the mage waited for a moment before nodding as if nothing was expected as the answer, “I will tell you what.  If you figure that out I will reverse the curse.”

With a lightning fast motion the sorceress shot her arms out.  Her paws sank into the vixen’s plump shoulders and with a strong push the fat bloated vulpine’s balance failed.  With a shriek and shuddering fat the vixen fell.  Her blubbery arms waved ineffectively but her tip backwards had very little distance to fall.  Her butt and thighs touched down first and spread out around her as her belly flattened her into her lower body.  Her body was a mass of wobbling waves of fat that gradually settled over almost a minute.

The vixen’s tear filled eyes looked up at the looming sorceress as the white lupine spoke, “I suspect you will fatten a great deal.  In fact I suspect you will be far beyond immobility and just bursting with fat long before you figure out why you are being punished.”  With a puff of smoke the sorceress began to fade from sight.  When her outline was indiscernible form dark forest her last jab come from all around the incredibly fat vixen, “For now you should stop fattening up soon.  Good luck you fat beauty.”




“You clumsy oaf!  You have ruined my new dress!”

The shrill bark came from a vixen with red wine dripping from the fur on her left shoulder and the red stain was expanding on the front of her white silk dress.  With hatred she glared as a young lioness bowed to the floor and who quivered in fear.

   “My lady I am sorry—“

Princess Yona’s pale blue eyes burned, “Why would you do such a thing?”

The servant’s tone was nothing but regret, subservience, and fear, ‘I tripped on the rug my lady and—“

The vulpine laughed scornfully, “Sure you did imp, was it because my dress was brand new or because you merely needed something to chuckle at later in the evening?”

The young servant’s blue eyes were filled with tears of sorrow and only the cruelest of fur would see anything by submission and honesty.

            Princess Yona was a vixen with tremendous breading and ego.  Her father the King of the Eastern Realm was a powerful fox with a long lineage.  His towering height and strong muscles made him by all means the most powerful of kings despite a somewhat modest kingdom.  Few lords crossed her father.  Her mother was taller than most vixens with the long legs of a model and gentle curves that fit her elegant nature.  She could instill trust from even the harshest or scariest of foes.

Some said height was Yona’s problem, the only child from the king and queen was barely 5 feet 2 inches tall and with large heals could achieve 5 foot 5.  Others said her mother’s constant dotting on her daughter or the king’s desire to furnish her the best of every made Yona believed she was above all others.  She enjoyed her ability to torture servants, making them grovel before her.  She had chosen to ignore her beauty when considering herself.  Her rust colored fur was short but lush.  Her four paws were covered in black boot fur and from chin to inner thigh her belly was snow white fur.  Her brushy tail was tipped with the same white as her stroke.  Her hair was a golden blonde and was thick and healthy.  Falling to her tail in long braids it shimmered in the sun.  Her face was doll like with soft features and big blue eyes with long lashes.  Princess Yona would have been considered cute if her fowl moods and pouts did not terrorize all.

            She stormed from her sitting room with her braids whipping around her upright tail, showing her irritation.  She arrived before her bed and stopped.  Her numerous paw-maidens were there too and hearing her outburst jumped to get her a new dress and clean off the wine.  Moving not a paw to assist them, she waited with impatience for them to finish.  When she was once again clean and clothed she stormed back into her sitting room.

Glaring down at the young maiden cleaning the wine on her knees the princess said, “You will purge yourself of such unpleasant thoughts by not eating for one week.  That should calm your temper.”

The feline who had been guilty of only clumsiness when she spilled the wine looked up at her mistress’s face which showed a cruel smile and nasty twinkle in her blue eyes.  Knowing the princess loved her authority and would love to make the punishment worse said, “Yes my lady.”

Before Yona turned a voice said, “Princess Yona”

She turned to see her father’s aide snapped, “What do you want lackey?”

   “Your father wishes to see you in the throne room.”

   “I will be down when I am decent, now leave.”


            “But father I don’t want to go to that musty place.”

The princess had pouting down to an art.  Her big eyes looked ready to spill over with tears; they could be turned on in an instant.  Her ear dropped down while her mouth showed disappointment.

The King however was a strong willed creature and this was not a cute pony in a field; he stayed firm, “Yona darling, I have told you this twice already.  The high mage has evidence someone in this castle will try to harm you to influence me.  If you remain here, my ability to protect my realm will be at risk.  You must go to the Crystal Tower and remain there until the council is over.  You will leave at noon.  You should arrive by nightfall tomorrow.”

The queen leaned forward in her throne, “Yona please, it is only for a fortnight.”

The princess turned on the tears and sighed in despair, “But it is so lonely and boring there.  I could go through twenty books and still have nothing to do and be so lonely.”

The King finally cracked, “How can I make it less lonely?”

Yona had been manipulating her royal parents her entire life and knew how to get away with anything.  With sigh she said, “I love being home with my family in this wonderful court.  There is nothing that will make me less homesick.” She waited a heartbeat for the king and queen to think a short thought and than said, “But perhaps one of the local theater troops might entertain me and a few of the local girls might be able to teach me some of the local customs?”

The King nodded, “A splendid idea.  You will be kept happy with those, and you can become more familiar with peoples of this kingdom.  I will make the proper arraignments.  Please do not miss us too much, it is only a fortnight.”

With a deep sigh the princess nodded and tried to wipe away her tears, “Alright father I will go.”

The King nodded, “Thank you Yona.”

The princess turned away and she smiled slightly.  Any sadness seemed to melt away as she left the throne room.  She knew exactly how to get what she wanted, and with that pitiful snuffling she could expect more when she finally got home.


            With a sigh the princess stared out of the carriage at the passing forest.  The sound of horses’ hooves and the clatter of both soldiers’ equipment and smack of leather echoed hollowly through the tunnel of green.  The dirt road caused the carriage to bump about slightly but the driver was taking care not to jostle his passenger.  Occasional voices called out but for the most part all of the princess’s escorts knew her temper was easily aroused and choose to remain quiet.  The dawn was rapidly lightening everything in deep green shadows.  The sleepless night was turning the Princess’s mood foul and her vixen and dormouse paw-maidens cowered, knowing her temper could be directed towards them at any moment.

            When she stirred her focus was elsewhere.

In a sharp, piercing voice Yona called out, “Captain, come to me at once!”

The sound of galloping hooves approached and as the Princess opened the window further as the burley fox rode up.

He bowed his waist as best his armor would allow and asked, “Yes my lady?”

Without the slightest courtesy the vixen demanded, “How long until I reach the tower?”

   “We are four hours away your majesty.  Can I do anything for you until them?”

With a curt shake of her paw the Princess sat back with a second sigh.  There was a sudden crash of brush and a shout cut short.

With a curse the captain started to turn away towards the sound when a flash of light surrounded him.  The shimmering light hid the fox for a second then the royal carriage shuddered to a stop.  The princess looked away from the captain briefly but when her gaze returned she gasped.  The fox and his horse were grey.  With a flash of recognition Yona realized he had gone to stone.

With shrill fear in her voice she called out, “Coachman why have we stopped?  Get moving at once!”

The sounds around her were gone.  Even the birds and insects had gone silent.  Yona glanced at her servants and the pair coward in the corner.  She leaned out the window towards the driver and her heart froze.  The pair of steeds had been frozen in stone, and the coachfur was frozen with his whip upraised.  Franticly the princess looked around and found other stone figures around her carriage, all perfectly frozen.  Her reaction was purely selfish, no thought of the poor petrified soles nor her servants cowering behind her ever crossed her mind.  With her eyes wide she looked for her attacker and saw nothing.  It was the silence that bothered her; she would have given anything for the song of a bird.

            When it came it was far worse than the quiet of the wood.  The laugh was loud and cackling.  Its sharp notes echoed around the trail; faded and returned to the vulpine’s alert ears.  With terror erasing all thought she ran.  With her shoes flying off with her frantic steps she pushed off into the brush.  She ran for several moments before entering a clearing.  Before her mist swirled along the ground and wrapped the clearing in an ominous air.  With hesitation she moved into the open and froze.  The mist moved inward toward the center of the clearing and formed into a column before Yona.  In a flash a light a white female wolf appeared.  Yona came to a sharp stop.  The lupine was well over six feet tall.  Her fur was pure white and her shoulder length hair had no more color than her fur.  Her thin body was almost skeletal in appearance and was clad in equally white robes.  The short Princess’s gaze looked upward into her face and she felt mesmerized by the lupine’s glowing blue eyes.

With a small smile the wolfette bowed, “Princess Yona, it is a pleasure to meet you.  I am the Sorceress Platia.”

Yona opened her mouth to speak, but for the first time in her life, she had nothing to say.  With a wave of her paws the vulpine princess felt as if her paws were in the grip of strong arms.

The sorceress’s smile became broad and her eyes twinkled with contempt, showing Yona her own fear filled eyes, “You are a wicked child Princess.  It is time for me to teach you a lesson…”


The cobwebs in the captain’s head were thick and he almost fell of his horse.  He righted himself and shook his head violently.  His horse stumbled in a half circle obviously just as mentally thick as himself.  He jumped off the equine and moved to the royal carriage ignoring the soldiers and others coming to life.  He vaguely comprehended the petrifaction spell but magic was not his area of expertise.  He jogged the short steps to the carriage and looked inside.  The servants lay in the corner cowered in fear but there was not princess.  He turned to locate the young vixen.   He looked left and right and then saw one white shoe lying among some trampled brushes.  He sprinted through and found the trail not overly difficult to follow.

