What are friends for?

Toner and Setz

October 7, 1999

One cloudy summer day, the inhabitants of the town of Yurchesk were getting ready for their annual eating contest. The same five contestants always showed up every year. There was Fyodor, Kyle, Geena, Harry, and last, but always least, Cam. Fyodor was a Collie that worked at the steel mill seemed to have an endless stomach capacity. He usually won. Kyle was a wolf that was the town drunk. Oddly enough, he could hold his grub, but not his liquor. Geena was a raccoon and the lone female participant. She usually finished second or third. Harry was a fox that worked as a butcher. He usually finished second or third.

Then, there was Cam. This german sheppard always, always finished last. He always seemed to have a voracious appetite to go along with his 5'8", 210 lb. build and could eat all his friends under the table at any given time, but, no matter how hard he try, he couldn't compete against these masters. He always said to himself, "This year will be the year". He even trained a week before the contest to increase his stomach capacity, but he was always beaten at every corner. He had determination, though. "This year is going to be the year."

In the town square, preparations had begun for the event. Streamers were hung from the corners of buildings across the square. Chairs were set up, because this was a great spectator's event. It was set to begin in three hours and the whole town was ready to partake in the event. Bets were even being made.

Cam, dressed in his usual loose t-shirt and jeans (he handn't even bothered putting on a belt today), walked through the square and watched the different furs set up for the event. He passed by the betting booth and noticed his odds were 50:1. He cursed the fur that thought up those odds. Better yet, he should bet a pile on himself, because this was going to be the year.

On his way back to his house, for some last minute preparation, he saw Fyodor across the square showing off his strong physique to some ladies. He growled at him and yelled, "Hey, Fyodor! You're going down!"

Fyodor burst out laughing. His fans followed suit. "Bah hah hah!," Fyodor laughed. "That's the funniest damn thing I've heard in a while! Could you yell that out again? Only whine a bit more! Bah hah hah! A paper cup could pack away more than you!"

Cam growled. "You just wait and see!"

Fyodor laughed even harder and ignored Cam as he walked away with his women following him.

Zoe heard the entire conversation and came over to see Cam. "He's right, y'know," she said to him.

Cam turned around in suprise to see his girlfriend turn on him. "Yes I will," he said.

She was a porcupine at 5'6" with quite a slim figure. Looking at her spiked black hair and shadowy complection, a normal smile on her seemed to almost bear a hint of evil. She laughed quietly to herself. "No you won't, but I can help..."

Cam looked confused as she pulled a stereotypical flask from one of her deep overcoat pockets. "Here, champ. Chug this down and you can't lose."

Cam had been on the receiving end of her magic on a couple of other occasions, so, needless to say, he was slightly worried; it was always a gamble. "And what does this do?" he asked with exagerated skepticism.

"It's just a little something that I whipped up for the occasion. It'll just make you hungrier than usual. Y'know, give you a little extra motivation. That's all. It tastes like strawberries, too!" she said trying desperately to sell her plan on him.

"Strawberries, eh?" he asked rhetorically. He took the bottle and removed the cork. He sniffed inside. "Smells like strawberries." He took a sip of the strawberry flavoured liquid. "Hey, that's pretty good."

"Thanks," she said bashfully. She didn't take compliments very well.

He chugged it down and replaced the cork in the bottle neck. "Hmm..," he pondered. "I don't feel any hungrier."

"It doesn't take effect until you start eating," she explained. "Wouldn't want you to spoil your appetite, now would I?"

He gave her a sarcastic smile and said, "You're so thoughtful."

"Thanks," she said only half aware of the sarcasm. "So, what are you gonna do now? It doesn't start for another few hours."

"Well," he said, "I was going to go home to mentally prepare myself."

"Oh, you won't need to," she insisted.

He looked confused again. "Why not?"

"This stuff," she said as she tapped the empty flask with her paw, "will be all the motivation you ever need."

"Oh," he said uneasily.


