The Story Section

Lunch Money by Large Lars Lupine.  This is a work of light science fiction, involving gluttony, overeating, and weight gain.   Updated 6/6/99.

Toner's First Time, by Toner   This is a work of contemporary fantasy, involving magic, overeating, and consensual male/female sex.

Virus by TimeFox.   This is a work of science fiction, involving transformation, transgender, weight gain, and all-around yiffiness.

Stuffed by Raymond Branch.   This is a short piece accompanying his drawing of the same name..

Stuffed Again by Raymond Branch.   Again, a short piece accompanying one of his drawings.

An untitled but well-loved story, written by Wanderer, and illustrated by Bob Drake and Al Jones.  For all those fans of the magically-fattening Huskee, the story and accompanying images, originally found on Bob's old website, have been located again.  Make sure to write to the folks in question if you like the story; their addresses appear at the top of the story.

Eyes on the Pies by Raymond Branch.   Once more, a short piece accompanying a drawing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, by Darkwulf.   That's right, folks, I wrote one myself.  This story involves overeating and weight gain, and is in five segments.  This story began as a way to tease the person who shares the main character's name, after he received spam personalized for his online alias that he, too, could lose weight now!  Posted with his permission, and in fact, at his request.  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5

What Are Friends For? by Setzer Bond and Toner   This is a work of fantasy, involving magic and lots of overeating.

The Bath by Michael Setzer.  An overweight lion gets help washing up.

Sergei's Diet by Michael Setzer.  Said lion wonders how he'd look if he lost some weight.

If I'd'a Known You Was Comin' by Athelind and Liliana.  This is a log of a particularly fun and toony stuffing scene on FurryMuck, posted with the blessings of both participants.

Mouse Party by Athelind and Liliana.  Another FurryMuck log, this one's actually TRYING to be a cartoon, and is done very nicely.

Delivery by Liliana and Valdena.  Yet another log from FurryMuck, involving a string of pizza delivery personnel.

Sin City 2000, Chapter 8 by Fixate.  This is one chapter of his huge work-in-progress story, all of which can be found on his own page.  This chapter is rather appropriate to the subject of my site, however.

Story, by David Cooke, is an alternative werewolf myth.  It's hosted on his site, and as such, is also listed in the Links section.

Glenn, chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 by Knate Mason.  A story about a mouse who has put on some weight, and his friends who don't mind at all.

Bowser by Knate Mason.  The meeting of a couple of video game characters.

Rodney's Slump by Knate Mason.  A lady cheers up her depressed friend.

Bad Memories by Knate Mason.  Another Bowser story.

Second Chances by Knate Mason.  Yet another.

Junk Food by Lupine.

Lunch by Lupine.

The Halloween Costume by Darkwulf.  A vignette that's pretty much a sequel to Satisfaction Guaranteed.  I forgot to post it for quite a while.

Rudolf's Merry, Heavy Christmas by Lupine.  Also available in HTML.

Oz's Eleven by Knate Mason.

The Barber of 26 Broad Street by Lupine.  It has romance, hard work, and a ballooning lion.  What more could you want?

Roddy's Stuffing by Alden.  Two friends enjoy a meal.  A lot of meal.

Talon 01: Remote by Dune.  The first story about Talon, it involves science, stealth, and an unknowing victim.

Coyote by Dorian Phoenix.

Sandra, A New Day Together, and Transformations by Alden McManx.  The first three stories in a new series.

Hide and Seek: Part 1, Part 2 by Jonathan Jollen.

A Thanksgiving Dinner by Jonathan Jollen.

Phoenix by Jonathan Jollen.


Sisters' Play by Dune.

Sometimes Luck is Not So Good by

The Three Trolls and the Goat Gruff by M.H. Reese.  A fairy tale turned upside-down.

From Rags to Inches by Lupine.

The Greenhouse Effect by Lupine.

A Sundae Fantasy by Lupine.

Night On the Town by Alchemy.

The Princess by Dune.

Drawn To Scale by Vulpin.

Double or Nothing by Forte

Dirty Little Secret by Vaelen

Just a Drop'll Do Ya by Vulpin.

Reassigned by Matt Johnson

Slave Pets by James Gilson

Stuffed Rabbit by James Gilson

Of Feathers and Fur by Lupine

Just Imagine by Daniel Kay

Bet You Can't by Daniel Kay

Darkwulf Has a Cow by Nik Vulper

Scooby by Sovhiel

Something About Pie by Prof B Hunnydew

The Best Kind of Fun by Simeon Wolf

Cold Pumpkin by Lupine

Fat Dragon II: The Supplement by Lupine

Corporate Ladder by Almeric

An Obligation to Uncle Marten by Setz Bond

One Way Phoenixes by Setz Bond

Big Reward by Wanderer

Sam's Night Out by Shalion

Sam's Doctor Appointment by Shalion

First Love Remains by Jack the Rat

Love of the Ground by Theo Winters

Chained Up by Marx

Sam's Big Date by Shalion

The Golden Orb of Ly-bel by Orion Glacion

As always, these materials remain the property of their respective owners, and are shown here as a service with their permission.  Permission to further distribute them is not implied, and must be granted by the author.  Permission to link to these materials directly can only be given by Darkwulf, and you'd better have a convincing argument, as his bandwidth is limited.

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