            His ears pricked up at the sound.  It was quiet sobbing.  The low sound was not far off but sounded deep and rich.  The captain pushed a low pine branch out of his face and the sight before him caused him to freeze with almost the same solidity as the petrifaction spell.  He did not recognize the naked vixen at first, but that was not unexpected.  The vulpine was so swollen with fat as she sat on the ground her body spread out around her.  Her fur gleamed in the dawn light and gave the soldier enough light to see her in all of her glory.  Her thighs measured a good six feet wide and even with her legs spread almost painfully they touched much of their length.  The white fur between them was just visible bellow her belly.  Her calves were almost three feet wide their entire length with a curve narrowing over her black footpaws.  Her dainty paws could not touch the earth but rested in little niches of black furred flesh.  Her butt spread out almost a foot beyond on each side of her body because of the great weight pressing down on it.  With her tail emerging between her cheeks and a roll of fat resting on both it had little space.  Her belly formed three massive folds of flesh and its white fur made its size more evident.  The lowest bulge was the largest, divided down the middle forming an almost perfect crevice lined up with her thighs and her belly button.  It passed her knees and was two thirds her hips’ girth.  Her navel was hidden among the folds somewhere making up the white furred fat of her belly.  Her watermelon sized breasts were two feet long and wide and almost as thick. They lay over her belly, shifted aside by the apex of her tummy.  Her pale pink nipples pointed towards her pudgy knees.  The vixen’s biceps were all flesh, as wide as long, with a deep crease defining them from her soft shoulders.  Her lower arms were a third the thickness of her biceps but quite rotund.  Her paws resting on her belly were dwarfed her body around them but were nonetheless quite plump.

            The vixen’s face was just as difficult to recognize as her body.  Seven chins with the lowest resting on her chest nested two cheeks the size of good sized melons.  Her muzzle was half swallowed by both and had gone soft with fat.  The tears matting her fur streamed from half closed eyes freely.  One of her braids followed the fat forms down to her rear but the other lay over her shoulder and fell over her breast coming to rest on her big belly.

            The captain gapped in astonishment, seeing this vixen.  He knew it was Princess Yona; it could be no one else.  Her hugely obese body was only a few yards from a torn pile of clothing and her crown lay even closer to her.  He did not know what to do, let alone what to think, but the realization he had failed to protect the princess hit him suddenly.  The threat had been a ploy, one which the royals had fallen for.  Getting the princess back to the castle with her great weight would be a challenge.



            The young lioness giggled quietly through her paws.  Her sister Tia glared at her to get her to shush.  The target was a big pie on the windowsill of a neighbor and the aroma had been harassing them for hours.  They both felt it was cool enough for a little theft.  Now Iko followed her littermate through the low bushes beside the house where the pie sat in a window.  With care not to rustle any foliage or be seen the littermates reached the window.  With a quick peak Tia checked the kitchen.  The room was empty and with a deft grab she removed the delight and ducked out of sight.  Iko almost let another giggle escape her lips as she turned and scuttled away with her sister close behind.  She remerged into the open and checked for any elders.  She waved a paw and sprinted across the road with her serpent like tail curling with her anticipation of the ill-gotten snack.  They quickly found a little spot in the shade and out of sight.  Iko inhaled deeply and the rich smell of baked fruit filled her nose.  Tia set the pie down and pulled out wooden spoons.  The lioness sisters began to wolf down the pie despite the steam wafting from the sweet filling.

            When Iko finished her half of the pie her flat tummy had a little bulge pushing out her belly button.  Her sister with a similar waistline had dark fruit caking her muzzle and several drips on her dress.  When this was pointed out she quickly removed most of the evidence, but the pastel green fabric was discolored.

Tia said, “We will have to get new cloths or someone will know we took the pie.”

Iko nodded, “What if I go get one off the wash line?  That way no one will know.”

With a nod her sister agreed and Iko stood up.  She moved out of the hiding place before she could be spotted then began walking normally.  She was just to her house when she suddenly found herself before a white lupine.

The tall creature smiled down at her and winked, “Stealing pies are we?”

Iko gasped and stuttered, “No…no of course not, I mean, what are you talking about?”

The wolfette laughed, “Ah, I was just commenting.”  With an elegant movement she reached into her basket and withdrew a white package, “Take this to your sister.  I always enjoy young ones who love good food.  Perhaps you will not still any more today?”

Iko nodded and accepted the treat, “Yes my lady.”

As she scampered off Platia smiled quietly: Well young Princess that will certainly be a rude awakening.


The sun reflected off the rushing stream and light droplets of water from rapids soared into the air briefly.  They sparkled in the sun and made miniature rainbows over the roughest water.  The roar of water moving over thousands of rocks and a nearby falls filled the air.  My paws moved gently in the air as I suspended three energy spheres over the water and spun them in complex patterns.  It was an ideal form of meditation, difficult yet relaxing at the same time.

   “Oh mighty Xanth, you must come to the city of Aragannon at once!”

The voice came out of nowhere and to be perfectly honest how the person knew I was there was beyond me.  The spheres dissolved with my concentration and with the irritation of a wizard who has been interrupted I snapped, “Who is there?”

The little fox was half my height and looked scared to death.  His green eyes bulged and he was sweating profusely.  His horse looked tired and on the verge of collapse.

The fox bowed, touching his muzzle to the dirt before me, “I am merely a messenger from the Court of Mianga, sent to bring you there for the most urgent of matters.”

With a scowl I said, “I live on the top of a mountain in the Great Range between both kingdoms.  That might give someone the impression I do not care to the Ancients or great giver of knowledge what you fools do in your realms, nor do I enjoy visitors.”

The messenger looked up trying not to shake, “Wizard, our young princess has been cursed and none of the court mages have been able to solve her, um…predicament.  My lord has said you must only name your price.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Anything?”

   “Even the King daughter’s as a wife if you wish.”

That was the last thing I desired but the Eastern Realm’s treasury had several items of great magical power that were quite desirable, “I do not but the offer will be accepted with another reward.”

The messenger got to his feet and backed away with his horse in tow, “Thank you mighty sorcerer please hurry.  It is of the most importance.”

I nodded as the fox stood and mounted his horse, “I shall arrive in do time.  Tell your king I will be most irritated if this is a waste of my time.”

The messenger shook his head, still backing away, “It is not sir.  Please forgive my intrusion.”

   “You are only following your orders.  Your king however shall receive an earful.  Now be gone.”


Iko leaned back against the little fence sheltering the young thieves’ hideout.  Her tail waved back and forth in a slow curling dance seeming to mimic her gluttonies indulged state of lethargy.  Her paws slowly rubbed her bloated little belly, repeatedly going against the flow of her fur, than smoothing her glossy pelt.  Her whiskers were dotted with crumbs and sugar, as was her dress.  The white paper package contained a rather heavy object and when the sisters unwrapped it, they found a big sugar covered mincemeat pastry.  Both greedy sisters were delighted by the gift and unknowingly made it disappear almost as fast as their benefactor could have.

The warmth in her tummy was pleasant, calming, and delightful.  Iko purred contently and her sister’s purr confirmed her enjoyment of the same feeling.  Her only movement was the rhythmic motion of her paws on her so the sensation of warmth moving from her belly outward took several moments to reach her sleepy mind.

As it did a question seemed to enter it, asking in the same voice as the white vulpine, More?  Would you like to have more delights?  I can make you as fat as you can fantasize young Iko.

Iko sat up; feeling startled, yet the warmth seemed to calm her, making the experience seem, almost normal.  The lioness glanced in her sister’s direction, seeing her sitting up as well.

            Tia closed her eyes as if in familiar territory she pictured a massive pile of delights of all kinds.  The variety was great and she began to salivate in anticipation.  Reaching out she selected a cake and bit into it.  Sweetened fruit filling oozed out around her muzzle.  Any of the lioness’s hesitation melted as she began to eat with both paws.  The food seemed to be endless and so did the lioness’s appetite.  Her belly began to grow outward with astonishing speed and her body began to plump.  With only delighted giggles the sisters continued to eat and grow fatter…


Yona shrieked with shrill irritation, “What must I do to get through your thick skull?!  I will not put such awful fabric on my body!”

The fat bloated vixen’s naked body spread out around her as she sat on her bed.  The effort of taking measurements for a dress had taken almost an hour and she had been exhausted by the effort of standing for much of that time.  After a nap lasting over three hours her mood was not improved.  A young lioness and vixen sat under Yona’s massive body and were massaging her pudgy footpaws with great care, trying to avoid her wrath.  Her belly sagged between her knees and partly fell atop the pair of servants as their paws moved around her footpaws and her overhanging calves.  The king had tripled his daughter’s servants and in the princess’s quarters and they were being yelled at, harassed, and humiliated by the royal with more venom than ever.  Yona’s fat swollen body had made her even more hatful and her outbursts came with more spite.  The object of her passion at this moment was a small little calico catfur covered in a dress that was the size of a parachute.  She struggled to pull it from her head where the princess had thrown it in her temper tantrum.

The princess’s eyes burned with anger and she leaned forward until the massive bulging of her tummy threatened to force her breast into her face, “You will go back and make me a dress out of silk.  I will not put any filthy, scratchy, or plain cotton on my body.  Can I get a little clearer incompetent fool?”

The striped catfur finally freed herself from mass of fabric and she bowed deeply trying not to tremble, “I am sorry my lady, I will…”

With her chins jiggling and her cheeks and jowls bobbing passionately Yona howled, “I am naked, get me clothing now you mindless idiot!”

The tailor grabbed franticly at the titanic dress piled around her and with it clutched in both arms she scuttled from the room with haste.

With her breath coming in sprits from her effort Yona leaned back feeling the dense fat of her belly settle back into place in slow shuddering wobbles.  The princess snapped several orders and had a servant plumping the pillows up behind her and others looking for food and drink.  She wanted to relax but her fattened body was always reminding her of her obesity.  When she was reclined her belly rested like a huge weight in her lap and her thighs always seemed to touch.  If she lay on her belly its massive size was like a pillow and her breasts hung down with impressive weight.  Any movement resulted in bulging limbs or jiggling fat.  She had ranted and raved, bullied her father’s clerics, and even produced tears to make her father work his lazy magicians to fix her.  Yet she had been denied and her exertions had resulted in nothing.