The contest was set to start exactly, and traditionally, at noon. Nearly the whole town had gathered around to partake in the event. All the stores were closed, school was cancelled; the town had ground to a halt. This year the competition consisted of four rounds. First won 5 points, second won 3, third won 1, and fourth and fifth won 0. In the end the points are tallied and the winner is proclaimed the winner. The mayor, as usual, was to act as the official and scorekeeper.

Five tables were set on a raised stage in the center of the square where the contest was set to take place. The mayor schmoozed with his fellow citizens, Fyodor boasted to his groupies, Kyle was amazingly sober, Geena talked with some of her relatives, Harry boasted as well, and Cam stood beside the betting booth with Zoe.

"Are you positive this will work?" he asked as he was a bout to place $100 on himself and retire early.

"Oh yes," she said with a nod that made her spiky black hair sway slightly. "Do it!"

He cleared his throat and appraoched the bet taker. "Excuse me," he said and placed the $100 on the counter before him. "I'm going to bet this on myself."

The bet taker supressed his laughter and simply said, "O.k." If Cam did win, though, it would probably break him, but like the odds said, it was 50:1.

Off to the side of the square now, out of the way, Zoe tried to get Cam psyched up for this, even though she knew there was no way he could possibly lose. "O.k.," she said to him cheerfully, "What are you going to do?"

"Eat!" Cam cheered.

"Who's going to win?"

"I am!"

"I can't hear you!" she said loudly but still cheerfully.

"I'm gonna WIN!" he shouted.

"Yeah!" she cheered. "How are you going to eat?"

"Uh... A LOT!" he said misunderstanding the question.

"Close enough! Now, go get em, champ!"

Cam, full of enthusiasm, jogged up to the stage and took his predetermined spot just left of center on the stage.

"Yay!" Zoe cheered from the front row in front of the stage.

The rest of the competitors took their seats one by one as the competition was set to start in 5 minutes.

Fyodor heard Zoe's cheers, turned to Cam, who sat beside him, and said, "Your own cheering section this year? I'm impressed. Too bad she can't come up here and help you. Bah hah hah!"

"Don't listen to him!" Zoe yelled to Cam.

"We'll see," Cam repeated to Fyodor and the mayor took his spot at the front of the stage to give his speetch and explain the rules.

When the mayor was done he proclaimed the first round to consist of salad. Cam liked salad, as long as it didn't have carrots in it. The three bowls were dispensed and the hands of the clock on the church across the sqaure was watched by all the participants as the waited by the bells to sound.

Anxiety began to pick away at Cam's mindset as he waited, but when he looked at Zoe's smiling face, which, to him, looked evil in no way, the anxiety was countered.

The clock struck twelve and the five were off.

No sooner did the first leaf of lettuce his Cam's mouth than did the potion take its effect. At first, it was a little pang of pain that he could feel at the top of his stomach. Then he swallowed.

The other four contestants, as well as anyone within earshot, stopped dead in their tracks as an ungodly growling noise was produced from Cam stomach. The four other contestants were only phased for a second and continued, now slightly afraid of Cam.

"Oh oh..," Zoe said softly as she realized that, once again, she goofed.

Cam was doubled over in pain from the effect of the potion. His stomach had stopped growling, though. "Zoe..," he said to himself, "what the Hell did you do to me?"

"Oh well," Zoe said to herself. "Let's see what happens." Subconsciously, she overcalculated on purpose.

Then it hit like a bullet to Cam's brain. The pain was now replaced with hunger: the likes of which he had never felt, nor had he ever wanted to feel in his life. He panted for air and forced himself to sit back up straight again. He instinctively looked at Zoe.

She cheered back, "C'mon! Don't just sit there!"

"Easy for you to say..." he growled.

The next thing he knew, the mayor announced, "The winner!" holding Fyodor's paw up triumhpantly. Cam had only taked one bite.

The crowd cheered as the odds on favourite took a bow. "Bah hah hah!" he roared his trademark laugh.

Cam gobbled down the salad as fast as his paw could shovel only to come in last. "Round two! Come on!" He yelled when he was finished. The sensation was unbearable.

"What?" Fyodor said as he sat back down. "All of a sudden Cam is hungry?" He laughed again.

