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Welcome to the premier site for the appreciation of fat furries.  Nine years, going strong, bigger and better than ever.  Just like the subjects we all enjoy!

Here, I've collected a variety of artwork, stories, and links, all relating to the chosen topic.  When the site was first founded, there wasn't really anything like it to be found anywhere else.  Now, of course, it's easier to find everything you might want, and then some, on the internet.  But I pride myself on trying to remain one of the best-known, friendliest sites for your fat furry needs.

As always, there are still a few things I try to limit around here, though.  I try to stay away from violent works, or those that are more blatantly sexual in nature.  While I don't personally condemn these topics (and, in fact, rather enjoy them at times), this is just a limit that was set back when the site was new, and I think it works pretty well this way.

So welcome again.  Hopefully you will find something here that you enjoy.

If you are interested in contributing to the site, or have something that you think should be added, just let me know.  I will only accept work sent to me by its original creator, or someone I am confident is speaking for them, but if there are links you think are worth noting, or new talent that you don't see here, go ahead and speak out!  Just because something's available on the internet doesn't mean that I know about it, or that I will eventually post it here without invitation.  Likewise, anything posted here is done so with the express permission of its creators or owners, and the right to distribute them further is not in any way implied by their appearance here.  Always ask; it keeps talent in the mood to create and share when they know their work is appreciated instead of simply demanded!



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New artwork by Madnezz, Orion Glacion, Rob Cat, and Silver R. Wolfe.

New story by Orion Glacion.

Contributions should be sent to  It's not a problem if they're sent to my personal address, but it's definitely harder for me to lose things if they're in their own mailbox.

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