You have learned nothing.  Yona struggled to sit up suddenly, not have any luck until several servants pulled her upright.

With her eyes wide and her heart racing the princess gasped, “Did you hear that?”

The maidens in her room glanced at each other and stared at Yona blankly.

Finally one brave lioness ventured, “Hear what my lady?”

Yona shrieked, “The voice you fool!”

   “What—what voice my lady?”

   “Help me up now!”

The princess’s servants pulled her upright and with frantic glances around the room she only saw the confused and nervous faces of her servants.  She had heard it, she had.  The sorceress…

            The feeling spread slowly at first, it grew stronger and moved to her whole body steadily and almost unnoticeably.  She stood in her immense nudity, not knowing what to do, nor recognizing the sensation.  The surge pushed her body outward suddenly and powerfully.  Her belly bulged forward and her fat rolls deepened.  Her apron dropped another few inches and her waist pushed her thick biceps a degree or two up.  Her breasts plumped up, stretching her nipples further.  Another chin appeared and her cheeks swelled just a bit.  Her rear pushed back and its impressive width widened as did her giant thighs.

            Yona gasped as she gazed upon her swelling form.  Her mind flashed back to the dawn days earlier and the tremendous gain stretching her body like a fat balloon.  The reason escaped her.  The sorceress is not here; how can I be fattening again?

In her mind the Sorceress said—For every pound gained by your subjects, you shall gain a pound as well.

Those fat little peasants!  How could they do this to me?  I shall tell father to increase the taxes and take their stores.  They can not be doing this to me!  The gain slowed than stopped.  Slowly, she turned, feeling the extra weight.  In the mirror beside her bed she gapped her body had widened well over a foot and the base of her apron was loaming just over her knees extended before her thighs three feet.  The pure white of her stroke made the three rolls stand out.  The lowest of the folds of flesh was the biggest; it was divided down the center from her navel and followed the curve of her tummy under her apron.  The forceful swelling of her belly forced her red fur into a crescent whose peak of red reached half the distance of her bosom and equal to her thighs.  Its smaller cousins forced forward by the growth of her breasts stretched her red fur into the territory of white.  Her chins were thick and full and her muzzle was almost swallowed by her cheeks.

            Yona looked around and saw her servants staring in astonishment.  Their eyes were wide and many jaws were slack.  For once no vile words seemed to come to her lips.  In fact the massively fattened princess could only stare back in confusion.


I reached the northern outskirts of a little town in the boarder land of the Eastern Kingdom.  It was like most in the Great Plains, with a spattering of small huts amid fields of cereal and modest vegetable patches surrounding the more densely packed village.  The village was modest with the two story inn and tavern the single largest structure and focal point.  At first I did not see anything unusual.  It was peaceful, but not overly so with plump peasants and serene surroundings.  The birds were making an impressive racket and occasional snippets of conversation and the clatter of work reached my ears.

It was however when I began to enter the town itself when I perceived the unusual nature of the furs.  While the Eastern Kingdom was known for its happy, well feed furs.  The king, unlike his daughter, was a generous fox; never taking more taxes than most of his subjects felt was reasonable.  Yet the pure size of some of the local lionesses seemed impressive.  One was a lumbering beauty barely able to heave herself a few yards before needing to rest.  In fact most of the predominately Leo community’s lionesses were quite plump or obese.  While the rich could have easily gained such a weight, I took note of a peasant girl weighting eight hundred pounds despite tattered clothing and a broken down mule and it seemed to be a paradox.  As young as she was, and as poor, it seemed odd her family would produce, let alone feed her enough for her to get so fat at such a young age.  This was quite puzzling, I had never been in this village before, but rumors of such well fleshed females and the wealth needed to produce them would have not only reached my ears but also would have aroused trouble from raiders.  It seemed this was not the normal state of this village.

I had many questions and while I had not planned on stopping, the collector of knowledge that all wizards were in me made stopping and at least asking some questions irresistible.  It was not long until I found a pair who showed promise.  The lionesses were young, no longer cubs but not quite adults either.  Both were big girls, combined their weight easily surpassed half a ton.  They watched me with big green eyes, alert and mischievous.  The pair reclined on a big stack of hey by the inn’s stables and their obese bodies seemed to be of no embarrassment or unhappiness to either.

I changed course and approached, removing my normal dower expression for not quite a smile but at least a pleasant persona.  The lionesses did not bother to get up as I approached but were watchful.

I jumped down from my horse and said, “Good afternoon young lionesses.  I am the sorcerer Xanth, passing through this village.”

Both female lions smiled and the one on the right said, “I’m Tia, this is my sister Iko.” She poked her sister’s big belly sending shuddering waves through the fat feline’s abdomen, “See I told you he was a wizard.”

I grinned, “I have many questions about your village, would you be willing to accommodate my nosiness?”

Tia considered and with a smile and solicitous look said, “Well sorcerer, we would, but we hate talking on empty stomachs.  If you summon something good enough we might be able to help.”

I laughed, “A smart young fur you are.  I must warn you however I have not summoned food for a few years.  I can not guarantee much.”

I put an image of sweet cream and strawberries into my mind and with a simple summon spell produced a big bowl in my right paw.  The sweet smell of the barriers reached my nostrils and I quickly sampled the creation.

With the pair of lionesses looking on my face with anticipation I smacked my lips and said, “I think I outdid myself.”

Tia smiled as Iko took the bowl with wide eyes, “Alright wizard, you want to know why we are so fat?”

I nodded, “I am curious.  It is quite unusual.  Even baring in mind the cleaver why in which you talked me into this creation.”

With a giggle the more demonstrative of the twins sucked cream from her paw and then said, “Four days ago we had a visitor in town.”

Iko interrupted, “She caught us stealing a mincemeat pie.”

Tia glared and said, “I’m telling the story.  Let me talk, anyway Iko met this white wolfette who gave her this pastry.  When we ate it, the vulpine seemed to enter our heads and asked us how much we wanted to eat and how fat we wanted to be.  Well we are greedy and wanted to get fat, but our mother forbade us from getting too fat before being married.  So we jumped at the chance and we ate so much food.”

The lioness smiled, remembering the event and her sister said, “It was wonderful Mister Xanth.  We could just eat and eat.  We only stopped when we were fat enough to attract the right kind of mates.”

Tia nodded, “The kind that give us lots and lots of food.  Anyway, this white lupine stayed in the village for only a couple of hours but she fattened up a lot of lioness and a few lions.  All of us are just so excited.  Its not every day one gets to be so big and plump.”

I scratched my chin, “But why was she doing this?”

Tia shrugged, “I have no idea; I don’t think she talked to anyone beyond offering her sweets.  I also heard she moved down the road to the south.”

Iko nodded, “She did that there too.  I heard it from the mayor.”

I scratched my chin.  This would require more investigation.  The city Aragannon could wait.

Tia cocked her head, “Why are you so interested?”

   “I like to know things.  That is what being a good wizard is about.”

Iko spoke while her sister chewed a big muzzleful of cream and strawberries, “So you are nosy?”

Tia elbowed Iko and what remained of dessert almost fell except for a quick snag by the one of the lionesses.

Tia swallowed and said, “Shush, don’t say things like that.”

I chuckled, “I am nosy, but I prefer inquisitive.”

Iko giggled as Tia looked absolutely aghast, “You are not so bad for a—“

Tia gasped as her eyes grew huge and dumped the bowl’s contents on her sister’s chest.  Iko giggled and tossed a pawful back.

I took a step back to avoid flying dessert but had nothing to worry about.

Tia looked up with a respectful frown and said, “Our grandmother always said to watch out for black foxes.  She believed they were troublemakers.”

I chuckled as I climbed onto my horse.  With a little nodded and a wink I summoned another bowl, this time between the lionesses of breadfruit pie, “We are young ones, we are.”


The princess lumbered through the hall felling her weight shifting back and forth and from side to side as fat moved from one side of her center of gravity to the other.  Over the last day her gaining showed no sign of slowing.  She heaved herself through a wide archway.  The Hall of Mirrors was ample by any means, and the vulpine’s great bulk was not yet large enough to threaten the room’s spaciousness.  Seven of the eight walls of the hexagon shaped room were lined from floor to ceiling with mirrors polished to reflect everything from the polished stone ceiling and floors to the fat swollen royalty.  Yona had reached the point that her body was too massive for her to see at once.  Her breasts and belly produced an artificial horizon she could not overcome except in this room and it was becoming a regular stop for her.  In fascinated horror she could look upon her bloated frame and see it from any angle.  Yona’s huge reflection appeared in the walls with many more reflections of reflections behind them.  The constant wobbling of her flesh and the regular change of angle resulted in a dancing quality to her reflection that her heavy waddling body was far too obese to reproduce.  She halted at the center of the room and considered her reflection. 

Her hips were well past fifteen feet wide.  At almost four tons Yona’s body was growing despite every effort of the royal magicians to halt her growth.  Yona had taken a dozen potions and drank a gallon or two of healing spring water in the hope that something would stop her gain.  They best they could do was keep her mobile and that initialed drinking enough potions of strength and featherweight elixirs to make her slosh from all the fluids as well as jiggle.

Her white silk dress was of the highest quality as she demanded.  Around her breasts and her belly to the creases separating the first and second rolls of fat on her belly the dress’s seams were split from the great pressure of her swollen body.  Her dress pleating rapidly spread outward but at the seam it sank into her soft belly fat.  Her hips stretched the pleating out and the silk hugged her thighs.

Yona gazed as herself feeling her breath sending ripples through her bosom.  Tears of frustration, fear, and self pity formed in her eyes and the young princess clenched her pudgy paws into fists.  As she gazed at herself she felt the fat beginning to surge through her body again.  As a spurt began stretching out her tight skin she tried to look away but the draw was too much.  Her dress creaked ominously and with a tarring her dress at the mid point split separating the top from the bottom.  A roll of white fur changing to red at the sides of her tummy pushed the sections of her dress apart.  Her soft breasts pressed together and her white furred mummeries plumped up deepening her white furred cleavage.