The next round, the mayor declared was to be mashed potatoes.

"Great!" Cam said impatiently. "Let's go!" His stomach gave another tremor-like growl.

Harry, who sat on the other side of Cam, asked him, "Are you feeling all right?"

"Yeah. Just a little starvation before the big contest. That's all," Cam lied.

"Oh," Harry said vaguely, not completely convinced.

The potatoes were despensed and the mayor cocked back the hammer of the revolver that would mark the beginning of the second round. "Ready?" the mayor boomed, and after a few seconds, he fired.

Face first Cam went into the potatoes and within 15 seconds, the bowl that would normally take him 5 minutes was clean.

"Ugh..." Cam said as he panted and looked up to see the amazed mayor's face.

"Yaaaay!!!" Zoe cheered as she jumped up and down for Cam's victory.

"The winner," the mayor announced and held Cam's paw in the air while the second place finisher was yet to be determained.

After the other four were done, the mayor aanounced that next would be the sausage part of the competition. The revolver was cocked again and when everyone was ready, it was fired again.

Even the smell of gunpowder smelled delicious to Cam's wapred senses as he tore through the fifteen sousages. Fyodor saw the display out of the corner of his eye and stopped for a couple of seconds to look with both eyes. He blinked a couple times and then returned to his own at a greater pace.

Inevitably, Cam won. His stomach now becoming tight from the unnatural pace, and he was forced to undo his jeans. As he did his stomach took its opertunity to expand out onto his lap a bit. However tight his stomach was, his hunger was unrelenting and he tried to coax the mayor to just get on with the final round.

The others were waited for and then the final round was declared to be a carrot cake.

Cam's jaw nearly hit the table, for carrots, to him, were public enemy #1. He utterly hated them, but the hunger inside told him to put past differences aside and just eat.

Zoe began to see the monster she had created and wondered how long it would last. She hoped long enough to have some real fun with it. "Come on," she shouted. "Just one more!"

"I don't think I have much of a choice," he said as the cake was placed before him. Saliva was constantly being formed in his mouth since the potion took its effect so he was constantly swallowing as he waited.

The revolver was cocked and fired again.

Cam couldn't believe what he was doing. It seemed like the cake was gone before the gun even sounded, even though it took him twenty seconds to polish it off. He sat dazed and looking for something else to eat when he was done.

The crowd seemed baffled, that is, except for Zoe. Zoe jumped and cheered as she saw the fruits of her labour. She leapt onto the stage and hugged her champion.

"Z-Zoe..," Cam stuttered as his face was cotorted by the raw sensation, "what's g-going on?"

The mayor announced Cam as the winner and raised his shaking paw over their heads. The bet taker groaned and rounded up the money for the lone bet on Cam. The prize for the contest was, ironically, just a plaque and a good firm paw shake with the mayor. Cam's paw shook as he shook.

Cam walked up beside Zoe and whispered to her, "I can't-t-t-take this anymore, I gotta get something else."

She smiled her evil smile, "Let's get our money, then, and go get something." She stroked his loose tight tummy and smiled wider.

Cam looked confused. "Our m-money?"

"I mean your money that I helped you win, so technically I should get a share," she figured, "but since I'm such a nice porcupine, just watching you pork out will be enough reward for me."

Cam just realized that he'd been used, but that was at the back of his mind right now. The two hurried over to the betting booth and Zoe collected their money. The first place they headed with it was the market.

Now that the crowd had dispensed, the town had returned to its former business. The first thing that cought Cam's eye was the bakery. He shot straight for it, entered, and started eating some freshly baked cinamon buns.

"Cam?!?" the baker said in shock at the display. "The contest is over. What are you doing?"

Zoe was his official spokesperson. She waved $100 in front of the baker's face and set it on the counter.

The baker gave Zoe a strange look and said, "Well, uh, O.k., then. Have whatever you want."

Zoe gave him the wicked smile and turned her attention over to Cam, who turned his attention over to the donuts.

"How are you holding out, champ?" she asked him.

He simply nodded as his face was too full to answer.

