Jedd reached the top of Huskee's belly at last, then proudly proclaimed, "I claim this mountain in the name of England!" Then he collapsed in a writhing musteline coil as he giggled at the joke.

Once the laughter had passed, he set himself to skritching. To start, he spread himself as flat as possible, gathering as much Huskee-tummy into his paws (all four of them) as he could. Then, he began to undulate, working his paws in tandem. First, top to bottom, sending the furry fat and flesh beneath him rolling like a tide as Huskee's soft groans of pleasure emanated from below.

Next, side to side, and Huskee became the next best thing to a waterbed for the playful marten, rippling and jouncing with waves as the industrious mustelid held tightly to the shaggy fur around him.

Finally, as a special treat for himself, he bounced up and down as though Huskee was a well-upholstered trampoline, giggling at the faint "whuff" from below each time he landed.

Before descending, he gave Huskee as big a tummy-hug as he could, feeling the layers of fat squeeze between his paws like warm, living rubber. Beneath him, the growing mound of canine flesh quivered gently, the muscles trembling helplessly beneath their load as it anchored them into position, unable to even twitch the tightly-stretched skin as his claws scribed pathways in the fur.

It was as he stood up from the hug that he noticed something odd. It felt like his tummy stayed in contact with Huskee longer than the rest of him. With true musteline curiosity, he lay back down and stood back up again. This time, it seemed to take even longer for his tummy to get up, a few fractions of a second when his fur and Huskee's continued to meet. Looking down, he thought he saw a curve going out where there had been a curve going in, an extra thickness about himself that he didn't remember seeing before. To double-check, he tried to curl up with his nose on his toes, easy for any well-kept musteline.

His eyes grew wide when he couldn't even get past his waist. Quickly, he began to clamber down Huskee's side, his swelling gut pressing hard against his immobile friend's side, the extra ballast throwing him from side to side as he tried desperately to compensate. Finally, as he reached the bottom, the belly, now sandwiched tightly between a small marten and a large husky, overpowered his grip on the shaggy mountain, throwing him to the ground.

Jedd quickly rolled over, but he could already feel his belly resisting him, forcing him away from the ground where he lay. He tried to rise to his hindpaws, only to push himself a few inches forward, his new size anchoring him to the ground even as it kept his forepaws from pushing him erect, his claws skittering helplessly along as he scrabbled for purchase. Within a few minutes, the unaccustomed weight had rendered him just as immobile as Huskee. He tried to reach the ground, only to watch as his belly rippled and bounced beneath him like a balloon half-filled with gelatin. He could already feel his legs splaying apart as his arms seemed to grow shorter with every passing moment. As his breath whooshed from his lungs under the increasing pressure, he called out, "ASHENTAINE!"

The huge weasel-daemon arrived a few minutes later, just as Jedd fell to his side, barely avoiding trapping his own right forepaw beneath him. Jedd was now as big as three martens of his old size, and still gaining by the moment, his tail looking half its true length beneath the cloak of blubber.

"You called?", said the weasel with a smirk.

"Ash", began Jedd ... but Ashentaine spoke again.

"Oh, dear", he said in a completely un-sorry tone of voice. "I guess I forgot to tell Huskee it was infectious. I do apologise, Jedd".

"Great", said Jedd, trying to look serious while discovering that he could no longer cross his arms over his chest. "So change me back".

"Jedd", said Ashentaine in a syrupy voice, "you know I'd do it in a minute, but ... "

"But?", said Jedd sharply, not liking the way Ash's voice trailed off suggestively.

"But, I'd have to cancel the spell completely", said Ash in a parody of a sympathetic voice. "I wouldn't want to deprive him of the feeling of weighing ... let's see ... 1,500 pounds and climbing, now would I?"

Suddenly, Jedd had a thought. "Oh, all right", he said. "But could you skritch Huskee for me? I'm not going to be able to do it anymore".

Ash gave him a long, suspicious look, but finally said, "Well, alright", and stepped over to Huskee.

Though huge compared to his former self, Huskee was still only middling-sized compared to a house-sized weasel. So Ash took him in both paws and began to knead him like dough, the weighty woof rippling in his paws as the thumbclaws sank into the mass of flesh, only reappearing in the brief moment between skritches. Huskee growled with pleasure as Ashentaine's claws traced tingling trails along his sides, circled around his rump, and buried themselves among the now-uncounted rolls of flab on Huskee's stomach.

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Suddenly, Ashentaine felt odd, almost unbalanced, as though something were pulling him forward. Looking down, he saw his stomach beginning to curve outward toward the ground. It felt strange, and warm. For a moment, he just enjoyed it as he kneaded the distended dogfurry in his paws. It felt good.

Suddenly, he realised what was happening. He'd forgotten that, although daemons are themselves immune to their own magic, their incarnate forms have no such protection! As he looked down in sudden shock, he could feel his belly beginning to spread as it hit the ground, his tail already being swallowed by his expanding rump.

With one brief glare at Jedd, he broke the spell, returning them all to their previous sizes, and stalked off.

"Sorry", said Jedd as he skritched Huskee properly sometime later. "I know you wanted to have that extra help".

" 'Sokay", replied Huskee, immersed in bliss as Jedd's paws gently kneaded his belly. "Better I get there myself, anyway".

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The end

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