The laugh came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.  Yona trembled and went cold at the sound she knew quite well.  The Sorceress Platia laughed herself a good cackle than the image of her face appeared in the mirror directly in front of Yona.  The image was ghostly and it superimposed itself over the vixen wide figure in the mirror.  The white wolfette was as ever cheery with her nasty smile and glowing eyes.  Yona opened her mouth to scream but her mouth snapped shut.  A tight band wrapped itself around her muzzle sealing it and the only sound she could produce was a mournful moan.

   “So Princess Yona, have you discovered the reason I am punishing you?”

Still with her mouth firmly clamped shut the fat vixen shook her head and a pitiful whimper escaped her lips.

Platia sneered, “I thought not.  You are in a room with hundreds of reflections of yourself and yet you still can not see yourself as other do.  Well my princess, it seems you will be getting fatter for a long time.  I propose a little game.”

Yona nodded with her muzzle still firmly shut.  She wanted to say no, but somehow she did not think Platia would take it seriously.

Platia chuckled and said, “Excellent, you are such a good girl when you are frightened.  Perhaps with a little more incentive you will change.” With a nasty smile she added, “Not likely, but I have been wrong on occasion.”

A flat plane appeared hovering over Yona’s swollen breasts.  A series of white and red tiles assembled themselves into a chess board.

Platia’s two closed paws appeared in front of her ghostly image and she said, “I believe you know this game.  Now which paw do you wish to pick?”

Yona’s jaws were suddenly released and she whimpered meekly, “Left”

Platia scowled as her paw revealed a ball of white energy.  With its release it turned into a wisp and snaked to the game board where it drifted over Yona’s side and the two rows of game pieces formed.

Releasing the black pieces the sorceress shrugged, “No matter, no matter.  Now the rules are very simple.” Yona watched as both kings turned into two figures.  The black was a perfect reproduction of Platia in onyx, and Yona saw her once slender form in ivory before the piece turned and floated back to the board facing away, “If you take my king, I will remove you curse.  There is however a slight catch.” The white queen and king rose up and a mammoth, crisp pastry appeared on each side of the game board; the sorceress continued, “These two pieces are both worth one of my special pies.  These are rather filling and fattening confections.  You might want to be at the top of your game.”

Each of the confections was easily the size of one of Yona’s substantial breasts and the tormented vulpine gasped.

She looked at the items in horror and looked up at the white lupine, “I—I can’t eat those, their huge!”

Platia smiled, “Yes you can.  Shall be begin?”

Yona snapped, “The rules are not fair.”

   “My obese princess, I am giving you an opportunity to remove the curse that is tormenting you so greatly and for that I demand some form of penalty for failure.  Unless you have a better suggestion this seems to be the perfect incentive.  There is no way for me to cheat, the board is before both of us and all either of us must do is think to move a piece.  The game will not accept multiple moves and no one can have a temper tantrum if they are losing and scatter them.  All you merely have to do princess is play better chess than I.  Do you wish to back out now?”

Yona stared at the board for a long moment and felt part of her mind screaming at her to back out.

   Look at the size of those cakes!  You can not possible eat both and even if you could, can you imagine how fattening the sorceress could have made them?

Yet another side of her mind seemed calmer: Reality check Yona, this could be your only opportunity to null the curse.  She may not give you another.

   And what makes you think she will even remove the curse if you win?

The princess bowed her head and felt her chins bunch and her cheeks puff out.  With a sense of foreboding she realized—What do you have to lose?  You are huge beyond belief now.  Give it a chance princess.

Yona looked up at the white lupine and nodded, “I will play.”

Platia chuckled, “Excellent, your move of course.”

            Yona frowned in concentration moving to occupy the center squares as of the board with her pawns as she had been taught.  Her initial strategy was all defense without any thought to offense.  Platia in turn moved her King well out of Yona’s reach and set up an organized attack.  The princess watched her every move distrustfully expecting a cheat at any time.  Her concentration was severally injured when the sorceress in the middle of her move entered

Yona’s mind and said, “I do not need to cheat Princess, you are far too simple minded to beat me.”

As the Sorceress began her attacked Yona first took lost a pawn for a bishop and she believed the arrogant spellcaster was not so talented.  Believing she could beat her long tormenter she took an opening with gusto.  Yona took her right knight and in the next turn an exposed rook.  To her surprise Platia did not try to defend but moved an unrelated pawn just before the princess moved to take her rook.  However the sorceress was not as foolish as the young vixen and when her queen came into play it was too late for Yona to stop the formidable piece.  The brilliant strategy was upon her when the white vixen simply said “Check”

            Platia’s queen had a strait shot to her queen and she could not block and her king was shifted over once spot and was of no help.  Sliding it back Yona hoped to take the sorceress’s queen at best.  Instead of taking it Platia took at rook instead.  Forlornly Yona stared at the board.  Her Queen was doom.  It would take Platia two turns to eliminate the threat whether she moved it or not.  When she again attacked Platia the white vulpine struck back taking one of her knights.  Then her remaining rook moved to a perfect long range position to threaten her king.  She moved it to the only spot she could and her queen was lost with a slight smirk from Platia, “Check mate”

            Yona’s heart skipped a beat as—Impossible!  It can’t be—

With horror the princess realized she had boxed her king into a nest of her own pieces.  Platia’s rook and Queen prevented any movement outside of check.  Her eyes began to fill with tears as the board swirled into nothingness in the same manner as it appeared.

Mockingly Platia shook her head, “Such early potential squandered.  Yet you are as bad at chess as you are at self reflection.  Ah well I must say I loved the expression of doom you just had.  Is the thought of eating so much frightening you?  Since I have never tried feeding a single vixen two of my treats, I certainly hope you do not burst.” Yona watched the two sweetened delights appear and drift like fat lazy fairies towards her, “So young princess, how do we procede?  Will you freely eat them or must I force feed them to you?”

Yona gulped, the confections were truly massive things.  Over a foot wide and wide, and two long each was covered in honey and nuts.  Such an item was a common delicacy she enjoyed but this was not a lazy fall afternoon on her balcony.

With a high whine to her voice Yona said, “I can’t eat both, I’ll burst!”

Platia’s laugh was careless, “Than you should never have agreed to our bargain.  If I let you off now you will next expect me to reverse your curse.  I can’t have that and I will happily shove both into your gullet.”

            Reluctantly Yona reached out for the first pastry.  Her fat swollen arms were overloaded with the delight and her paws were instantly sticky.  Reluctantly she opened her mouth and took a tiny nibble.  Creamy filling oozed out and dripped into her deep cleavage.  The dessert was extremely sweet and she lapped up the custard adorning her chins.  Breathing deeply she sucked down any reservations and took a giant bite.  Thick goodness puffed out around her muzzle sticking instantly to her fur.  As she took more bites, more of the custard filling ended up on her face and chins.  Crumbs sticking to the filling and fell into the crevices and valleys of her flesh.

            Yona was half finished with the first confection when she became truly full.  She forced down more and more feeling her stomach become ever tighter.  Soon however her taut belly began to emit protests of pain.  She tried to block out the thoughts of bursting cherry bombs and ate the last bite of pastry.  Her belly let out a protest that caused her to grunt.  She looked up into the blue eyes that always showed pitiless amusement.  Tears fell down her cheeks falling into the stickiness matting her fur.

 Sobbing she cried, “I—I can’t eat any more.  My belly is too bloated.”

Without room for question Platia hissed, “Eat it now.”

Pathetically Yona whined, “But I thought you wanted me—“

In a voice that seemed to shake the room and threatened to break the mirrors the white vixen thundered, “Eat it right now or my next curse will be to force feed you one every time someone in this kingdom eats anything sweet!”

Yona cowered as her ears rang from the sharp threat but she reached out for the second massive confection.  Drawing it to her Yona stared with wide eyes, truly terrified of what even a single mouthful could do to her overstretched stomach.

            Squeezing her eyes shut Yona opened her mouth and took a massive bite.  Ignoring the pain she bit into it again and again.  In a world filled with the commentary from her belly she fell into a trance, eating and swallowing, not slowing or thinking.  She expected at any moment to her a wet pop but not daring to stop lest the Sorceress’s threat be real.  Yet before she realized it, the last of the pastry disappeared within her.  She felt like a stuffed fowl and when she opened her eyes the mirrors raveled her swollen belly despite the mountainous layers of flab.  Her new dress revealed over two feet of her white stroke and she dared not move too quickly.

Platia began to chuckle and soon she was guffawing.  With her ears flat against her head and her eyes averted Yona tried not took looked at her tormenter.

When she could speak again the Sorceress gasped, for she was out of breath, “Foolish vixen, you should see that look on your face.  It’s as though you are a cake in the oven with a jumping giant nearby.  You seem to believe you are fragile.  My darling princess I would not let you explode, I want you to suffer the humiliation of a vixen too fat to wiggle her fingers.  I will talk to you again fat princess.”

Without a sudden shift the white vulpine’s face faded away into nothingness, the mirror before Yona soon revealed only her massively obese, and bloated figure..

In humiliation and over stuffed lethargy Yona stared at her round reflection, feeling her belly creaking from her massive meal.  Her breasts and chins were covered in crumbs and globs of filling.  Many of the valleys of her chins were filled in by the creamy substance and it literally covered her thick muzzle and full chins.  Feeling too bloated to even try to waddle Yona closed her eyes and gently slumped forward, passing out on her overstuffed belly.


The king gave me a dower look, “You took your time wizard.”

I glared back with equal irritation, “I was told to hurry, but not the reason.  I have arrived as soon as possible your majesty.  What curse has been placed on your daughter?”

The king began, “It is the most awful of curses.  She is fat beyond belief…”

Upon the completion of his tale I nodded, “You said the Sorceress Platia?”