"That's good," she said and hugged him from behind around the waist. Her face lit up with suprise as she realized that she could no longer get her paws all the way around it anymore. She kissed the back of his neck a couple of times and said, "I didn't think that this was going to work this well." She gave a quiet laugh and kissed him again.

He stopped for a second to say something. "Z-Zoe.., how long is this going to last?"

"Mmm..," she considered, "not too much longer now, I think."

"That's n-not-t-t-the answer I want-t-ted-d-t-to hear," he admitted. He now decided that all the pastry made his mouth quite dry, so he dicided to waddle out of the bakery and find something to drink.

Zoe left after and told the baker to keep the change. The baker accepted, but figured that after what Cam had just demolished, it wouldn't be too much to cheer about.

Cam decided, through blurred preception, that his best bet would be to go to the town fountain. It was cheaper than the tavern. He waddled over, dunked his head in, and drank. Once in a while he came up for air, to Zoe's relief. Zoe herself began to think that enough was enough, but now she had no control over it, not that she ever did.

After six rounds, Cam stood up, gave a shiver, and collapsed from his own weight making an audible sloshing noise as he hit the cobblestone. Zoe came up beside him and looked directly into his face. He was panting hard with his tounge hanging out the side of his muzzle. "Ugh... Zoe..."

"Yes?" she asked and hugged him tightly around the neck.

"I think it's over."

"Aw," she whined. She felt he giant water balloon for a belly. "Oh, we did do good, didn't we?"

"You're crazy, you know that?" he asked semi-seriously.

"Yeah," she said and kissed him firmly on the muzzle.

He gurgled quietly.

"So," she said as she massaged his belly with both of her paws, "what now?"

"I think I'm gonna fall asleep right here," he said. "Either that or die."

"I don't think so," she said and extracted another strawberry flavoured liquid filled flask from her pocket and waved it in front of his face.

"Oh no..," he whimpered and got ready for round two.

She uncorked the lid and swirled the potion around in the flask for a couple seconds to toy with him. "Ready?" she asked through a wicked smile.

"Do I have a choice?" he asked and prepared himslef as she poured the second flask down his throat.

"Mmm... no," she said and made sure that every drop went into his muzzle, that now sported a fair sized second chin. "How's that?"

"Why can't you just make strawberry cakes like everyone else?" he asked her.

"There's no fun in that. Well, there is, but not as much." She shook her head as her mind drifted. She patted his fully uncovered belly; his shirt was pulled up so that it had room. "Tell you what. I'll go and get you a snack, cause you don't look like you'll be going anywhere anytime soon."

A small crowd began to gather around the two as Zoe got up to go get him 'round 2'. "Nothing to see here," she said scornfully to the crowd of gawkers. "Get out of here, or I'll blast you out of here."

The crowd dispensed to Cam's amazement. "You wouldn't know how to blast them, would you?" he asked.

She winked to him and headed off to the butcher shop. She walked through the door and said, "Good afternoon, Harry," she said half-cheerfully, half-seductively to him.

"Hello, Zoe. What can I do for you?" Harry asked.

Zoe looked around the shop and weighed her options. "Hmm... I'm going to hold a victory party for Cam, and I need a pile of meat." She stretched her arms out in a wide gesture. "I mean a pile of meat."

"Sure. Hey, how is Cam doing? He didn't look too good," Harry inquired as he got a large ham ready to get sliced up.

"He's never looked better, now, since he won," she admitted.

"That's good," Harry smiled, oblivious to the fact that he lay beached beside the fountain. He began slicing the ham. "I saw your dad the other day at the post office. Says you've been messing around again, lately," he said trying to make idle conversation.

She smiled bashfully and said, "Can't keep a good mage down."

Harry chuckled. "No. Can't keep kids down. Just don't be wreaking any havoc, kay? At least, not to me. Do whatever you want to Fyodor."

Zoe laughed. "O.k."

"5 pounds of ham good?" he asked.

"Make it ten, please," she guessed.

"Big party, then."

"It'll be big, alright."

Harry smiled. He had a smile so that he squinted at the same time. He sliced up the remaining 5 pounds and asked, "Anything else?"