The king nodded and asked, “You know this evil lupine?”

I scratched my chin, “Only that she is a light weight in the world of sorcery.  She is by no means a highly talented creature.  I am puzzled by her involvement but that is irrelevant.”

The King said, “It is a powerful spell, my royal magicians have been unable to affect the curse at all.  It resists any attempt to lessen its potency and shields its nature perfectly.”

   “You said Princess Yona continues to grow even in the safety of your castle?”

   “Yes, apparently the sorceress’s curse is causing weight gain elsewhere in my realm to also fatten her.  It seems strange that such massive amounts of weight should be gained however.”

   “It is unfortunate your messenger did not inform me of the curse’s nature.  I found in the outskirts of your realm a white lupine has been fattening those who wish to grow fatter.  I was less than a day behind a mysterious white lupine when I decided I must continue on to Aragannon.”

The king looked defeated, “So Platia continues to harass my daughter.  It is unfortunate you did not catch up to her.”

   “Even if I had, I would not have known she was the source of your urgent request to journey here.  However, before I check on your daughter, there is another matter to discuss.    My presence here alone is a great inconvenience and I will require payment even without success.”

The king frowned, “You will understand if I am not thrilled with such a prospect.”

I nodded, “Quite so, but I am taking a great deal of time from my studies and meditation.  I am only here because of the reward.  I am a natural alignment who is bond to no one, and I am tired of the constant weakness and cowardice of this world.  You sought me out and presented your terms.  Now I present mine.”

The king’s frown became a scowl, “And I could have you cut down here and now.”

I laughed and tapped my staff on the stone floor, “I think not, and with a wave of the paw I could disappear from your sight in the blink of an eye.  Or if I felt the need, cut you down and your daughter will remain fat, becoming ever more so by the day.”

The King cut in, “You promise no certain success and demand much.”

   “Quite true again, but what other choice have you?”

   “None, your demand is bearable but with protest.  My daughter’s fate is however in your paws Xanth and I expect results.”


The Princess’s obesity was surprising even with the warning.  Yona’s body was almost four times wider than she was tall and oozed with ton after ton of soft fat.  Her footpaws were obscured by her massive black furred calves that softly rested on the carpeted floor around them.  The black fur covered flesh was almost three feet wide on the stones and rapidly widened to four feet.  Her massive rust colored thighs ballooned out above her calves rapidly achieving a massive nine feet.  From their weight and the compression from her massive butt her thighs obscured most of her lower legs, and infringed on their territory.  Her stance was impressive.  Her thighs were so wide she stood with her feet as far apart as possible and even so even as soft fat pressed together between her legs, it was also forced to the sides, widening her hips.  Her butt was twenty feet wide.  Each cheek was wider then a king sized bed.  They were flattened by their weight to a still massive four feet high.  It protruded behind her thighs over a foot and her head would have been difficult to reach even pressing into the soft flesh of her rear.  Its surface was hidden bellow thick robes that could not hide its massive size.  Her waist puffed out from her body forcing her two foot thick arms up into an angle perpendicular to the floor.  Her biceps were wider then her arms were long.  Her paws were swollen with flash, and her fingers and palms so engorged she would have trouble gripping anything.  Her shoulders merged with her arms swallowing part of her biceps.

At the sound of my approaching pawsteps she turned.  Her movements were lumbering and strained, but the fat under her robs jiggled and shuddered without hindrance.  She leaned back to shift the anchor like weight of her belly and her back formed deep rolls pulling her robes into the deep crevices of fat.  Her belly was too large to be moved entirely off the ground by her, but perhaps lessening a hundred pounds of weight made it easier to move.  Its engorged mass protruded eleven feet in front of her, resting on the floor and it resisted her efforts to move it.  Perhaps if her thighs were lighter and not so wide she could have done so with less exertion.  As she was the princess could barely shift her weight back and forth from one gigantean leg to the other to make a slow half circle.  Her thighs bounced and squeezed together looking incredibly squashy hiding their tremendous weight

The princess’s tailors must have been miracle workers to keep her clothed.  Her tremendous four foot tall belly was ten feet wide at its narrowest point and rapidly ballooned out to eighteen feet in a curved arch.  At about the level of mid calf it showed the resemblance of circle compressed by weight and liquidity as it settled onto the carpeted floor widening further on each side a foot.  Resting atop this incredible bed laid her two massive breasts.  Her swollen mummeries were the size of obese vixens; over five feet long and six wide, each breasts was three feet tall, compressed by their own weight.  Her two foot wide nipples were well out of her reach, as much of her body was clearly.  Her face looked down her cleavage and the fat swelling her body has worked there as well.

Her neck was gone, absorbed into her swollen torso that was working to swallow the rest of her face.  Her cheeks were almost as wide as the shoulders of a thin vixen.  Their roundness swallowed most of her muzzle and hindered her view of the world, narrowing it to slits.  Her mouth was in there, but only her little black nose peaks out between her cheeks.  Only from the front, and using her nose as a landmark, could it be found.

The small golden crown resting between her half raised black ears looked absurdly small on her chubby head, and if it ever fell it would disappear among the fat rolls and deep valleys of her body.  Her breath came with effort in deep strained gasps.  Her gulps of air were tormented by her extreme weight pressing in on her lungs and the deep folds of fat surrounding her throat.  Her green eyes were half closed by the flesh surrounding her eyes but were clearly sad and afraid as she looked at me.  Tears had been falling down her cheeks recently and seemed ready to spill from those pools of green in that fat bloated face at any moment.  Her hair was blonde without styling but was strait.

Princess Yona’s voice was rich and deep, full of the sounds of so much fat and weight.  As she spoke her cheeks jiggled and ripples as fat moved away from her mouth.  Between every two words she gasped for breath, “Xanth it is your duty to help me.  You must make me thin again.”

I growled, “You are in no position to insist I do anything, nor am I part of your kingdom or have I sworn an oath to your family.  You demand nothing Princess.”

Perhaps I was a bit harsh but I had never had patience with spoiled brats.  Her reaction to my harsh words was a pained sob and the tears began to flow again.  With her eyes squeezed shut she struggled to lift her arms to put her paws over her face.  With a great wobble and a thud that shook the floor she collapsed backward and cried with fright and unhappiness.  I felt no pity or sorrow for Yona.  She was an awful, spoiled, and arrogant young creature.  Her easy life and pliant parents had made her this way and she had no compassion for anyone but herself.  I had heard of her from many others, and the way the servants moved around meekly showed she had no kindness towards them either.

With no reaction to her emotion I pointed to one of the many rooms in her quarters, “I will be setting up in there and I shall not be disturbed.  When I am done you will be polite and civil.  Only then will I begin to examine your condition.”

            I threw open the doors after taking my time removing the necessary items from the bottles I packed them in and set up a respectable laboratory in a former sitting room with a big table.  The princess’s expression was of indigence and I confirmed most of the earlier emotion was an act.  Her life was nothing but luxury with servants to assist her every need.  For someone to order her about and ignore her was unthinkable.

She snapped, “It’s about time wizard.”

I froze and glared without a word.  She returned my frown for only a short time when a surge of fat puffed her body outward and several of her dress’s seams burst; under her thick biceps the fabric pulled outward, and fat surged through the opening.  The fat vulpine’s glare wavered and fell to her body before returning to me.

   “How can you stand there while I keep inflating like a balloon?”

I said, “Because for a creature that needs help you certainly do not show any gratitude or even at least pleasantness.  And do not tell me it is because you are emotional, the only feeling you have is self-pity.  Those tears may work on your family but they will not with me.  What did I tell you before I left you an hour ago?” 

Yona’s attitude did not improve but she at least refrained from glaring and was outwardly civil when I began the examination.  That lasted for several hours before I retired to begin reading to clarify my strange results.


            The white lupine sorceress watched her crystal ball with no real concern.  She knew Xanth by sight.  The tall, solid black fox was hard to miss and his ego clash with the princess was humorous.  He was actually knocking the princess down a notch and was she pissed.  Xanth was not the smartest or most skilled wizard in the lands but he was cleaver.  Even so Platia’s game with the conceited princess was not likely under threat.  It was time to find some more furs that were hungry for a little more flesh on their bones…


Six hours later I shut a tome and began to laugh.  It started as a light chuckle, but rapidly turned into a full guffaw.  After several seconds I got control over the burst of emotion and had to wipe some dampness from my eyes.

   “What is so funny wizard?”

The voice was stern and its person was recognizable immediately.  I reached out and my ash staff shot into my paw.  I turned in my seat and faced the king standing in the double doorway.  The nearly immobile bulk of the princess stood behind him, in her bedroom, now her prison.  Her overstretched body had grown larger than it had been this morning and I recognized the sorceress had been busy.  The king’s face was without humor, and his powerful presence was menacing.

Impatiently the king asked, “Well, what is it?”

I said, “The Princess’s curse can not be removed by me or anyone other mage.”

Both foxes froze with their ears in the full alert position with erect tails for a moment, and then the King said threateningly, “What did you say?”

   “It is not a spell placed on your daughter but a curse.  While the difference is slight it does matter.  The curse is an ancient one, from one of the tomes left by the Ancestors.  As you know their magic was far more powerful than ours today and thus it has been banned by the Great Wizards from being used.  This curse is designed to fit a person.  A certain act must be preformed in order for the curse to lift.”

The princess spoke with relief in her deep voice, “Then you are not needed.  I can lift the curse.  The sorceress told me…”

She stopped talking suddenly and I grinned with confirmation of an earlier suspicion, “She has given you the solution but you have told no one.”

The princess scowled, “She told me to figure out why she was doing this; that is all.”

   “I know Platia.  She is the boastful type, never keeping her mouth shut.  She scorned you, or threatened you in some way, and if you were enlightened you would have lifted the curse already.  You have the solution and I know what it is.  You are just too blind to see it.  You are the only one who can remove the curse.”

I turned and piled the tomes I had been using then shrank them into a light carrying bundle.

I listened as the king asked, “So Yona, what did your tormenter say?”

The princess’s tone became a whine instantly, “She said I was bad, and mean.”

The king shook his head, “Why would she say that?”

I snorted, “Her servants only cower in fear because of her great power.  You soldiers move out of their way and remain silent because of respect.  Your royal clerics avoid pressing their investigation because they did not want to make her exert herself.  You are a fool to think the sorceress could find no fault in your beloved princess.  She is conceited, spiteful, and mean.  She has no caring and this curse was never suited for a better target.  The moon shall cease to rise long before you change dear princess.”

Yona’s eyes bulged and her mouth fell open causing her chins to bulge.  Her big eyes seemed to well up with tears and there was not question they were an act for daddy.  The king turned back to his daughter and considered her before turning to face me.  At first it appeared he was going to strike me, but then his face changed.  For the first time the fox’s face showed defeat and concession, no longer a king’s anger or irritation.

He nodded and honestly said, “She is all of that, and I am fully responsible, but she can not keep growing so fat.  What can be done?  I am willing to try anything and ask humbly for your help.”
Yona’s tears immediately dried up and she seemed incensed at her father’s words.

With a high-pitched whine she called, “FATHER!”

He turned, “Shut up.  You have brought this upon yourself and now if you want it cured I suggest you find something other than selfishness in your heart.”  The princess looked like she had been slapped and I too had to admit I did not expect such a reaction from the king.  He turned and slammed the double doors, shutting his daughter out of the conversation.  He returned massaging his sharp muzzle and repeated, “What can you do?”

I considered, “I can set up some kind of trial for the princess to perhaps see herself, but I must attempt to locate Platia and isolate her.  Her influence during the test will be counter productive.”

   “But it will take you a great deal of time to find her will it not?”

   “Several days at the very least”

   “But what about this test?”

   “It will require a little preparation and I can guarantee no success; she will have to get over herself, by herself”

He nodded, “Do what you must, but please hurry.”




            Platia laughed, “You did not learn that yourself.  Not only did someone tell you that, who I am sure is known as the Wizard Xanth, but I can see in your eyes you do not believe it.  Our deal is off young princess.  Do you want to try another game to remove your curse instead?”

Yona’s face was so swollen with flesh it was barely recognizable from what it had been over a fortnight ago.  Her eyes bulged at the suggestion and her scream for Xanth was amusing.

The sorceress of course had not worries that fox would hear.  She had a veil of silence around the princess.  Not that Xanth had been much of a problem of late.  A fight between he and the king days earlier had ended that relationship.

The princess’s throaty voice came in a moan, “No—please, haven’t you tortured me enough?”

   “Hardly, is that a no?”

Yona’s eyes pleaded without arrogance for once, “I can barely even walk.  I can’t even sit up without…”

The lupine sorceress sneered, “I would think you would have realized by now I am quite happy with your misery.  We will talk again my fat beauty.”

            Platia came out of her meditative trance and slowly the living room of a large house reappeared around her.  The vacant building was the perfect place for he mental games with the princess.  It was safe and quiet…What was that?  Platia turned at the creak of a floorboard and froze.  A black fox stood a dozen feet away with his staff leveled.  Before the white lupine could muster her magic, and without the slightest expression the wizard struck.  A flash of light emerged from his staff and hammered her with enough force to send her through the far wall.  She shot to her feet and cringed, seeing the vulpine move between her and her ash staff before she could draw it to herself.  His next cast was a short chant she recognized and tried to get out of the way.  He threw a ball of white energy that followed her around the wall even out of his sight.  It struck her back but without any sensation.  Its energy expanded outward and began to surround her.  Platia tried to claw her way out, but the magic was not hampered by her efforts.

The sphere filled out and floated upward and rotated her.  Platia felt herself floating in the Binding Sphere and was completely helpless to stop it without her staff.  Xanth moved into the room with a slight self-satisfied smirk.

Platia shock was complete and she called out, “How…how did you find me?”

   “It was not difficult.  You leave a trail of full figured furs wherever you go.  I just followed them to the end of your trail.  Sloppy sorceress, very sloppy.”

The answer enraged her, “You tricked me; the entire fight was a ruse.  You can not seriously sympathize with that obese brat.”

The black fox grinned, “It is purely a little matter of a reward.  You cursed her for the same reason.”

   “It does not matter; you can not reverse the curse.”

   “You are right.  I can not.”

Binding Sphere…he is going to…, the white lupine’s eyes became pleading, “If she can reverse the spell…”

   “You cast it in full knowledge.  Unless you know another way to destroy the curse I have only once choice.”

            I cast a bottling spell.  The sorceress’s sphere began to shrink and her wide eyes did not look away from my own as she shrank with it.  As she became the size of a small insect a flask began to form around her.  When it fully materialized a cock deposited itself snuggly in the neck and the bottle remained suspended in mid air.  I moved over and took it from its suspension and placed it onto my belt.  I would have to remember to release her later; otherwise interesting things were likely to occur if I was to succeed at my task.


            The King was playing bad cop with marvelous acting skills.  He had resisted this moment but I convinced him to knock Yona down to where I could begin to reconstruct her required the only fox in the lands who could order her about with authority.  Since the Sorceress Platia had been captured Yona’s growing weight had barely increased and on such a massively fattened frame it was a drop in the Great Sea.  Yona however was not aware that the sorceress was no longer a threat and I was her tormenter, or soon would be.

            “You have made me look like a fool, a doddering old king who can not even control his own daughter.  You harass the servants that I provide, intimate my soldier who protect you, manipulate your mother and me.  You should be ashamed.”  Yona opened her mouth to protest this with incongruity on her plump face but the king cut her off before she could speak with a wave, “You are caught up in self pity and even with your body inflating with fat you persist in remaining arrogant and rude.”

The princess’s whine was pitiful and clearly frustrated, “But father…”

The King glanced at me as if needing my scowl to reinforce his strength than shot, “QUIET!  I am giving you once chance for redemption.  You will go to the Harvest Temple in the Deep Woods.  Hopefully a little walk will give you a glimpse of reality.”

Yona nodded with annoyance, “When will my carriage depart?”

The king snapped, “What carriage?”

Yona looked abashed, “What?”

The king said, “I said you will walk.  You will take none of your possessions including any servants.  Your title is stripped away and you are now the Peasant Yona.  During your journey you will not speak of your former title and if used I will deny your existence.”

Yona gasped, “But how can I get there, I could barely walk to the throne room?’

The king sat in his throne and said, “Xanth will assist in your mobility.  If you do not reach the spring, you will never step paw in my castle again, if you speak your title or try to dominate anyone by any means but naturally given talents, you will suffer the same punishment.  Is that clear?”

   “Father, I do not…”

The fox leaned forward, “If you give me any more lip, you will never step inside these castle walls again, is all of this clear?”

Yona bowed her head, “Yes father.”


            Yona gazed up into the sky feeling the sun warming her body.  The cool air rustled her fur and moved her massive dress.  The wizard’s featherweight spell was the first magic to give her some mobility.  Despite her great size, her body was light.  His magic had also produced a robe of incredible versatility.  It molded to her swollen frame and she could simply remove it or put it back on with a single word.  The rough, unbeaten fabric was unlike anything she had worn in her young life.  It was itchy and they always seemed to develop where she had no hope of reaching.

            The temple became visible ahead through the trees.  It was a white beacon in the sun.  The white marble of a dome towered above the forest bellow.  In Yona’s life she had never walked so far and the sting of the wizard’s words were beginning to dull.  In fact being alone on the rood for several days was a new experience.  Having no one to talk to, or even order around was something even less familiar than even walking.  She had first occupied her time cursing Xanth.  She could see herself with pudgy paws grasped around his neck, his face buried in her soft flesh, suffocating and being strangled at the same time.  Yet after a while thinking about all the ways to hurt him was tiring.  Self-pity came back and how no one cared about her, not even her father.  Again though, Yona tired of the thoughts, and she soon found herself thinking of things she would guilt him into buying for her.

On the third day she found herself quite bored and random things began to pop into her mind.  Her aching legs and feet in particular, but she found herself thinking over what the wizard had said.  His words were becoming less biting and she was beginning to repeat his words over in his head.  She told you, didn’t she?  She likes to brag and she gave you a hint.  She said what?  I was a wicked princess?  How am I wicked?  All I ask is what I deserve.  Still, why would Xanth and Platia say the same thing?  Is it a mage thing?

Princess Yona found herself glancing around in wonder at the Harvest Temple as she entered.  The white marble still glistened in the dust sunlight and the eighty-foot columns of the open-air building loomed above.  Yona wondered at the wide entrance, felling small for the first time in many days.  Even her impressive girth fit through the door without nearing the sides.

Then the Twins drew her dumbstruck eyes.  Sung-Lo and Sung-Pang had been born on the same day and while Pang was older by a few minutes it hardly mattered.  The sisters shared many things including looks and personality.  Their appetites were unbelievably ravenous and had been since the early days of their training as the sacred twin sisters of the Fall Harvest Shrine.  Once every two hundred years two sisters with the markings of the Ancient Ones were born just as the Evening Star reached its zenith.  Trained from a young age the Siamese caftur sisters learned to eat the massive verities of food their representation of the Harvest Goddesses Mia and Lia demanded from any peasant and farmer who wished for a major harvest in the following year or even a modest one.

Like all true Siamese their narrow faces were brown furred.  Their blue eyes were large and the palest shade of blue, almost clear.  They were half closed from their fleshy faces.  Their wedge shaped faces had long since disappeared as fat robustly swelled their cheeks and chins.  Pang’s cheeks were watermelon sized resting in a basket of her nine thick chins.  Her mouth and nose disappeared in the valley between her cheeks and when the massively obese feline spoke or more often chewed food her cheeks shuddered with a liquid quality.  Her sister’s face was far slimmer if that was a proper way to describe it.  Having the lesser of the appetites she had her sister’s face on a smaller scale.  Her tiny pink triangular nose was just visible looking directly into her face and she could chew food better.  Her chins were six in number but the beginnings of more could be easily seen.