"Yeah," she said and eyed the salami. "10 pounds of mild salami, please."

"You got it," he said and began slicing.

"So how's business been, lately?" she said trying to keep the conversation going.

"Good, now that you came along," he said with a deep laugh.

He hurriedly sliced up the 10 pounds and asked, "Is that it?"

Before she was done, Zoe ordered 10 pounds each of summer sausage, smoked chicken breast, and roast beef, ever aware not to take more than she could carry. She slipped Harry, to his delight, a hundered dollar bill and lugged the 50 lbs. of meat back to Cam.

"Here ya go." She said and plopped the sacks of meat down beside him.

"Y'know," he said, after mannaging to prop himself up against the fountain so that he was now sitting up, "I figured that if you're gonna have fun with this, I might as well have fun with this, too, cause if I don't have fun now, I won't be having any for a while."

At that, Zoe smiled with her mouth open and wagged her stubby tail. "Really? Then let's get busy, champ. What do you want to start with first?" she asked and knelt down beside him.

"What've you got?" he asked with a worried tone.

"50 lbs of nice, thin sliced, easy to swallow meat."

Cam was relieved that that was it. "O.k. Let's do this."

"Alright," she said and opened up the package of ham and placed it on his belly. It bounced around for a second and settled as she opened it. "You ready?" she asked.

He simply nodded and awaited for the second round of pain. He opened his mouth and she shoved in several slices. He didn't even bother chewing, only swallowed and braced himself.

Zoe put her head against his stomach and wrapped her amrs around in anticipation. It hit. She listened and felt as his stomach, now the size of an extra large midicine ball, as it produced another earth-shakingly loud growl. She blissfully felt the tremors and licked it as it shook. She was beginning to think that this was the greatest idea she had ever had.

Cam didn't like it so much. The pain seemed worse than before, and would have doubled over again had his belly not been in the way. Cam growled as Zoe murred.

The growling died down and Zoe got some more of the ham and placed it in his mouth. His body still registered pain, but he chewed ahead anyway. He swallowed, and she placed more in his mouth. Then the hunger hit. "Z-Zoe," he said through his mouthful, "please speed this up a bit,cause I think this is going to be the worst yet."

"I should hope so," Zoe said and stuffed another round into his muzzle.

Like the carrot cake, the meat seemed to be gone before it hit his muzzle as the illusion was recreated of time speeding up for Cam. His shirt, that was still around his neck, chest, and armpits, began to bust a few stitches and the onlsaught continued. He wanted to tell Zoe to remove his jeans, because they wouldn't give way so easily, but his mouth was way too occupied at present to do so. When he had a split second to interject, he did so and all of his clothing was removed, so he lay naked for the whole town to see.

Faster and faster Zoe kept the pace going for Cam's, and her own sake, until the ham was gone. She scrambled to get the summer sausage open and ready for her warped sheep dog. She swore as she struggled to open the package.

Cam's belly let out a deep growl as it waited for more. "Come on," Cam urged as he pound his increasingly fat fist against the cobblestone.

Atfter a great rip at it with her calws, Zoe got the package open just as Cam's stomach let out another unnatural growl. "I'm going as fast as I can, " she protested and she started shoveling into Cam's mouth pawful after pawful, 5 slices at a time, of the sausage. They disappeared as fast as they were shoveled in until that package was gone.

Quickly, after figuring out the secret to speedily unwrapping Harry's handywork, she opened up the thin sliced bologna. She thought she'd use a different strategy this time, though. She took one slice in one paw and placed it in his mouth. The other paw she used to stroke his tight stomach.

Cam was annoyed by her slackened pace, but then he felt her stroking him. His stomach was stretched so that her touch felt extra sensative. His eyes widened slightly as her touch against his furry stomach shifted his thoughts from hunger somewhat.

She kept feeding him slowly and noticed the suddenly sedated look on his face. "Is it wearing off already?" she asked him as she began to kick herself mentally.

"No," he said. "Keep stroking me, though. That feels cool." Her touch almost seemed to tingle against his fur in a way that mellowed his blurred senses.