Both sisters had the same markings of brown points with a transition to pale tan fur that was silky and shown in the sun.  Lo’s body was two-thirds the size of her sister’s.  Her arms lay at a fifty-degree angle on her body.  Her biceps were six feet in diameter and were far too heavy for her to lift.  As the mortal form of the Goddess Lia however she was not expected to, or needed to move and had not done so far a long time.  Her brown furred forearms were as wide as her arms were long.  Her thighs and buttocks had bore the brunt of her gluttony.  Each cheek was ten feet wide and compressed to three feet high by their great weight.  They were developing rolls of fat as Yona had with her belly.  Lo’s thighs were just as wide spilling out bellow her belly.  Her brown footpaws were barely visible as her calves fell over and around them.  Her belly spilled out between her legs—not that there was really any space between them—to five feet in front of them.  Her belly button was a foot wide but flattened by the weight of her belly and was partly hidden by a single roll of fat dividing her belly in two.

Pang’s girth was over thirty-two feet wide at the widest extent of her body, her butt.  Both massive cheeks were sixteen feet wide and almost five feet tall.  Her tail was the only part of her that was still slim, emerging from the press of fat rolls in a serpentine brown whip.  What of her thighs that were still visible under her belly were almost as impressive.  In a sluggish roll her belly emerged from her sides above her hips and flowed over her thighs until hiding them before the brown of her tips was its darkest.  It extended twenty feet before her in a soft mass of fat un-marred by rolls once it escaped from the squeezing restraints of her frame.  Her breasts were the size of king mattresses, six feet wide and long nearly four feet high with the palest pink nipples twenty four inches in diameter.  Her bosom’s weight pressed down on her belly but they still obscured her vision of objects in front of her.  Her massive body had absorbed much of her upper arms; only her brown furred forearms emerged and were almost six feet wide.  In the odd event she attempted to move them the best she could do was make the fat shudder and perhaps move her paws that were so swollen with fat she could grip very little.  Her short fingers were almost absorbed into her palms.

Each sister was not—as Yona found to hard to believe—completely naked, for tradition required jewelry to enhance the sister s’ beauty and give them a goddess quality.  Each sister had ten ring shaped earrings between their two wedge-shaped ears.  For Lo who could claim to be able to wiggle her fingers she had several bejeweled rings.  Both had a massive gold ten-pointed star on a chain looping around their thick necks.  A tiny crown with more precious gems was place on each of their heads and would have been lost if one fell into the deep rolls of flesh.  The sisters’ brown hair flowed down their backs in fans of perfectly groomed waterfalls.  Each sister was prone to messy eating but the many goddesses’ clerics insured their fur remained combed and neat.

Yona like all the members of the Eastern Kingdom knew the stories of the Goddesses.  Yet her eyes were wide as she stared in disbelief at the sheer immense beauty of the twins.  Her jaws hung open slackly and her eyes were wide.  A quiet observer watched for a time, studying her as the vulpine’s swollen body shuddered with her lumbering steps propelling her forward.  Her movements were like a gentle sea, sloshing from side to side and her numerous fleshy folds and rolls constantly changed shape, compressed, expanded, and made her giant body come alive with movement.

            Mara was a tall, regal winged vixen.  Her thick fur was the blue-grey of late twilight.  It was short and glossy, reflecting light from the low sun.  Her height was a solid six feet tall, but her folded wings added another foot to her height.  They fell to her knees and outstretched were easily twice her arm span.  Her feathers were a metallic version of her fur’s color.  Her eyes were a deep rich purple and were embellished with long lashes.  A layer of flesh softened her sharp muzzle and her cheeks were plump and full.  Her neck was heavily fleshed and three chins fell below her jaw.

            Her body had gone to fat.  Her shoulders were soft and the bones were well hidden.  Her biceps were plush, measuring almost two feet wide.  Her forearms narrowed slightly as they approached her pudgy wrists and her once dainty paws were chubby with thick fingers.  Her breasts rested on her big tummy and were roughly the size of her head.  Slightly flattened by their impressive size and weight they were watermelon shaped.  Her waist was divided with light groves in her soft fat three times, caused by its massive surface area.  It bulged forward two feet and her apron fell to her knees.  The rolls of her tummy were deepest under her arms and back, creating full love handles and divided her back into six rolls of fat shrinking from the largest two resting one on each large butt cheek to the soft flesh concealing her shoulder blades.  As the creases moved forward following the voluptuous curve of her belly they became shallow until only one reached her two inch wide belly button, flattened by the weight of her flesh.  Starting at the level of her wrists a crease divided her tummy down the center and moved through her navel and deepened forming two distinct quadrants of belly on the lower half of her fat swollen abdomen.

            Her butt was quite ample, forming a pair of three-foot wide cheeks.  Each soft cube shape was almost thirty inches high.  The vixen’s buttocks extended five inches behind her thighs and had just the faintest beginnings of divisions in their soft flesh could be seen.  Her brushy tail emerged from between the meeting place of her cheeks and back rolls and rose alertly up between her wings.  Her thighs were wide and forced downward in the back by her overly generous rear.  They loamed over her calves and touched almost their entire length.  Her lower legs were much like her forearms: dwarfed and narrowing to a still large diameter over her footpaws.  Their once slender nature was widened by soft flesh.

            Mana was naked except for a loincloth hidden from sight and made irrelevant by her overhanging apron.  Her head was christened with a beaked hood.  Its golden beak’s point rose several inches above her muzzle and rose sharply to avoid blocking her vision.  It curved behind her ears dropping in a silken sweep brushing her shoulders with gold fringe.  The hood’s eyes were deep blue sapphires that produced two-inch stars when struck properly by light.  Eighteen gold loop bracelets linked by encrusted sapphires formed bracers.  They linked to jointed coverings over her paws and fingers, tipped with razor sharp onyx talons.  Her footpaws were similarly adorned, but without the gantlets.  She held a staff equal to her shoulders in height, and was plated in gold.  Clasped in a talon sprouting from the peak was a giant sapphire.

Mana smiled to herself and moved down the alter stairs.  She had long since given up flying.  The magic that allowed her to do so had long ago ceased to be able to lift her off the earth.  She did not however care; she had dreamed to become the High Priestess and had achieved her goal.  Her job had the tendency to cause her to gain in great spurts, but she loved the felling of an over-stretched stomach and a body swelling with flesh.  Xanth’s request was unusual.  He was however a strong wizard and she was obligated to honor his request.  Furthermore, once the problem was explained, Mana found herself perhaps the only solution and someday she might need to call upon the King of the Eastern Realm for assistance.

            The Princess finally noticed the winged vulpine as she reached the looking pool between the Goddess twins.  Yona watched at the regal creature with surprise and some alarm.

Mana said, “Young vixen, why do you look so surprised?”

Yona stammered, “You, you are so fat!”

The winged vixen laughed, sending ripples of fat through her jolly belly, “My dear Yona, you stand between two felines far more obese than myself.  Yet you seem to be distressed at fat females including yourself.  Why young one?”

Yona seemed taken aback, “Well, look at me.  How can you stand it?”

Mana gestured around at the twins, “Look as these young ones.  Each can eat whatever and how much of what they want.  Every need is taken care of and they do not even need to move unless they wish.  If the night is cold and I am away from my bed I can cuddle with my own body for warmth.  My figure is enhanced and ample.  What you see as a prison is to me, and the twins, beauty and luxury.” Yona frowned, but could not think up a response.  She had to admit; the vixen’s arguments were appealing to a creature spoiled from birth. “But I am here to discuss why you have even cursed with something all here but you have wished to attain for many years.”

Yona shook her head, “I am so tired of hearing about—“

   “Enough” Yona stopped speaking at the Priestess’s sharp bark.

She waved her staff and light surrounded Yona.  She opened her mouth to speak, but the sensation of spinning stopped her.  After a moment she felt herself lifted off the ground.  The vixen’s flesh stayed as her frame rose.  Her belly and bosom dropped bellow and she found herself facing the crystal clear pool of water before the blue vixen.  Mana lowered her staff and energy swirled out and turned to mist over the pool.

The first image was of a young lioness clutching her injured footpaw as Yona stood over her barking in irritation.  The lioness’s face was filled with pain, but also sorrow as she tried to apologize for spilling the wine dripping from her master.  The image changed; her father was speaking to her mother, trying to explain how he only wanted to protect his beloved daughter, but how he knew she would protest at being sent away.  His concern was clear and he reputedly talked about how she was his one true joy.  Another, this time of a weeping wolfette, tears streaming from her eyes as she kneeled before the alter of the Great Mother and asked her how could make her Princess happy.  The next showed her father again, this time cursing the one who fattened his beautiful daughter, causing her such pain.  The next, showed the sorceress laughing and cackling before the rapidly fattening princess and taunting how wicked she was.

            Yona watched the pool as the scenes changed from minute to minute.  The images showed how some loved her and others hated her.  Finally after Xanth and others chuckled about her fate Yona watched her father speak to whomever the memory belonged to.

Her eyes filled with tears as he said, It is all my fault.  I merely wanted to give her the best.  And that as the king I did, how could I know she would become mean and cruel?  I know, I know wizard, you can not give a daughter everything she asks for and not demand something in repayment.  But she always knew how to get what she wanted.  As a young child she would make her eyes wide and let tears fall down her checks as her lips curled in a sad little frown.  As she grew older she learned how to turn every argument around so I gave her what she wanted.  No, no she never actually cursed me, but pulled sympathy from my heart like she was lapping water from a spring.  Your proposal to remove her curse is quite good but we must add another element.

Xanth spoke for the first time, but as his memory his face was not in sight, What do you suggest?