"O.k." She said and kept feeding and stroking him. She had noticed that, despite her warning, a crowd began to gather again. "Y'know, Cam," she said, "maybe we should take this to your place, cause it's closer than mine."

Cam swallowed as he nodded that that was the best course of action right now and, with Zoe's help, forced himself up off the ground.

Zoe gave an evil scowl to the crowd and said, "Go on! Get outta here! I'll roast you guys! All of ya, if you don't all get outta here!" She pointed a claw in a circle, pointing at everyone in the crowd.

In return, the crowd made a gap for the two to pass through. They did and hobbled towards Cam's house. Along the way, Cam, not having anything to eat or being petted at all to be sedated, sped up his pace so that he could reach the sanctity of his house sooner and accomidate his hunger.

Zoe staggered under one of his shoulders and stumbled to try and keep up his pace. "Hold your horses," she ordered him.

"Easy for you to say," he said in return.

When they got to Cam's house, they nearly tore down the door getting in and made straight for Cam's bed. They both flopped down on Cam's bed, the old wooden frame making a creaking noise as they did so, and layed panting for a while.

When Zoe caught her breath, she got up and said, "I'm gonna go close the door so we don't get a crowd in your house, O.k.?"

Cam nodded and said, "O.k., but hurry I'm still really really hungry!"

She nodded in return and returned to the front door. As expected a crowd was following them. Zoe gave them the best scowl she could muster, slammed the door, and locked it. Then she wondered what she was going to do for food now, beacause in the panic she'd left the meat sitting beside the fountain. "Oh oh," she said to herself and decided that she'd better scavenge something from the kitchen to appease Cam.

The kitchen seemed quite ordinary and quite clean... cleaner than her's anyway. First she looked in the fridge and found it next to empty. Then she searched the pantry and a few cupboards to the same result. She figured that Cam needed to go grocery shopping more often.

With no food entering him for a while now, Cam had begun to shiver again. "Z-Zoe!" he called to her from his room. "W-What are you d-doing?"

"Closing the curtians so that no one peeks in or anything," she lied back, rummaging through a cupboard.

"Hurry up!" Cam yelled.

She didn't respond, but something did capture her imagination. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Cam's deepfreeze and decided that that was the only logical place that she hadn't looked yet. She walked over and opened the lid. "Jackpot!" she exclaimed to herself as she dicovered the supply of cabbage rolls that Cam's mom had sent to him to keep for the upcoming family reunion because her deepfreeze was full. One by one, she took out the dozen breadbags, filled with two dozen rolls a piece, and placed them on Cam's counter space.

She thought for a second that the oven would take far too long for this operation, so she decided to use her own resources to speed up the process. She concentrated on each of the breadbags and each of them slowly began to heat up.

"Hurry up!" Cam called once again from his room. As he waited, he had begun to rub his own stomach just as Zoe did to take his mind off of his hunger. It helped, but not enough.

"Just a second!" Zoe called back. She picked up the pace a bit and the rolls were now thawed and starting to cook. The aroma filled the air and Zoe began to think that whoever made these was quite a good cook. Steam started to form on the inside of the bags and within another thirty seconds they were all hot and ready.

Cam smelled the aroma from his room. His first thought was that it was food and had to be eaten, but then his memory kicked in. "Z-Zoe... You d-did-dn't..."

She picked up four bags, two in each paw and marched like a one porcupine army into his room with a diabolical grin on her face.

"Oh no..," Cam groaned when he saw what she had done. "Mom is gonna skin me alive."

"Quit your complaining. You can buy ten times that with the money we won," she reassured him and sat down beside him.

"There's that word 'we' again," Cam grumbled, but the thought was shoved aside as Zoe got out the first roll and, rather forcefully to quit his complaining, shoved it in his mouth. He chewed as fast as he could, taking in mom's special recipe that he loved so much, but the next one was shoved in before he could swallow. He thought sbout telling her to slow down, but the potion in him decided that this was a good thing.