The king looked truly sad, It pains me deeply, even with all the harsh things I said to mention this.  My daughter will learn nothing as she is.  We must do something to humiliate and lower her down.

   I agree.

   I suggest I strip her of her title, and make her a common maiden.  I know it will be for only a few days, but perhaps showing how angry with her I am, you can cure her.  Remember I am only suggesting this because I do not think we can make her see herself and remove the curse.  I want her to be happy again even if she hates me forever.

Xanth said, I believe this will work, and for what it is worth, I hope she will see herself fully.  I was not lucky enough to have as caring a father as you.

The images faded and Yona felt awful.  Seeing her father talking about her, his love, his disappointment in her was a shock.  She had always seen him as a source of profit.  He was her bread and butter, the source of her shelter and a gullible old fox.  The tears flowed down her cheeks freely and Yona bowed her head.

She looked up and the Priestess and begged, “You must not show me more.  I do not deserve to be freed from this curse.” She sobbed, “How could I be so blind!”

            The Priestess smiled, “You have already freed yourself young princess.”

Yona shook head, “No, I am not that.  I am a witch, an evil—“

Mana’s smiled did not waver as she waved her staff, “You have regained the right to call yourself princess again, Princess Yona of the Eastern Realm.”

            Yona flinched as a flash of light blinded her.  She bowed her head into her dense flesh and closed eyes tightly.  As the light dimmed she opened her green eyes and looked up.  She was back in her quarters, with a warm fire glowing in the hearth and the faintest smell of fresh flowers.  Xanth stood alone in the room, looking at her with his head slightly cocked and with a neutral expression.  Yona looked back.  She could not feel any of the hatred towards him and suddenly he seemed more like a stern schoolmaster than a cruel tormenter.  She knew now he had been trying to teach her, not hurt her.

            She said, “I should not be here.  I should be made to watch how cruel and pitiless I am.”

Xanth grinned, but without contempt, “Can you feel it young Princess?”

Yona stared at him as if he had produced a jester outfit and downed it.  What did he—Yona gasped feeling it.  She looked down and could see her body deflating.   It was slow, almost invisible in the low light, but it was happening.  Her massive fat bloated body was indeed shrinking.

She looked up at Xanth with a question on her lips and he answered, “You realized why the curse was placed on you and truly understood.  You wish to be returned because in your heart you realize how mean and selfish you have been.  Thus you have nullified the curse.”

She nodded and begged, “Yes, you see, as a princess, how can I change?  You have to show me more.  I am an evil witch who must be made to suffer more.”

   “You have already changed.” The black fox smiled, “The best thing you can do is apologize to everyone you hurt, and try to live spartanly.  It will keep you honest.  Now I must depart.  I suspect you will take some time to return to your old figure, but the curse has been fully reversed.  Heed what I have said Princess Yona.”




Platia screeched in terror as her body began to swell.  She watched as her robes ballooned outward around her as white furred flesh bloated with fat outward in all directions.  She hung helpless in the wizard’s flask and could only watch herself bloom.  Her cloak finally burst as flesh began to exceed her height and was beginning to reach the sides of her bottle prison.  Within two minutes the white lupine could see only her watermelon sized breasts and giant curve of a belly as it dropped out of sight before the first rolls of cushiony flesh met.  Her chins bulged as she looked down at herself and she felt her cheeks plumping like cooking dumplings.

Feeling the cool sides of the bottle as her hips pressed against the glass the sorceress began to sweat, knowing she could not break the glass, even if her flesh exceeded the bottle’s capacity.  She would be surrounded by her own fat and be slowly smothered.  Her buttocks began to fit snuggly into the curve of the flask and Platia felt her body riding upward against the glass.

With a flash she found herself in fresh air.  A cool breeze rustled her naked fur and chilled the bare skin of her foot wide nipples.  Yet the sun was warm and the tree waved causing the light to fracture and dance.  As much as she would normally enjoy the sensation she had other problems—Xanth that son of a Washi—

The Wizard chuckled, “My dear Platia.  You knew full well that curse would return to you double fold if the princess was able to break it.”

Platia shrieked, “She never would have if you had not helped her!”

The sorceress could feel the movement of flesh puffing her body and her ears picked up the deep resonance of her voice.

Xanth chuckled, “A word of advice Sorceress, not that you will be able to cast another spell when you stop growing, but still: never use rebounding curses.  They simply are not worth the risk.  But do not worry.  My friends will take good care of you.  You have done no wrong to me personally and it is my responsibility to make sure you are kept feed and attended.  Ison?”

Platia’s mouth fell open as the Cyclops came into view.  His massive forearms were easily sixty feet long and he towered above the trees.

The Cyclops spoke with a voice that trebled their trunks, “She will have no wants Xanth.”

The Wizard grinned, “Good luck Platia.”

Platia began to struggle to move as the wizard disappeared in a puff of smoke.  The Cyclops took two lumbering steps and it was towering above her before Platia could turn.  Her body shook and jiggled wildly as she took frantic little steps with her massive thighs rubbing and bouncing together.  She tried to take her first large step and her footpaw caught on an object unseen beneath her swollen body.  She shrieked as she fell but her body had no where to go; she found herself rolling onto her belly and feeling waves of flesh move through her fattened body.

The Cyclops bent down and scoped her up with one massive hand, despite her barely mobile frame.  He held her up to eye level and said, “There is no sense in running fat lupine.  You can not ever leave the Great Woods again.”


The king shook my paw clasping it between both of his and his face was full of gratitude, “Xanth again, I can not thank you enough.  As it is I wish you would accept more for your help.”

I chuckled, “Please, your royal clerics are scheming their revenge on both of us already.”

He released one of his paws and waved off the remarked, “Nonsense, I can replace anything that you have taken.” He became serious, “What about Platia?”

   “I would not worry about her any more.  She will never return.”

He nodded and as if the thought just occurred to him he asked, “Who bought Platia’s services?  Was it a rival king, a greedy merchant, a—“

I shook my head, “Nothing so sinister; one of Yona’s servants, I shall not say which, asked a question to the Ancients: how to make her princess happy.  Being an innocent creature with an excellent aura the Ancients responded to her request, but as they are apt to do, they did so in a convoluted, complex manner.  Since the Sorceress Platia was deviling into the forbidden Ancients’ texts, they chose to punish her and correct your daughter’s imbalance in the same swoop.

He shook his head, “I don’t know if she is happy though.”

   “Give it time your majesty, her experience has been trying.”

He nodded and I turned at the approach of light footsteps.

            Princess Yona had slimmed down impressively.  Her figure was sleek and smooth without signs of her incredible size just hours earlier.  Her emerald green dress followed her sleek form and was a complement to her red fur.  Yona pranced and her rear moved in an elegant sway.  Her tail rose up to meet her erect ears and moved from side to side with her walk.  I had to admit she was a cute little vixen and her height only added to her famine qualities that started with large breasts and a full rear.  Her sharp face and bright eyes seemed to hold an unbelievable reaction to my gaze, affection.

She reached me and took my paw in hers.  She looked up into my eyes and I saw her eyes were soft, without contempt or hate, but joy and thanks.

   “I hoped I could thank you before you left.”

I grinned in good humor for the first time in a while myself, “With all the abuse I happily dished out and all?”

Yona smiled knowing I was teasing but she became serious, “No, you taught me a lot, and I would not have changed, even if I had become too fat to even breathe.  Thank you.”

I shook my other paw in her face, “If you change back you will think Platia was being nice.”

She giggled, “It’s a deal.  That is what I wanted to ask you.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What?”

She sighed, “I want to enhance my talent, and I thought you might help train me and it would get me away from the luxuries castle for a while.”

I was not very thrilled with this idea but said, “If you want to train with me, you will become a mere cleric, without any title.”

Yona nodded, “I will travel only with a change of clothes and a book of magic.  I have given away all of my money, most of my positions and furniture, and I have only a few favorite dresses left.  I will not take any more than you think is appropriate.”

I considered the response that seemed genuine and asked, “Have you ever cooked or cleaned?”

   “I can learn.”

I glanced behind me at the king and he winked, “I think it is a wonderful idea.”

I nodded and said, “Alright, one dress, two books, and if I find anything else in your possessions you will be cleaning my moat, with the monsters still in it.”

She frowned, “You have a moat?”

   “It was a figure of speech.  You have five minutes.”

With her plush rear bouncing against the tight fitting fabric of her dress she scampered off quickly and I had to admit she seemed genuinely excited to go.


We were just leaving the castle behind in the trees and Yona had done nothing but what she had been told.  I had yet to even hear her complain to herself.  After a while of riding in silence I felt her gaze on me.  I ignored if for a few seconds but it was beginning to bug me.

I did not look at her but said, “Yona, ask whatever you want, but stop staring.”

She had yet to develop any bashful qualities and asked boldly, “Do you know the Priestess Mana well?”

   “I try to stay on the spirits’ good side and since the Twins are powerful representatives and like me I try to see them often.  They are fans of my ability to make things like balls and mice spin in the air.  Mana is a kind and beautiful companion to talk to.”

She looked at me seriously, “You like big females?”

   “I believe beauty comes in all forms.”

   “What about when I was big?”

   “You were just as cute, but definitely not happy.  Are you suggesting something?”

   “Mana seemed to love being fat.  That look she gave me when I expressed other wise was like I was from another demission.”

   “She is beautiful and knows it.  She is not shy about her size and has not intentions of slimming down.”

Yona smiled, “Being fat is not so bad, and I want you to teach me how to cook.  I will not just be learning magic with you.  I want you to teach me to love being fat.”

I glanced at her and saw the honesty, “You are starting to win me over young vixen.”

She laughed, “Good, I hoped I would.  I am starting to regret being thin.”

   “You never had any intention of enhancing your talent.  You are a cleaver vixen.”

She smiled over at me and said, “I was hoping you might be interested in something other than an apprentice.  I have much to learn about other things more important than magic.”

I chuckled, “Perhaps we will both learn something.”


The End