She kept the pace furious and, as before, she stroked his belly with one paw. His belly, she moticed, had stretched out so that the four was now sparse and she could see his pink skin underneath. She murred softly to herself as she saw this but calously kept stuffing Cam's face. She switched her slroking style to a circular one to see it's effect. She looked at his face and saw that it beheld a look of ecstacy with his hunger being consoled.

On and on it went as Cam got bigger and bigger. Zoe made two trips to the kitchen to grab the remainder of the bags of rolls. She kept feeding and he kept eating until they were all gone and his stomach, she gussed, was packed to three feet in diameter, perfectly round and tight. She hugged hugged it and murred.

"Zoe," Cam said after they rolls were ingested, "I don't feel so good anymore. I think I'm gonna wretch it all up."

She looked over his stomach and, with the same diabolical grin as before, produced yet another flask from her coat. "No you're not."

Cam groaned and wondered where she found the time to concoct all of her various potions. "You are CRAZY!" he repeated, only more forcefully this time. "How much else do you have stashed away in that coat?" he asked.

"Nothing else, I sware," she said truthfully. "This is the coup de grace. After this, I won't need anymore."

Cam groaned again and frowned.

"Cheer up," she said coyly. "This one tastes like watermellon. Now open up."

Cam rolled his eyes at her attempt to cheer him up and drank the final liquid. Immediately the watermellon potion began to take effect as the slight tingling feeling that he felt as Zoe rubbed his belly now infected his whole body, broadened and amplified. "Zoe," he said, "is it supposed to feel like my whole body's gone to sleep?"

Zoe shrugged. "How should I know? I only make the potions. I don't test them. I know what it's supposed to do in the end, though." She positioned herself on the bed between his legs and hugged his belly.

"What?" he asked.

"You'll see in a minute," she said and squeezed a little tighter. "I'll bet you don't feel sick anymore."

After a second of thinking about it, he said, "No. Not really."

Just then, Zoe gasped as her embrace began to tighten and expand. "It's working!"

"What?" he asked. Something twigged in the back of his mind. "How's it working?" Then he realized that even as he talked, his face was getting fatter. Not just his face, but his whole body slowly began to fatten evenly. "We have to get you to an asylum, Zoe."

She ignored him and murred constanly and she hugged the wall of fat that was now his stomach. She was wary, though, not to stab him too badly with her blunted quills, not that the potion would let him feel it, anyway. His belly tried to force her back, but she held her ground until it started to envelop her entire front and face. "You know, Cam," she said, moving her head so that she could breathe and talk, "this is the way I've always wanted you. I've wanted to do this to you for years. This is why I took up magic. I've just been waiting for the oppertunity, and now that it's here, I'm having my fun."

She kept hugging and feeling as the bed frame began to splinter and crack under their combined weights. Cam now had a pair of large rolls under his chin, a quite thick neck, almost immobile arms, flabby rolls for breasts, thighs that were two foot wide a piece and a gut that he was sure was going to smother and crush Zoe. "Stop this ride, Zoe," he protested in a husky woice. "I wanna get off."

Once again, she ignored his and his belly overpowered her slight frame and pushed her down on her back. It covered her like a blanket, so that all that could be seen of her from an arial view was her shoulders and up. "Mmm... It'll stop when it's ready to stop. It's out of my paws, now."

He grew and grew until the bed frame gave way and cracked to pieces. The matress responded to the cracks falling to the floor and little shock waves were sent through Cam's sea of fat. Zoe, beginning to see the danger in her position, struggled her was out from underneath him and scurried on top of his belly. She curled up in a fetal position and lay on top, feeling the gurgles and other inner movements Cam made as he digested his feast.

When the potion had done all of the damage that it could do, Cam had outgrown his bed. Rolls and sections of fat piled over the left and right side and onto the splinters left of the bedframe on the floor. His belly covered his legs and feet and spread over the far edge of the bed.

After an hour, Zoe's mother had heard of the havoc that Zoe had caused and hurried over to Cam's house. The front door was busted in and the crowd hurried to Cam's room to see Cam laying in a lake of himself and Zoe sunk in somewhat and curled up at the peek of his five foot tall belly. Both were fast asleep.